Resume for an internship with no experience

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As a college student, the idea of completing an internship while in school is appealing to your ears. It appears, that it may be all you need to land your first job, right? Wrong. It’s not as easy as all that. Your resume for an internship with no experience needs to showcase more than just the fact that you have relevant real world experience. While your resume for an internship with no experience may seem like it should be easier to assemble than one for a current employee, the fact is that you lack work experience, which means you lack some of the most important knowledge in business: work experience.



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Resume for Internship with No Experience

SUMMARY: I am a recent high school graduate who is seeking an internship to gain experience in the field of [topic]. I have always been passionate about [topic], and I am committed to pursuing a career in this field. I believe that my commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication to learning make me a strong candidate for this position. In addition to my academic coursework, I have participated in extracurricular activities that have given me additional knowledge of [topic], including:

-Participating in the National Youth Leadership Forum

-Participating in the National Student Speech and Debate Tournament

-Participating on the high school speech and debate team

My experience has given me valuable skills such as:

-Writing skills

-Public speaking skills

-Critical thinking skills

In addition to my academic achievements and extracurricular involvement, I believe that my personal qualities make me well-suited for this position:

-I am a self-motivated learner who consistently strives to improve upon myself.

-I am willing to take ownership of tasks and projects, even when they are not assigned

Resume for an internship with no experience

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