What is the average salary for a news reporter

A good salary for a news reporter will depend on a variety of factors, including experience and location. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) pegs the median salary for reporters, correspondents, and broadcast news analysts at $51,470 per year as of May 2012. This can vary widely depending on what state or city they work in and the media company they work for.

The average salary for a news reporter is $27.6k, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This figure includes the average annual income of $26,380 for all reporters and correspondents, as well as the average annual income of $56,670 for broadcast and sound engineering technicians, which includes news reporters.

What is the average salary for a news reporter


If you’re considering becoming a news reporter, the first thing you might want to know is the average salary of your new job. It’s important that you understand how much money this profession makes, as many factors will be affected by that number, including what kind of lifestyle you can afford and where in the country your pay could take you.

Average salary as of May 2016 = $40,160

The average salary for a news reporter is $40,160. This is based on more than 1,000 salaries collected directly from employees across the US over the past 12 months.


Median salary as of May 2016 = $37,820

The median salary is the middle value of all salaries in a group. It is not, however, an average. The mean and mode are also different from the median.

The mean (or average) is calculated by adding up all of your salary data and then dividing by how many employees there were in total. This number can be skewed by someone making a lot more than everyone else (or having very little).

The mode is simply the most common number among your set of values; if you had multiple people with $100,000 as their salary then it would be 100k and not 37k like with our example above! In other words: it doesn’t help tell us much unless everyone makes something similar like this example where everyone has at least one job title so they can’t have anything absurdly high or low compared to each other (which means those who do might still make more than average).

Top 10% earn over $86,320

The average salary for reporters in the United States is $38,000. The top 10% of reporters earn over $86,320 per year. This means they are earning more than the average and median salaries for reporters in the United States.

Bottom 10% earn less than $19,810

The bottom 10% are the lowest paid, but they are not necessarily the least skilled. They may be the least experienced and have the most room to grow, or they could be highly experienced and just not making as much money in their current role as a result of being overqualified for it.

It’s also possible for you to earn less than $19,810 if you work at a news station that does not pay its reporters enough. Some smaller stations don’t pay very well because they don’t make much money themselves.

The average salary for a news reporter is around $40k a year.

The average salary for a news reporter is around $40k a year.

This is higher than the median salary, which is about $35k.

The top 10% of news reporters earn over $86k, while the bottom 10% earn less than $19k.


This is a pretty good salary for someone that’s new to the field and doesn’t have a lot of experience. Just keep in mind that these numbers are based on an average across all types of news reporting jobs and locations, so there may be some variations depending on where you work or what type of job it is.

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