Software Engineer Salary In Los Angeles

Software engineer salaries in Los Angeles vary widely with experience and level of education. With the cost of living so high in this hub of technology, most engineers consider software engineering to be a good career choice. But how does an average software engineer salary in Los Angeles compare to other cities like New York or San Francisco?

The average software engineer salary in Los Angeles is $100,100 per year. The average software engineer with 4 to 7 years of experience makes around $101,878 and up, while those with 8 to 11 years make $103,931 per year and mid-career professionals make $105,807 on average. Those who are engineering managers with 20+ years of experience earn an average of $159,193 per year.

Software Engineer Salary In Los Angeles overview

If you’re looking for a job in software engineering, you might be wondering what the salary is like in your prospective city. Well, we’ve got some good news: the numbers are looking pretty great!

The average senior software engineer salary in Los Angeles is $134,000, which is just a little bit higher than the national average. In San Francisco and New York City, it’s even better—$183,000 and $144,000 respectively. And in California? You can expect to make $128,000 as a senior software engineer based on recent data from Glassdoor.

If you’re looking to move cities or states for work or school and want to know how much your salary will go up when you do so, use Glassdoor’s relocation calculator to get an idea of how much extra money you can expect to earn on top of what you’re making now.

who is a Software Engineer

Software Engineers get to apply lots of different areas of study into their everyday work. Whether it’s science, engineering, mathematics, computer science, or even design, these engineers are able to use lots of different methods and techniques in their line of work.

Essentially, software engineers design, develop and test software applications for computers. They usually work in offices or labs during their average 40-hour workweek. Even though they use a wide range of study, typically software engineers only require a Bachelor’s degree, although a Master’s degree is appealing to most employers.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to being a software engineer. For example, did you know that they make an average of $45.98 an hour? That’s $95,642 a year!

More Benefits for Software Engineers in California

Apart from their monthly earnings, software engineers also get some benefits attached to their salaries.

These benefits come as the company deems fit, in cash or as incentives.

Below are some of the incentives you can hope to get in addition to your salary if you are working in California:

  • Cash bonus. Software engineers get cash incentives in the state as high as $4000 yearly.
  • Long term incentives. These can come in the form of investments and other incentives which in the long run can translate to monetary values.
  • Stock bonus. Software engineers are issued company stocks whose dividends are shared as the company deems fit; quarterly, semi-yearly, or yearly.
  • Health insurance. The health of the software engineer is very important and companies have health savings insurance for their staffs, which can also translate to cash yearly.
  • Vision assistance. The long effect of gazing continually at the computer screen makes the vision of the engineer very important. Companies undertake vision assistant to help keep their engineer’s vision strong and healthy.
  • Gym membership. Getting stress due to constant workings on and off, with long hours sometimes gets on the nerves of workers, so companies set up gym membership for their software engineers to ease the burden of stress.

Software Engineer Salary across Cities in the State of California

California pays high when it comes to the tech industries, its major cities play host to a number of high tech paying companies.

This has stood the State out in terms of development with her software people earning as high as $107,794 as yearly salary and as low as $82,974, which is still above the national average for software engineers across the US.

Highest Paying California Cities for Software Engineering Jobs

The State of California has many cities and towns, and is home to a vast number of companies, but some of these cities pay higher than others.

The table below shows the top 10 cities where software engineers get paid high in the state of California:

CityYearly Salary ($)
San Jose145,366
San Francisco144,542
Palo Alto140,257
Mountain View138,379
Santa Clara134,817
Los Angeles114,035
San Diego111,617

Cities with highest salaries for software engineering jobs in California

Software Engineer Salary Based on Skill in California State

Skills play an intriguing role in the advancement of any profession, the more skill set, soft or technical a professional acquires, the more the pay becomes, and the software engineering field is not left out of this.

Below listed are the core skills a software engineer needs in the State of California to be on top of the game:

  • Scala: +24.30%, with this skill you are guaranteed a take home of $26,679 as added on yearly
  • OS Kernels: +17.55%, earns an additional $19,268 for having this skill
  • Big Data: +17.35%, earns $19,049 to their salary yearly
  • Microservices: +16.13%, which amounts to $17,709 as yearly added on
  • Machine Learning +11.71%, amounts to $12,856 yearly add on
  • Data Structures: +10.39%, amounts to $11,407 add on yearly.

Software Engineer Salary in the State of California Based on Experience

The more experienced software engineers get the better salaries and take home in California.

Listed below are the levels of earnings and years of experience for the software engineering industry:

  • – 1 year earns $123,721 yearly
  • 1- 2 years earns $127,111 yearly
  • 3 – 5 years earns $135,000 yearly
  • 6 – 9 years earns $145,389 yearly
  • 10 years plus (+) earns $166,566 yearly.

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