Cna Salary In Arizona

The average CNA salary in Arizona is $24,000 per year.

However, the range of salaries can vary quite a bit depending on where you work and what kind of facility you work in. For example, if you work at a nursing home, your salary may be higher than if you worked at a hospital or doctor’s office.

All of these factors also affect how much money you can make as a CNA. The same goes for your level of experience; the more training and education that you have received, the more likely it is for you to earn a higher salary as well.

The average CNA salary in Arizona is $29,000 per year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage for CNAs in Arizona is $20.68, or $45,400 per year. The lowest 10% of earners make less than $18.29 an hour ($36,300 annually), while the highest 10% make more than $21 an hour ($48,200 annually).

Cna Salary In Arizona

Nursing Assistant salary in Phoenix, AZ

Average base salary

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$20.03Per hourPer dayPer weekPer monthPer year


as national average


$4,500per year

Non-cash benefit


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The average salary for a nursing assistant is $20.03 per hour in Phoenix, AZ and $4,500 overtime per year.2.5k salaries reported, updated at July 27, 2022.

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Salaries by years of experience in Phoenix, AZ

Years of experiencePer hour
Less than 1 year$19.23
1 to 2 years$19.42
3 to 5 years$20.45
6 to 9 years$20.97
More than 10 years$23.11

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Top companies for Nursing Assistants in Phoenix, AZ

  1. The Grand Healthcare System3.1234 reviews13 salaries reported$25.81per hour
  2. Aperion Care3.0737 reviews13 salaries reported$24.09per hour
  3. ShiftKey3.7254 reviews6 salaries reported$23.85per hour
  4. HomeWell Care Services3.8178 reviews10 salaries reported$23.58per hour
  5. Nursa™4.213 reviews5 salaries reported$22.85per hour
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Highest paying cities for Nursing Assistants near Phoenix, AZ

  1. Phoenix, AZ$20.03 per hour2467 salaries reported
  2. Prescott, AZ$19.89 per hour62 salaries reported
  3. Glendale, AZ$19.52 per hour507 salaries reported
  1. Peoria, AZ$19.02 per hour331 salaries reported
  2. Tempe, AZ$18.82 per hour401 salaries reported
  3. Chandler, AZ$18.48 per hour493 salaries reported
  1. Scottsdale, AZ$18.24 per hour1362 salaries reported
  2. Mesa, AZ$17.90 per hour2090 salaries reported
  3. Tucson, AZ$17.67 per hour995 salaries reported

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