What jobs can you not get with a dui

There are many jobs that you can’t get with a dui, but there’s also some tricks to help your charge will no longer be a problem. To give some examples, most companies require you to pass a drug test before they hire you. And, they usually require an employee to have driving privileges.

As of now, there are not a lot of jobs that you cannot get with a DUI. But, it is important to remember that you will be required to disclose your criminal record when applying for any job. Many companies do not hire people with DUIs on their records because it can be seen as a liability risk to the company. You may also have to undergo drug testing before being hired.

What jobs are available if you have a DUI? The following positions are open to those who have been convicted of driving under the influence:

-Delivery driver (such as pizza delivery)

-Drivers for transportation services (for example, Uber)

-Truck driver

-Warehouse worker

What jobs can you not get with a dui


A DUI conviction will remain on your record for the rest of your life. This means if an employer runs a background check, they’ll see it. Jobs that require you to drive as part of your position will be especially impacted by a DUI conviction. Some employers may not hire you at all because of your DUI, even if the job does not require driving in any way. In certain professions, getting a DUI can be grounds for dismissal from your position even after you’ve been hired and are working. In general, most employers don’t want to run the risk that you will put other people or property in danger while doing your job.

Truck driver

Truck driver is a good job for a person with a DUI conviction, but you may have difficulty getting this job if you have any other criminal record. While there are no laws barring you from being a truck driver with a DUI conviction, many employers will not hire someone with a DUII on their record due to liability concerns.

If your only criminal history is one or two DUIs and they were years ago, it should not be too difficult to find work as long as you don’t have any other issues like drug addiction or mental illness (which would make it illegal for you to drive anyway). Even if the employer asks about previous convictions before hiring someone, they cannot ask whether or not your answer will affect their decision since that information is protected by privacy laws.


While many states allow convicted felons to become police officers, you can’t be a police officer with a DUI on your record. For example, if you have been convicted of driving under the influence in California, you are not eligible for employment as a peace officer.

You also won’t be able to work as a security guard or security supervisor if you’ve ever been arrested and convicted of a DUI crime. And don’t even think about applying for jobs at private prisons: The Federal Bureau of Prisons prohibits individuals from working there who have been previously convicted of driving under the influence or drug-related crimes (even ones that aren’t related to driving).

In addition to these types of positions, other jobs that require intense screening include probation officer (if your license was suspended or revoked), parole officer (if your license was suspended or revoked), court clerk (if your license was suspended or revoked), bailiff (if your license was suspended or revoked) and court administrator/clerk/secretary roles at any level where they handle sensitive information regarding criminal cases and/or defendants’ personal information such as their addresses and phone numbers



As a firefighter, you need to be willing to put your life on the line for others. However, if you have any criminal record—including a DUI conviction in the past five years—you may not qualify for this job. If your DUI is more than five years old and it has since been expunged from your record or pardoned by the governor of your state (in most cases), you can apply for this position.

jobs you can’t get with a dui

  • Truck driver: it’s illegal for a person with a DUI conviction to drive any vehicle that weighs over 10,000 pounds.
  • Police officer: police officers are required by law to be able to pass physical fitness tests and get annual firearms qualifications. A DUI conviction makes these requirements impossible.
  • Firefighter: fire departments require firefighters to have no criminal record, which includes DUIs on your record.
  • Teacher: teachers must be of good moral character and never have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or one which would bring the teaching profession into disrepute (including DUIs).


If you’re looking for a job with a DUI on your record, it can be hard to know where to begin. Some jobs require the employer to ask you about any criminal convictions, so they have these questions on their application form—but others don’t. Whatever the job is and whether or not it requires this information from you, it’s important that when asked about prior conviction history (including DUIs), one does not lie as doing so could be grounds for termination if discovered later in employment.

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