What jobs can you get with kinesiology

If you’ve ever considered going into a career in kinesiology and have been wondering what kinds of jobs that allow you to use your degree in Kinesiology, then this post is for you. In this post, we’re going to examine some of the types of careers that you can get with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, and explore some other rewarding jobs that you can do with your Kinesiology Degree.

Kinesiology is a field of study that focuses on the body’s movement and how it can be used to treat mental, emotional, and physical health issues. The field offers a wide range of career options, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports medicine and biokineticists.

Physical therapists are responsible for helping patients with mobility problems as well as those who have suffered injuries or illnesses that affect their ability to move. They often work with people who have been injured in accidents, such as car crashes or falls, but also help those who have long-term health issues such as arthritis or heart disease. Physical therapists must be licensed by their state before they can practice; this usually requires an undergraduate degree in kinesiology followed by graduate studies in physical therapy at an accredited university.

Occupational therapists help people with disabilities or injuries regain independence through physical therapy techniques such as exercises and stretching programs designed specifically for them based on their needs. They may also recommend adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs or walkers for use at home or work so that patients can continue daily life activities without assistance from others around them at all times during recovery periods following surgery or other procedures meant to alleviate pain symptoms associated with chronic diseases like cancer treatment procedures; these therapies

What jobs can you get with kinesiology


If you’re a Kinesiology major, it may feel like there’s not much out there for you. It can be tough to find a job if you don’t have any experience in the field. But that’s where this article comes in! I’m here to help make finding jobs with your Kinesiology degree easier. Here are five jobs you can do with your degree:

health and wellness coach

A health and wellness coach helps people achieve their personal health goals. A health and wellness coach can help you change your diet, exercise habits or lifestyle to improve your overall well-being by providing guidance on making healthy choices in life. They also help clients set goals and create action plans to meet those goals.

Generally speaking, there are two types of certification for health coaches:

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), which requires earning a bachelor’s degree in nutrition science, passing an exam administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration and completing 1,200 hours of supervised clinical experience; or
  • Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), which requires earning a master’s degree in public health or school/community leadership with an emphasis in health education, successfully completing a national examination administered by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) and obtaining 40 hours of continuing education credits every two years thereafter.

fitness trainer

Fitness trainers are responsible for helping people who want to get fit. To become a fitness trainer, you’ll need to have a degree in kinesiology. This can take anywhere from four to six years of study after high school, depending on the program you choose. Once you finish your training and pass all required tests, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you!

You may start working as soon as you graduate from college; however, this isn’t always the case and will depend on what kind of job situation is available at the time. Some employers prefer hiring new graduates who have more experience under their belts—and if that’s what they’re looking for in an applicant then that’s fine too!

personal assistant manager

Personal assistant manager

If you love helping people and are good at organizing and communicating, this job may be the right choice for you! You’ll need to have excellent communication skills, experience with technology and computers, and good organizational skills. You’ll also need to be flexible, as it can sometimes be difficult to predict how much work needs doing in a day or week.

health information administrator

If you’re interested in working with the health industry and helping people to understand their own information, then a career as a health information administrator might be right for you. This job requires an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, depending on the employer. It’s important to note that these two jobs have very different requirements:

  • Health Information Technician (HIT) – A HIT is someone who works in hospitals or clinics that use electronic medical records (EMR). They are responsible for entering data into EMRs and treating patients who come into the clinic by answering questions about their treatment plan or medications.
  • Health Information Management Coordinator (HIMC) – An HIMC works closely with physicians and office managers at hospitals or private practices to manage medical records (record-keeping) for each patient under care—this includes maintaining privacy laws set by HIPAA regulations as well as ensuring quality of care standards are met across multiple facilities; coordinating with other departments within an organization; following up on requests from patients; communicating regularly with physicians about new treatments available through insurance plans; researching best practices for treatments not covered by insurance plans so everyone can make informed decisions before coming into surgery etc…

medical assistant

Medical assistants work in hospitals and doctors’ offices. They help with patient care, record keeping, billing and insurance services. In a hospital setting they may also assist in performing lab tests and preparing patients for surgery.

In a doctor’s office medical assistants may be responsible for observing patients during examinations and taking vital signs such as blood pressure or temperature. They may assist with treatment plans such as diet counseling or exercise programs.

these are five jobs you can get with a Kinesiology degree

If you’re looking to work in the health and wellness industry, a kinesiology degree can help prepare you for a variety of careers outside of traditional medicine.

Here are five jobs that might be right for you:

  • Health and Wellness Coach
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Personal Assistant Manager
  • Health Information Administrator
  • Medical Assistant


If you want to learn more about the different jobs you can pursue with a Kinesiology degree, head to our careers page. We’ve got information on everything from personal training and physical therapy to athletic coaching!

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