What jobs can you get with behavioral science degree

Have you ever been curious about what jobs can be obtained with a behavioral science degree? For example, how does this type of degree benefit a career in marketing or advertising? Or do you want to know if law is an ideal field of work for a behavioral science degree? This article will provide you with some helpful insights.

The field of behavioral science is broad and offers many career options. Here are a few of the most common jobs you can get with a degree in behavioral science:

Behavioral scientist: A behavioral scientist studies human behavior and psychology, often in the context of social science research. These professionals may work for government agencies like the Department of Justice or on an academic campus. They might also work for private companies that want to understand human behavior and how it impacts their business decisions.

Psychologist: A psychologist uses scientific principles to study how people think, feel and act. They typically work with individuals who have mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety disorders. Psychologists may also be involved in clinical trials testing new medications or therapies for people with mental health conditions.

Social worker: Social workers help people deal with problems like poverty or substance abuse through counseling services and community outreach programs. They typically work in hospitals or other healthcare settings where they meet with patients on a regular basis to provide support during difficult times.

Counselor: Counselors help people overcome personal challenges by providing guidance and support throughout difficult periods of life such as divorce or death of loved ones.”

What jobs can you get with behavioral science degree


If you are interested in what makes people tick, a behavioral science degree can help you take the next step in your career. Several different fields, from education to social work, rely on this understanding of people and how they react. Keep reading for information about some of the careers you could pursue after earning a behavioral science degree.

social worker

Social workers are healthcare professionals who help people in need. They generally work in one of three areas, including:

  • Mental health services
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Housing and other community services

career counselor

You can work in the private sector or in the public sector. You can work with students or adults, with career planning or job searches, and even with people who have mental illness. You may find that you want to specialize in one area over another—for example, helping students plan out their college majors and careers—but there are many ways to apply your knowledge of behavioral science.

For example:

  • In a school setting as an assistant dean of career services (or similar role)
  • As a counselor at a hospital/clinic/mental health agency
  • As a specialist helping people with disabilities find employment



You can become an educator with a degree in behavioral science. Educators are the people who teach students in schools, colleges, universities and other places. You will need to have good communication skills and be able to work well with children or other people. If you enjoy working with children then this might be the right career for you!


Psychologists study behavior and mental processes. As a psychologist, you might work with people who have mental or emotional problems to help them adjust to life’s demands and improve their coping skills. Some psychologists conduct research on human behavior or study how the brain works; others treat patients in clinical settings; still others counsel individuals and families.

You can find jobs in hospitals, clinics, schools and universities as well as private practice offices that specialize in mental health services (often called “psychology offices”). The majority of these positions require state licensure as a psychologist, which usually requires at least three years of graduate training following undergraduate studies.

Business consultant

If you’re looking to get your foot in the door of business consulting, a degree in behavioral science could be the ticket. Business consultants are responsible for helping businesses identify and solve problems that aren’t related to production or sales. In other words, they work on problems that arise from organizational culture. An understanding of human behavior gained through studying it as an academic discipline is crucial for this type of work because most companies have little interest in paying someone else to tell them how their employees think or feel about work (which is probably why there are so few jobs available).

you can get several degrees with a behavioral science degree

With a behavioral science degree, you can get several different degrees. For example, you can earn a psychology degree. You could also earn a social work degree or an education degree. You may even be able to get a business administration degree with the right classes and coursework!


If you’re interested in psychology but not sure if it’s the right fit, a behavioral science degree can give you exposure to many different fields and help you decide which one is best for you. It also prepares students to pursue advanced degrees in other areas such as law or medicine

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