What jobs can you get with an interdisciplinary studies degree

Have you considered graduating with an interdisciplinary studies degree? This major isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for most people, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. An interdisciplinary or a “Jack of all Trades” degree is a great way to cover a variety of subjects without being limited by one area of study. It’s perfect for anyone who is looking to be academically challenged and well rounded as they complete their undergraduate degree. In this guide I’ll give you an overview of what an interdisciplinary studies degree is, discuss why you might want to consider studying this major and list some careers that fit well with this type of degree.

Interdisciplinary studies degrees are designed to give a broad base of knowledge in many different areas of study. Because these degrees are not focused on one specific subject, it can be difficult to find a job that matches your degree after graduation. However, there are still plenty of jobs for which an interdisciplinary studies degree will prepare you.

One of the most common jobs for people with interdisciplinary studies degrees is teaching at a university. This is because they have an appreciation for more than one field and can teach courses based on what they have learned in multiple subjects. Additionally, because they have studied so many subjects and have a good understanding of how all disciplines fit together, they are often sought after as mentors or advisors by students who need help with their own research projects or papers.

Another common job for people with interdisciplinary studies degrees is working in public relations or marketing roles. These types of jobs require someone who has an understanding of how business works across many different industries and markets. Interdisciplinary studies degrees give students an understanding of how businesses operate—both large and small—and how they relate to each other on a macro level as well as micro level (businesses within businesses). This knowledge helps graduates understand how best to market their own skillsets

What jobs can you get with an interdisciplinary studies degree


Are you the type of student who finds it hard to settle on just one major? Do you love learning about all kinds of subjects, and have a tough time committing to just one? If so, an interdisciplinary studies degree could be right for you. Here’s what an interdisciplinary studies major should know before they decide whether to commit:

What Is an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?

Interdisciplinary studies degrees are designed for students who want to learn about more than one subject. These programs focus on combining multiple disciplines and areas of study to create a multi-faceted education. Interdisciplinary studies degrees are not common; they’re often created at the request of students who have an interest in learning about multiple subjects, but aren’t interested in being confined within a specific discipline or program.

Interdisciplinary studies degrees can help you learn about multiple subjects, but they might require additional education after graduation if you want to pursue a career in the field. If you’re interested in exploring your academic interests without committing yourself exclusively to one field or area of study, it might be time for you to consider an interdisciplinary studies degree!

What Can You Do With an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?

In a nutshell, an interdisciplinary studies degree can open up a variety of job opportunities in a variety of fields and industries. The only thing you must remember is that these jobs won’t be limited to one role or one organization. You may find yourself working in marketing, business operations, education and more!

The truth is that any company that values innovation and creativity will find value in someone with this kind of training. This means you’ll have plenty of options when it comes time to look for jobs after graduation.

Interdisciplinary Studies Degrees and Salary

Interdisciplinary studies degrees are in high demand. If you have an interdisciplinary studies degree, you will be able to find a job in a growing field.

The average annual salary for an interdisciplinary studies degree holder is $50,000. This is higher than the average annual salary for all other degrees.

Understanding what an interdisciplinary studies degree is can help you choose a college major.

It’s important to understand what an interdisciplinary studies degree is and what you can do with it before you make a decision about your college major.

If you want to study social science, history, or the arts in college but don’t want to choose just one area of focus, then an interdisciplinary studies degree might be right for you. If this sounds like something that could help shape your future career path and give it direction, then check out some of the best schools offering interdisciplinary studies degrees below!

Harvard University

Cornell University


Now that you know what an interdisciplinary studies degree is, you can decide whether one fits your educational and career needs. If it sounds like just the program for you, check out colleges and universities in your area or online to find a school that offers this type of major. Good luck!

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