What jobs can you get with an esthetician license

An esthetician license is a requirement for both good and medical spa esthetician jobs but many people are surprised about what other jobs you can find with an esthetician license.

If you’re looking for a career that combines personal fulfillment with financial stability, you might be interested in becoming an esthetician.

As an esthetician, you’ll work with clients who are interested in taking care of their appearance and improving their skin’s health. Estheticians use a variety of products to cleanse and moisturize clients’ skin, as well as perform other skin-care treatments like facials or waxing.

In addition to working in salons, spas, and health clubs, estheticians can also work at doctors’ offices and clinics. This allows them to provide services such as Botox injections or dermal filler injections directly to clients who need it.

Some estheticians even work in their own private practices or open up their own beauty salons or spas!

What jobs can you get with an esthetician license


One of the most common questions that students ask is: “What jobs can I get with an esthetician license?” The answer is, a number! Here are just a few of the positions you could find yourself in once you’ve graduated from esthetician school.

Esthetician/esthetician jobs

  • Esthetician/esthetician jobs. Becoming a licensed skin care specialist is the first step to getting your foot in the door for any esthetician job. However, there are many other positions that you can apply for after obtaining your license, such as makeup artist and lash technician.
  • Cosmetologist/cosmetologist jobs: It’s possible to work as a cosmetologist while still gaining experience at salons and spas or attending school to become an esthetician. If you want to work as both a stylist and skin care expert, then this career path may be right for you!
  • Beauty consultant/beauty consultant jobs: A beauty consultant provides advice on skincare products used by customers at salons or spas; they also help clients find the right products through sales techniques like product demonstrations or recommendations based on customer preferences (such as price range).

Licensed skin care specialist

Licensed skin care specialists are licensed estheticians who have completed additional training. This can include more than 500 hours of experience, passing an exam and attending a continuing education course.

Licensed skin care specialists must also be certified in certain areas, such as laser hair removal or chemical peels. It is common to see these specializations at spas and salons.

Salary: $35,000-$60,000

Job opportunities: Because of its growing popularity, this profession is expected to grow by 17% through 2024

Makeup artist

  • Makeup artist

A makeup artist is a professional who applies makeup to models, actors or other persons in the entertainment industry. A makeup artist may also be called a “makeup stylist” or “cosmetologist.”

Makeup artists are responsible for creating various looks using different types of cosmetics and tools. They can be found working at salons, photo studios or as freelancers.

Lash technician

Lashes are a cosmetic enhancement that can be applied in a salon, or at home. They are available for purchase from a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist, and can be applied by those individuals as well.

Get an esthetician license and you can work as a licensed skin care specialist.

Licensed skin care specialists perform a wide variety of duties. They may:

  • Apply and remove cosmetics, including eyelash extensions, nail polish, and body art;
  • Cleanse the skin as part of a facial or waxing procedure;
  • Locate and treat blemishes on the skin;
  • Remove hair from various areas of the face, neck, or body by sugaring (which involves applying warm sugar paste to unwanted hair before removing it with hot wax), tweezing (using small metal implements), threading (an ancient technique for removing facial hair that involves pulling a string through the follicle), or using depilatory creams.


There are many jobs that an esthetician license can help you get. The most obvious is as an esthetician, however there are many other opportunities for those with a makeup artist or lash technician license.

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