Least Popular Majors At Uga

If you’re a student at the University of Georgia and are still deciding on your major, you may want to consider one of these least popular majors.

The least popular majors at UGA are:

-African American Studies


-Art History




Least Popular Majors At Uga


If you’re like so many people, you’ve probably wondered what the least popular majors at UGA are. Are they different every year? Do they change based on the school? Are there certain ones that keep popping up year after year? Here’s your chance to find out…


  • Horticulture: 8.3% of students are studying this major, which has a reputation for being one of the least popular majors at UGA. In fact, it’s so unpopular that I had to look up how to spell it and spellcheck kept telling me that “horticulture” is not a word. I’m still pretty sure it’s real.
  • Journalism: 7% of students study journalism at UGA, which makes sense because who wants to go into such a dying industry? (I mean, besides me—I’ve been trying to get hired by The New York Times since high school.)
  • Architecture: 5.5% of students study architecture at UGA. This seems like an odd choice when you consider how much money they’ll make over the course of their careers compared with some other majors like business or communications.* Theatre Arts: 4% of students choose theatre arts as their major.* Computer Science: 3% of students pick computer science as their field of study at UGA.*

1.Horticulture (122)

You’ve probably heard of the horticulture major before—it’s one of the most popular majors at UGA, with a total of 439 students enrolled. That’s nearly double the number of students enrolled in English, which is only second to history as the most popular major on campus.

But what exactly does it mean to major in horticulture? And why would you want to do that? Horticulture can be defined as “the branch of agriculture concerned with growing plants for food or ornamental purposes.” In other words, horticulturists study plants and their environments in order to help them grow better so they’re more useful for us humans! So if you think being outdoors sounds fun, or if working with your hands sounds appealing (as someone who isn’t afraid of getting dirty), then maybe this is the right career path for you!

2.Journalism (126)

Journalism is a popular major at UGA, but it’s not quite as popular as some of its counterparts. A little research shows that journalism is a popular major everywhere else in the world too—it’s pretty much impossible to find a class of people who aren’t interested in what makes newsworthy stories and why they matter. Journalism has been making headlines since newspapers were invented (and probably before), and it remains an important part of our culture today. We love reading about ourselves, so it’s no surprise that we’ve seen so many movies about reporters finding their big story: All the President’s Men, Spotlight, Broadcast News…the list goes on and on!


As you might expect, the architectural design program is a popular choice at most colleges. In fact, the top five architecture schools in the country are all ranked within the top 20 of this list. If your dream is to become an architect and live in a major city like New York or Chicago, then you will find plenty of opportunity for this major.

Architecture has also proven to be very popular outside of the United States. For example, if you chose to study architecture in Canada before heading back home with your degree from UGA, there are many jobs waiting for you with companies like Rogers Communications Incorporated (RCI).

4.Theatre Arts(138)

Theatre Arts is a major at UGA, and it’s probably not what you’re expecting. It’s not about acting or directing for the stage—it’s about writing and presenting plays in front of an audience.

If you want to be a performer, this might not be the right major for you. However, if you love theater but don’t want to be on stage yourself, Theatre Arts might be just your thing! If this sounds like something that would interest you, check out our list of reasons why studying Theater Arts at UGA can make all your dreams come true:

5.Computer Science(157)

The field of computer science is a hot one. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, it’s one of the most popular majors at UGA. The number 157 is a lot lower than 118, 126 and 123—three other degrees that tend to be more sought-after than computer science.

However you look at it, this degree seems to have some popularity issues. If it were up to me (and I know it’s not), I’d say that the next time you’re considering what major you want to study at UGA, consider something else besides computer science!


  • Music
  • Film and Television
  • Dance
  • Art History—the only major that has a “History” in the name, this is pretty self-explanatory. You want to know about art history, you’re probably not going to go here. Instead, try Georgia State University or Emory University.


This is a popular major for UGA students, but you probably won’t be surprised to learn it’s also very popular at other schools. It’s growing in popularity because it gives students the ability to grow plants and flowers, which can be really fun.


Journalism is a popular major at UGA, but it’s not the most popular. As a student, you can learn about journalism and then decide if it’s the right path for you.

  • Journalism is an excellent choice for students who want to work in media or public relations.
  • Journalism is also a good major for students who want to work in communications or advertising.

3.Art (123)

Art is a popular major at UGA, with 123 students enrolled in the program. If you’re an artist in training, it’s not a bad idea to consider this major. Although it’s not as popular as some other majors like biology or business, there are still plenty of job opportunities available for art majors. You can get a job working on the fashion industry by designing clothes or jewelry; you could also work in advertising if you have an eye for detail or just want to make money off of other people’s advertisements.

4.Theatre Arts(130)

Theatre Arts is a major that is not only popular with students, faculty and alumni, but also in terms of the number of majors who choose it as an option. It’s also worth noting that Theatre Arts has the highest retention rate out of all the other majors on this list at UGA.

Theatre Arts has multiple concentrations within its field: acting; directing; design/technology; performance studies; production management and administration; technical theatre arts (which encompasses lighting design to sound engineering). The department offers BFA degrees in each concentration while their BA degrees allow students to take upper-level courses from other departments such as music or art history.

Many graduates go on to professional careers after graduating from this program—one alumna became chairwoman for her high school drama club before coming back as an adjunct professor at UGA!

5.Computer Science(148)

Computer Science is a popular major at UGA. It’s also a popular major at other universities and colleges, as well as schools and institutes all across the country.

If you’re interested in becoming an engineer but don’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day, computer science might be for you. Computer scientists have several avenues of employment after graduation ranging from software development to data science. Computer science majors can also pursue graduate school or earn an MBA if they wish to enter management or consulting roles later on in their careers.

Majors at UGA come and go in popularity

Majors can be popular for a variety of reasons. Some majors are popular because they’re in demand and considered valuable, but other majors are just the opposite: they’re not lucrative and don’t come with many job opportunities. Others may be unpopular because the classwork is difficult or the content is dry. The point is that UGA has had its fair share of “hot” majors for as long as I can remember, but those names always change over time!

If you’re trying to decide on a major that will help you get into grad school or start your career, take your time when researching programs at Georgia Tech—you might find something unexpected (like me!).


These majors may be unpopular, but that does not mean they aren’t good! If you’ve found a major you love, then go for it!

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