How to get a consulting internship with no experience

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Having no experience can be an advantage. Theoretical knowledge and relevant work experience gained in previous jobs are the two major factors which interviewers look out for when hiring interns. Apart from lack of prior experience, you might also find yourself still having problems with how to get a consulting internship with no experience, again something which can be advantageous for you. As a fresher who has no prior relevant work experience, there is no better chance for you to convince the interviewer that this lack is more than made up for by your academic record, strong communication skills and eagerness to learn.

If you’re looking to get a consulting internship with no experience, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

In fact, once you’ve got your resume in order and have taken the time to figure out exactly what kind of internship you want and why, getting an internship is just like getting any other job—it’s just that there aren’t as many people competing for these positions because they’re so competitive.

Here are some tips to help you get a consulting internship with no experience:

Make sure your resume is formatted correctly and includes all of your relevant work experience (if any).

Research different companies that offer internships in the area of interest. Make sure they actually provide internships and don’t just hire interns on a part-time basis or as volunteers. There are lots of companies out there who advertise internships but don’t actually offer them—you’ll want to make sure you know which ones do before spending any time applying.

Apply for multiple internships at once; if you get rejected from one company, apply for another one immediately afterwards! Don’t wait around too long between applications; if you do, it will look like

How to get a consulting internship with no experience


I applied for a consulting internship and was called in for an interview. I was excited about the opportunity to work for a company that trains its employees to provide valuable insights to prestigious clients, and I felt confident because of my skills in Excel, Powerpoint, and Python. However, once I arrived at the interview location, I realized that every other candidate had extensive experience with these programs. I knew that even if my performance during the interview was great, my lack of professional experience would put me at a disadvantage compared to the other candidates.

The next day, the recruiter from said consulting firm contacted me to say that they regretted not choosing me over some of their other candidates with more experience. But she also offered me an opportunity to get some experience and apply again later on: she encouraged me to volunteer as a consultant with Pro-bono Consulting Corp., which provides free consulting services for non-profits. This meant doing more than just volunteering—I’d have something solid to put on my resume when applying next time around!

So here’s what you can do if you don’t have any prior professional experience but want an internship at [unnamed consulting firm]. First off: don’t worry; it’s possible! Second: consider volunteering as a consultant through Pro-bono Consulting Corp or a similar program (there are plenty out there). They’ll connect you with non-profits who need your help solving problems related to analysis in business management (or whatever else is relevant). Not only will this ensure employers see relevant industry knowledge on your resume; it’ll also show them how dedicated you are!

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make sure you have the basics down

  • Basic math: You’ll be asked to do some basic calculations, like adding up the expenses of a project or dividing the number of units sold by the average margin.
  • Basic writing: You need to be able to write clearly and concisely about your recommendations for projects you’ve worked on, as well as explain them in person if necessary.
  • Basic presentation skills: The best way to prove your presentation chops is by having experience presenting at school or professional events. As long as you’re confident in yourself and know what you’re talking about, this should go smoothly!
  • Basic problem-solving skills: In order to show that you can solve problems effectively and efficiently, try solving some problems from our website’s forum section (https://www.consultinginternsforfree/forum). If they don’t work out too well, try again! That’s how I got my first job as an intern at [company name here]. 🙂 The key here is persistence!

get a mentor

  • Find someone who is in a role you want to be in.
  • Ask them to help you learn about the job and what it takes to get it.
  • Ask them to help you prepare for interviews, including reviewing your resume and helping with mock interviews.
  • Ask them to help build your network by introducing you to people they work with, or even hiring you as an unpaid intern!

start building your skills early

You need to start building your skills early, because the resume gap is a big consideration and you want to get experience under your belt before you apply. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Networking: find opportunities to network with people who have professional connections in consulting. You can also try volunteering at local consulting firms or reaching out to alumni from your school’s business school for guidance.
  • Interviewing: practice interviewing with friends, family members and strangers about hypothetical consulting projects (like coming up with a strategy for solving traffic problems in your city). This will help hone both communication and problem-solving skills—skills required for any job.
  • Learning about consulting: learn about different types of consultants that specialize in different areas like marketing, finance or operations management (operations), etc., so that when it comes time for interviews you’ll be able to talk intelligently about what interests you most without sounding like an amateur. You could also read up on some case studies from companies such as McKinsey & Company or BCG (Boston Consulting Group).

getting a consulting internship with no experience is possible

If you don’t have experience, you need to start with the basics. Learn Excel, PowerPoint, and data analysis. Find mentors who can help you build your skills and get a referral. Start building your resume early!

Once you’ve built up your skill set and gotten some work experience under your belt, it’s time to look for an internship or entry-level position in consulting.


The most important thing is to not give up. If you’re passionate about consulting, there are countless resources out there for how to get a consulting internship with no experience. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. With the right preparation, you’ll have a great shot at landing your dream internship!

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