Careers That Combine Art And Computer Science

Art and computer science are two of the most exciting careers out there. The combination of art and computer science is a great way to combine your passion for both and make it into a career. Here are some careers that combine the two:

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

An artificial intelligence engineer designs, creates, modifies, maintains, tests and evaluates computer applications that perform tasks which typically require human intelligence. An AI engineer may work with many different types of projects such as robotics or game design. They use programming languages such as C++ or Java to create programs that mimic human behavior. AI engineers can also be found in industries like healthcare where they help doctors diagnose patients by analyzing their medical history.

Web Developer

Web developers create websites by writing code in HTML5 or JavaScript so that users can access them from anywhere in the world through their internet browsers such as Chrome or Firefox instead of having to download separate programs onto their computers first before accessing them again later on down the road when needed again later on down the road when needed again later on down time (or forever). Web developers also work with other software engineers who specialize in different areas such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets/files (created by software developers who specialize in other areas such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets/files (created by software

Careers That Combine Art And Computer Science


There are so many things you could do with a computer science degree, but it turns out that some of the best opportunities for people with a background in CS and a passion for art involve tasks that aren’t necessarily considered computer science jobs. Graphic design and user interface design, for example, are both fields where knowing how to code can help you further your career. But if those two don’t sound like fun? Maybe consider working in game development!

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the most popular careers that combine art and computer science, but it may not be obvious why. The job of a graphic designer is to create images, layouts and web pages for products and advertisements. While some of these tasks can be completed with paper or even pencils, other aspects require a computer to draw attention to them. For example, if you are a graphic designer who creates advertisements for food products in magazines or on billboards then you would likely use software like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign in order to create those images.

User Interface Designer

User Interface (UI) Design is the study and practice of designing how people interact with software. The user interface designer is responsible for making sure users can access, understand and use the software easily.

UI designers are responsible for creating the visual design of an application, as well as interaction design. They also focus on user interface (UI) elements like buttons, menus and other interactive components that make up a program’s front end.

User interface designers set up how a program looks to users—from visual aspects such as color palette or layout to interactive features like buttons and drop-down menus—to make sure they’re easy enough for anyone to use without training or instruction manuals.

Game Developer

In the world of game development, there are many aspects to the job. Game developers can work on any platform (console, PC, mobile), any genre or type of game (puzzle games or first-person shooters) and even non-game apps like augmented reality experiences.

A typical career path for a newbie might be to start out as an artist and move up to being a programmer or designer once you’ve gained some experience–it’s pretty common for people in this field to have several different roles over their lifetime at a company.

Most of the jobs you see today require some degree of technical skill, even if they’re not technically computer science jobs.

You might think that computer science is all about sitting in front of a keyboard, but the reality is that most jobs require some degree of technical skill. Even if you’re not working in a role that’s directly related to code or technology, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate your computer skills into your daily work.

In fact, many companies hire people with both technical and artistic skills—and there are plenty of jobs where both sets overlap! Here are just some examples:

  • Web design
  • Graphic design for print or web use (such as logos)
  • Video editing (editing videos from start to finish)


In conclusion, we hope that this article helped you understand what it means to work in computer science and how this field can be useful in your career. There are many areas where you could use your knowledge of computer science, such as designing websites or creating games. We hope that one day soon we will see more people like yourself with backgrounds in art who want to work in technology!

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