Cal Poly Computer Science Ranking

Cal Poly Computer Science Ranking

Cal Poly is a great choice for students interested in computer science. The school ranks well both in terms of its ranking on the National Center for Education Statistics’ list of “up and coming” colleges, as well as its overall ranking by US News & World Report. It also has an impressive student-to-faculty ratio, which helps ensure that you get the attention you need from your professors.

Cal Poly is located in San Luis Obispo, California—a beautiful place with a small town feel and plenty of outdoor activities to keep you active while you’re away from the classroom. The campus itself is also beautiful and provides plenty of space for students to relax or study outside.

Cal Poly Computer Science Ranking


Higher education is a massive industry. In the US alone, there are 4,598 degree-granting institutions! Schools from the United States and around the world are constantly competing to be recognized as top schools by various ranking agencies. This article will look at how Cal Poly’s computer science program (the largest in CSU) fares in various rankings

Cal Poly is a public research university in San Luis Obispo, California. It was established in 1901 and currently enrolls around 20,000 students each year. Cal Poly has been repeatedly ranked as one of the best universities in the United States by U.S News & World Report based on its academic programs and campus life. For example, Cal Poly is ranked 30th among all national universities for its graduate program for computer science.

Cal Poly’s College of Engineering has also received high rankings from various publication websites such as College Factual (33rd), BestCollegesOnline! (7th), and Business Insider (51st). The college offers undergraduate programs like chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science or electrical engineering among others depending on your interests as well as graduate degrees like MS or PhD degree in Computer Science if you want to continue your education further after earning your bachelor’s degree here at Cal Poly!

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is the #10 best computer science program in the world, according to The Guardian.

The university was also ranked #1 in the world for best value, with a 3-year full-time tuition cost of just $44,000.

Curious about what other universities are ranking among the top 10? Here’s a list:

  • University of California – Berkeley (UCB)
  • Stanford University (Stanford)
  • University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC)
  • Princeton University (Princeton)

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo stands out because it is one of only two US colleges to receive a perfect score on both women’s participation and equality policies from Campus Pride Index.

Computer Science

Cal Poly SLO is ranked in the top 20 for Computer Science among all public universities, according to Times Higher Education (THE). Cal Poly was also ranked in the top 30 for both Computer Science and Information Systems.

Information Systems

Cal Poly SLO was also ranked in the top 50 for Information Systems, according to Times Higher Education (THE). is a business magazine owned by Forbes Inc. It publishes annual rankings of public universities and private colleges in the U.S., China, France and Germany. Forbes ranks Cal Poly as #32 in the nation and #1 in the West region. is a website that ranks colleges based on student satisfaction and community. Cal Poly, according to Niche’s ranking system, is the #1 college for computer science.

When comparing CS students at all of these schools, here are some of the most important factors that affect overall satisfaction:

  • Students’ opinions about professors and teaching quality (30% of total score)
  • Class size (20%)
  • Campus safety (15%)
  • Student-to-faculty ratio (10%) is a ranking by US News and World Report, one of the most respected sources of college rankings. According to this metric, Cal Poly’s computer science program is the second-best in the country. In fact, it comes in at number two for all engineering programs nationwide, too!

But that’s not all: Cal Poly ranks first among California public universities on this list. So if you’re considering attending school in our state (and who isn’t?), we think you’ll have an excellent time here—even if you’re not interested in studying CS!

There are multiple ways to rank colleges based, on a broad range of criteria, and no one definitive ranking for all universities

There are many ways to rank colleges, and no one ranking is definitive. Ranking is based on a broad range of criteria. It’s important to students, universities, parents and employers alike.


We hope this article helped you learn about the various rankings for computer science programs. Although it may be confusing, the sheer number of rankings is evidence that there are many ways to evaluate a college. If you want to see how Cal Poly stacks up in other areas, feel free to check out any of the links we provided above!

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