Average pt salary in Florida

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If you’re reading this blog post, then I’m guessing you are trying to increase your income. So, in this blog post, we’re going to go over what the average Pt Salary in Florida is. The reason for this is so you can get a clear idea of how much you should expect to make down there.

The average physician’s assistant salary in Florida is $116,000. The highest-paid physician’s assistants make around $143,000 and the lowest earn $70,000.

Average pt salary in Florida

Here’s some information about the annual mean wage of physical therapists in Florida.

Annual Mean Wage

The average physiotherapist salary in the United States is $93,750 per year. Depending on where you practice, however, your income could be significantly higher or lower than this national figure.

For instance, the average pt salary in California is $97,000 per year. But if you want to work at an outpatient facility (e.g., hospital) or rehabilitation center in California and make six figures per year as a physiotherapist, then you’ll need to get licensed first and pass two exams: the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) and Principles of Manual Medicine exam (PMM). In fact, there are only about 1/3rd of all practicing PTs who hold both licenses; most have only one or neither license!

If you live in New York City or San Francisco, expect your salary as a PTA/L to be closer to $100k than it does anywhere else—but even then there are limits: In NYC for example there’s an upper limit for what people can earn before taxes are taken out of their paycheck each month; so once that threshold has been reached workers lose 11% automatically from their gross income every week they work beyond 44 hours per week until they reach 60 hours per week when another 6% gets deducted from their total paycheck amount due effectively cutting off their paychecks faster than if they were receiving normal weekly checks without those deductions applied directly against them which means if someone works 52 weeks straight without taking any days off then after taxes have been taken out they’ll likely see less money coming back into their pockets at the end of each month than they were expecting originally when starting this new job–which sucks because often times these types jobs require long shifts including nights/weekends so workers end up with lower salaries than expected over time because they’re working more hours than usual which still results overall being paid less overall despite making more money during those extra shifts


The average salary for physical therapists is $57,140.72 in Florida (United States). The median salary is $57,140.72 and the mean salary is $57,140.72. This chart will show you frequencies and sources of wages including overtime pay rates.

This is the average for PTs in Florida.

The average private practice PT salary in Florida is $80,000.


This is a good starting place when you’re looking at what PTs in Florida can expect to make. The annual mean salary is $57,140.72, but there are other factors that go into your salary and how much money you can expect to make as a PT.

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