What jobs can 16 year olds do

Here’s a quick checklist of the most common jobs 16 year olds can do. Whether you’re just thinking about a job or looking for a summer employee, you’ll want to be sure you’re clear on the responsibilities and expectations before you start interviewing.

What jobs can 16 year olds do?

If you’re a 16-year-old looking for work, there are plenty of options. You can work as a babysitter, a lifeguard at a community pool or water park, or in retail sales.

You might have to get your parents’ permission before starting any job. Your school may also have rules about working while you are still in high school.

It’s important to remember that most employers will not hire someone under 18 without the proper paperwork from their parents and/or guardian.

What jobs can 16 year olds do


Want to know what jobs 16 year-olds can do? Well, there are hundreds of opportunities for teens to work legally. These days the internet has made it easier for companies to hire people all over the world. You might not have realised this, but you are in a very good position as a teenager living in the US. You probably have more opportunities than other people of your age in other countries. So take advantage of it! Now is a great time to start making some money that you can spend however you want on whatever you want.


A busser is responsible for clearing tables and setting up new ones. You’ll need to be able to move quickly, as you may have several tables to clean at once. When you’re done cleaning tables, you’ll also need to set them with utensils and other essentials like napkins and salt shakers.

In addition to physical skills like speed and dexterity, this job requires customer service skills so that you can interact with diners effectively. It’s a customer-facing job where your interactions with customers can affect their experience at the restaurant positively or negatively—so be sure that your personality suits the role!

To apply for a job as a busser, fill out an application at any restaurant location near you. Once they’ve reviewed it (and approved), they’ll call or email back within 24 hours letting you know whether they want to schedule an interview or not…and if they do? Great! Bring along whatever documents they ask for (such as proof of age).


  • Dishwasher

A dishwasher is a person who washes dishes, pots, and other cookware by hand. The job description for this position may vary based on the size of the establishment he/she works at. For example, in a small casual restaurant where there are only a few employees, dishwashing duties may be shared among them all. In larger restaurants however, it’s common for one employee to be exclusively dedicated to washing dishes all day long (with breaks).

The duties of a dishwasher include: cleaning glasses and plates; removing food particles from pots; scraping off bits of food stuck onto utensils; scrubbing pots with soap; rinsing off clean dishes so that they won’t crack when stacked together; putting clean glasses away neatly in cabinets after drying them on racks; loading dirty dishes into sinks or machines like conveyor belts which carry them through water baths until they emerge squeaky clean! They must also make sure that there is enough hot water available at all times so that no customer has to wait too long before getting served his coffee or beer!


A cashier is a person who works at a store and is responsible for ringing up customers’ items, accepting payment and giving change, and helping customers with their shopping needs. To be a good cashier, you need to know how to count money quickly and accurately, you need to be able to use the register efficiently and accurately, you need to be able to communicate effectively with customers about their purchases, you need to work well under pressure (especially if there are long lines), and you need excellent customer service skills.


  • Actors have the opportunity to work in a variety of contexts and genres, including film, television and theatre.
  • You’ll need to be creative and able to work with other people on set. You also need an outgoing personality so your acting can come across well on camera or onstage.
  • If you’re interested in getting into acting, there’s plenty of training available—from community colleges or online courses—to get started with. Work experience is helpful but not required; just make sure that what you learn has been approved by industry professionals. Film schools will offer internships or jobs as part of their curriculum; these are great ways to get your foot in the door when looking for work after graduation!

As far as salary goes… well… it depends on where you live! But no matter where you live (or what job title), think about how much money would make YOU happy before making any decisions about which roles might be best suited for YOURSELF personally.”



“Hosts and hostesses greet and seat customers, taking orders for drinks and food, as well as keeping a supply of clean glasses and silverware. They also may explain daily specials to patrons, answer questions about menu items, or take food orders from wait staff. Hosts must be able to speak clearly and pleasantly to customers in order to promote their establishment.”

Food Runner

When you’re 16 and looking for a job, becoming a food runner might be one of the best options for you.

Food runners are responsible for delivering food and drinks to customers in restaurants. In addition to serving customers, they also have many other responsibilities such as cleaning tables, taking customer orders, answering phones and even waiting on tables if necessary. The average hourly wage of a food runner is $8-$10 per hour, which can vary greatly depending on where they work. Food runners are usually paid minimum wage plus tips; however, some restaurants do not pay their staff in cash but instead give them credit towards their meals at the end of each shift which can be difficult when trying to purchase groceries or pay rent during the month because there isn’t any income coming in regularly at this time yet!

Retail Sales Associate

The general term “sales associate” is used to describe any person who sells products. The job title of sales associate is used in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and clothing stores. The title “sales associate” usually refers to those who work at the front desk of a store greeting customers and helping them find what they need to purchase. This may include cash registers but has evolved into more complex tasks as technology advances. In some cases you may also have some management duties such as hiring new employees or scheduling shifts for workers who are sick or on vacation

Production Line Worker

If you love working with your hands and enjoy the idea of earning a paycheck while making sure that other people’s products are properly made, then being a production line worker might be right up your alley.

Here’s how to get started:

  • First things first: You’ll need to figure out where you want to work! A good place to start is calling around to different companies in your area; if they don’t have any openings right now, don’t worry! They may be able to refer someone else who does offer such positions. Also keep an eye out for newspaper ads or online job boards like Indeed or Monster. These sites list opportunities from all over the world—not just within driving distance—so it doesn’t hurt anything by checking them out as well (as long as it doesn’t interfere with schoolwork).
  • Once you’ve found an employer or two that match what interests you most about this type of work (e.;g., whether they specialize in manufacturing automobiles versus electronics), schedule interviews so that both parties can find out whether there’s actually going be chemistry between them too !

Gym Staff Member or Trainer

Gym staff members and trainers are in charge of providing fitness equipment, training, and other services to gym-goers. These occupations require a high level of physical strength, as well as good communication skills.

Once you become certified as a personal trainer (which usually takes around two years), you can build up your clientele by offering individualized workout plans, or train groups at the gym on their various machines. You may also be able to find work teaching classes like yoga or Pilates—jobs that involve working with clients who want to improve their overall health while having fun! Gym staff members should know how to use all of the exercise machines available so they can provide proper instructions for each one during their shift; this will ensure that everyone gets an effective workout!

kids can work in many places

It’s important to remember that jobs can be found in many different places. Some of these places are obvious, like your local grocery store or pizza parlor, but others may not be so obvious at first glance. For example, many teens find that they enjoy working with animals, whether it’s a dog-walking business or caring for small pets who live at home. Taking care of animals is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do as a teenager!

If you’re looking for more traditional employment options when it comes to 16 year olds getting jobs, there are plenty out there too! You’ll have no problem finding something that fits your interests and skills without much difficulty; if anything feels off or doesn’t feel right when considering potential employment options then don’t worry about taking that job just yet—there will be better opportunities coming along soon enough!


Now that you know what jobs are available for 16 year olds, it’s time to make some money!

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