what jobs can 12 year olds get

Many parents are curious to learn more about what jobs can 12 year olds get. One of the reasons that concern parents is that they would like their children to get a head start on career. But the big question here and the biggest problem with most parents is the fact that they don’t know the answer to this question. The list of careers in which a 12-year-old can work differs from state to state.

Having a job can be really fun! Having your own money is really cool to so many people because you get to decide what you want to spend it on. Of course, there are some jobs that are more fun than others. Most people like being able to go anywhere they want with their job. Some of the coolest jobs out there involve travel. But whether or not you travel is a secondary perk for some of these jobs. Here are four of the coolest jobs for 12 year olds.

what jobs can 12 year olds get


Although the law states that you must be 13 to have a Facebook account, there are plenty of things 12 year olds can do. From babysitting to walking dogs to picking fruit, the range of jobs is surprisingly large!

Busy Bees Childcare

You can be a child minder, babysitter, or nanny. You will need to have a clean criminal record and you will have to pass a police check.

If you are going to be working with babies and young children (under the age of school age), then you will also need to have completed an approved training course from someone such as First Aid Training Australia or In Your Shoes. It is important that you know how to deal with babies and young children in case of an emergency situation.

Dog Walker

Dog walker

Dog walking is one of the jobs for 12 year old kids that you’ll find advertised online. It can be a fun way for your child to earn some money as well as get some exercise. The job involves taking a dog for a walk and then returning it to its owner’s house or local pet boarding facility. Your child will need to be responsible enough to pick up after the dog during their walks, and make sure they return home on time. You should also ensure they’re comfortable around animals and able to handle them. If your child is too young, there are other jobs out there that suit children of this age range better (like being an office assistant).

Ice Cream Shop Assistant

Ice cream shop assistant

This is a great job for a 12 year old who loves ice cream. It’ll teach them about customer service, teamwork and problem solving. The ice cream shop assistant will also have to be able to communicate well with customers of all ages, but they’ll also need to be responsible and self-motivated in order to make sure the store is running smoothly.


  • How to get a babysitting job.
  • What age you need to be.
  • How much to charge.
  • What to do if you get a call from a stranger.
  • What to do if you get a call from a parent

Market Stall Assistant

Market Stall Assistant

Market stall assistants are young people who help out at markets and other sales events. They carry out tasks such as setting up the stall and collecting money, but they don’t have the responsibility of running it themselves. Market stall assistants must be able to work well under pressure, be self-motivated and be able to deal with customers who may become angry or upset.

The job involves:

  • Setting up the stall each day (this might include arranging products in a particular way)
  • Keeping an eye on stock levels throughout your shift; if you need more stock you’ll need to ask your supervisor for permission before buying more items (and make sure you get paid for any extra purchases)

Fruit Picking

Fruit Picking

Many fruits and vegetables are grown in Australia. Fruit picking is one way for a 12 year old to get a job. There are many types of fruit picking jobs, including:

  • Apple picking
  • Cherry picking
  • Pumpkin picking (for Halloween)

Fruit pickers are paid by the number of bins they fill with picked fruit. The average pay for an experienced fruit picker is $25 per hour, but you can earn more if you work quickly and efficiently. Fruit pickers often work from sunrise to sunset during the summer months—from November until April or May when it gets too hot out in the fields. You’ll need to be physically able to bend over repeatedly without getting back pain or hurting yourself; some people find it difficult if they haven’t had lots of practice doing this kind of task before working as a child labor farm worker!

Lemonade Stand Owner

If you’re looking for a small business to start, think about opening a lemonade stand. This job can be fun and profitable, but it does take some work. You’ll need to:

  • Be prepared to work hard.
  • Be confident in yourself and your product, which means learning how to sell yourself and your idea.
  • Organize your time so that you have enough money saved up for supplies, not just lunch money but also supplies like cups and lemons!
  • Follow instructions from parents or neighbors who are helping out with this business venture (maybe they know someone who has experience running their own small businesses?).

If you don’t already know these things then ask someone who does–they will be glad to teach them!

There are jobs for 12 year olds.

As a 12 year old, you may be thinking about jobs. But how should you approach the subject? First of all, remember that getting a job at this age is really important to your development. Here are some reasons why it’s so important:

  • It teaches you how to work and earn money. You can learn how to manage your time and manage your money. You’ll also learn how to get along with people who aren’t related to you or friends with them before working together on a project (or in a job).
  • Your parents might need help paying for things like food or housing costs so if they don’t have any other options available then perhaps becoming an entrepreneur could be something worth considering as well!


We’ve covered a wide range of jobs for 12 year olds. It’s worth remembering that different states have very different rules around employment, so it’s important to do your research and speak to someone such as a parent or teacher before you take your first job.

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