What jobs can 12 year olds do to earn money

What jobs can I do at age 12 to earn money?There are many activities that you can do when you are 12. You should not just quit school and go full time but, instead, try to get a job that pays a little bit so that you can save for bigger items for your future or special occasions (ie: birthdays/holidays/etc.) To get a job: Make sure you have a good resume that shows all of your qualities including having skills like customer service and communication. Once you hear back from the people you applied to, be sure that you show up on time, polite, and respectful towards the business. Their goals is to help sell their product or service. Your goal is to sell them the knowledge of why they need your other products and services. Be sure the person interviewing you knows what their competition is in the market. Are there stores nearby who probably sell similar items? If so, things might be better suited for someone with more experience if they don’t have many competitors close by. Do they have enough room for your display materials? What hours do they need help? Be sure that it doesn’t interfere with anything else that might already be planned in your schedule (like school work).

Being a child shouldn’t mean you have to resort to eating ramen for every meal just so you can buy that new video game on the day it is released. Being a child should mean being able to do things like go camping and hiking, or go visit places like Disney Land. 12 year olds can handle a job, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a full time job. There are several part time jobs that your kid can get that will allow them to earn some cash, but that still leaves them enough time to enjoy their childhood.

What jobs can 12 year olds do to earn money


Ah, the elusive summer job. For many kids, it’s the ultimate rite of passage—a way to assert independence, gain confidence, and start earning a little money of your own. Unlike adults looking to earn extra income, however, there are fewer options for 12-year-olds when it comes to finding a job. As such, it’s important for parents to help their kids figure out how to make some extra cash for themselves over the summer. If you want your child to learn financial responsibility (and earn some money along the way), read on for ideas on what kinds of work they can do this summer!

Lemonade stand

Before you set up your lemonade stand, there are a few things to consider. First, decide which location will be best for you. Consider whether the area is busy and how many people walk by each day. This way, you can make sure that customers will see your stand and buy from it often.

Next, think about pricing. It’s important not to set too high of a price because this could turn customers away or make them feel like they’re getting ripped off if they pay full price for their lemons! Also make sure that whatever prices are on your menu board are clearly stated so there’s no confusion later on when someone comes up with questions about why something costs what it does (or doesn’t).

Once all these details have been taken care of, promoting yourself through advertising is key: write down catchy phrases like “Lemonade from our own backyard!” or “A taste of summer in every sip!” which describe what makes yours special compared to other places nearby offering similar products; hang flyers around town explaining this fact as well so people walking by know exactly why visiting here would benefit them most out of any other choices available locally.”

Newspaper delivery

Newspaper delivery can be a great way to earn money for kids. It’s easy to start, and it’s something you can do on your own schedule. You simply deliver the paper to people’s homes every morning or evening and earn money for each paper sold. The more papers you deliver, the more money you make!

You can also earn bonuses if a customer buys multiple subscriptions or if they pay late fees.

This is a job that will teach your kid some important life skills: responsibility, punctuality, organization skills and even how to be friendly and honest with strangers!

Pet sitting and dog walking

If you love dogs, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. If you’re looking for ways to earn extra cash as a 12-year-old, there are several options — but one of the most popular is pet sitting and dog walking.

So how much can you make? Well, on average, a professional dog groomer will earn $15-$22 per hour; some top earners push that figure up to $30 per hour. A professional pet sitter can expect to make between $20-$40 per day or more depending on where they live and how many animals they watch at one time (for example: someone might charge less if they’re only watching one animal).

You’ll need a little bit of experience before starting your own business as a professional dog walker/sitter — but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some fun jobs out there just waiting for someone like yourself!

Mother’s helper

A mother’s helper is a child who helps out with household chores, such as cleaning and laundry. You must be able to help around the house and follow instructions well, as your job will be dictated by your employer.

Pay: $10-$15 per hour (or more)

To find a job, contact local daycares or ask friends and family members if they know of any openings in their neighborhood. You can also advertise yourself on websites like Craigslist, which offers free listings for jobs all over the country.

Becoming a mother’s helper requires no formal training but does require that you are trustworthy and responsible enough to work with children on a daily basis. If you’re looking for an opportunity where you can learn about childcare while earning money at home, this might be the right career choice for you!

Babysitting and child care

As a babysitter, you will be expected to take care of the child’s needs. That means that you need to:

  • Be aware of their likes and dislikes.
  • Be aware of the other children in your household, if there are any.
  • Know how to cook for a child (or help them eat what’s already been prepared).
  • Understand that bedtime routines may not be followed every night, so plan accordingly and make sure everyone gets enough sleep!


For students, tutoring can be a great way to earn money and improve grades in school. As an after-school tutor, you can help students with homework, test prep and college entrance exams. You can also provide career advice for older kids who are about to enter high school or college.

If you’re looking for a more formal arrangement with clients, look into becoming an official SAT or ACT prep tutor—these tests are administered to millions of high school juniors and seniors each year. In addition to providing specialized tutoring services for these entrance exams, you’ll also need to ensure that your clients stay on track with all their other responsibilities: submitting applications by deadlines; writing essays; interviewing at schools they apply too; etcetera…

Gardening and yard work

  • Gardeners, landscapers, and lawn care specialists: You can help people tend to their gardens and yards. This is a great job for kids who like working outside and using their hands.
  • You must be able to lift heavy objects.
  • You should be able to stand for long periods of time.
  • You should be able to work in all weather conditions (hot or cold).
  • You should be able to work independently without being told what to do every step of the way!

Wash cars

When washing a car, make sure to use a hose and water that is warm, but not hot. It is best to spray the car with a hose before you wash it by hand. This will remove any dirt or dust from the car so it does not get stuck on your sponge when you are washing it.

After spraying the car down with water, use a sponge or rag to wipe away any excess dirt and grime left behind by the hose. If your sponge becomes dirty while cleaning off the dirt from your vehicle, rinse it off in running water until it becomes clean again.

When you are done cleaning one side of your vehicle’s exterior surface (legs/tires), move onto another area of interest so that each part of your vehicle receives equal attention during this process; this helps ensure that all parts are cleaned thoroughly without leaving any areas untouched for too long at once!

When washing large vehicles like trucks or SUVs — which might take longer than smaller ones like sedans — consider using two buckets full of soapy solution instead: one bucket filled halfway up with dish soap mixed into warm water; then another bucket filled halfway up with clean rinse water afterwards.”

Host a garage sale

A garage sale is a great way for you to earn some cash and clean out your house at the same time. Here are some tips to help make it easier:

  • Set up a location where people can park their cars. This can be on the street in front of your house, or if you live in an apartment building, it can be on a nearby street or parking lot. If there are no designated spots for parking near your home, find an area with plenty of space that isn’t going to get blocked by any other vehicles.
  • Make sure you know how much each item is worth so that when someone asks about the price, you don’t have to think about it too much—and keep track of these numbers as sales happen during the garage sale!
  • Advertise online by posting flyers online (on sites like Craigslist) and in local newspapers; post signs around town advertising what’s available; hang banners on telephone poles (if possible). If there’s another place nearby where many people will see them—like Walmart—hang up posters there too!

There are plenty of opportunities for 12 year olds to earn money.

There are plenty of opportunities for 12 year olds to earn money.

  • You can get paid for doing chores around the house, yard and property.
  • You can get paid for helping people with basic tasks like moving heavy boxes and furniture, painting a room or shoveling snow.
  • You can also find part-time jobs at local stores or businesses that need someone to stock shelves, clean floors or work behind the counter as a cashier.


We hope we’ve given you the inspiration to start earning money, however you choose to do it. And if you don’t want to take on a job that requires a lot of effort or commitment, there are plenty of other ways for kids to make money—like mowing lawns or babysitting. Now get out there and start applying!

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