What is the average salary for a professional soccer player

Average annual salary for a professional soccer player today is about $1.4 million (around £1million), $10,890 per week. Professional male soccer players can earn between 10 million to 90 million dollars annually, however only very few of them manage to reach this amount during their playing career while coming through all age levels. In order to understand the average income of a pro soccer player better we’d need to understand first how soccer players are paid around the globe.

The average salary of a professional soccer player depends on a number of factors, including league and team. Some players have high-paying sponsorships, while others receive bonuses for winning championships or individual honors. There are also certain stipends that players receive per game played, which can increase their overall income.

According to Sports Illustrated, the average salary for a Major League Soccer (MLS) player was $150,000 in 2018. This is higher than most other leagues around the world. In comparison, an average player in England’s Premier League makes around $1 million per year. The highest-paid soccer players in the world can earn upwards of $20 million annually from endorsements and appearances alone (not including their salary).

What is the average salary for a professional soccer player


For most sports, professional players come from all over the world. But there are some sports where almost all of the players who get paid to play come from one specific location. For example, almost all professional baseball players come from the United States; Major League Baseball has only a handful of international players out of thousands of total players. Soccer is different, though: about half of the professional soccer players in Europe come from outside that continent. Many soccer leagues have more rules governing international and domestic athletes than other sports do, but European soccer leagues are among those with the least restrictions on foreign athletes. As a result, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which countries have the best or highest-paid soccer players without considering how they were recruited and where they played before they became pro.

Professional players in Europe.

The average salary of a professional soccer player in Europe is $1.5 million per year, with the highest paid being Lionel Messi who makes over $50 million per year. In the United States, it’s closer to $0-$1 million per year, with the highest paid being Christian Pulisic at $2.7 million for his contract with Chelsea and Fulham. Chinese players make about $120 million annually on average, but their wages are subject to change due to currency fluctuations and policies from China’s government (which are constantly changing).

Professional players in the USA.

As you may have guessed, the average salary for a professional soccer player in the USA is significantly higher than it is in Europe. The average pay for an American player is around $1.5 million per year, with top earners David Beckham and Landon Donovan earning more than $4 million annually. In Europe, though there are some players who make over €10 million per year (which comes out to about $11 million), these are rare exceptions and most earn closer to €1-2 million (around $1.7-$3 million).

The reason behind this discrepancy has less to do with differing taxes or regulations between countries—though those certainly play a role—and more with cultural differences in how athletes are viewed by fans and sponsors alike

Professional players in China.

The average salary for a professional soccer player in China is around $1.5 million, with the highest paid players playing in the Chinese Super League (CSL). The current top earner is Brazilian striker Hulk, who earns $9.62 million per year while playing for Shanghai SIPG FC. He’s followed by Brazilian midfielder Oscar who makes $8.35 million per year while playing for Shanghai SIPG FC as well as Spanish midfielder Andres Iniesta ($8 million), Argentine striker Sergio Aguero ($7.74 million), Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo ($7m) and Colombian forward Radamel Falcao ($6m).

The average professional soccer player salary is around $2 million a year, but varies some by location.

The average salary for a professional soccer player in the United States is $2.3 million per year, according to Forbes. In China, it’s $1.5 million; in Europe, it’s about $1.5 million as well. These figures are based on what each player earns after taxes and fees have been taken out of their earnings—just like any other job with benefits like health care and 401k plans.

As you would expect from such high salaries, many professional soccer players come from wealthy families or are able to afford expensive training facilities that help them prepare for their careers early on in life. But this doesn’t mean you can become a top-level player just because your family has money: it takes hard work and dedication too!


It’s clear that the average salary of a soccer player varies widely depending on where they play. We hope this article gave you some insight into the world of salaries for professional soccer players worldwide. If you ever wondered how much money these superstar athletes make each year, now you know!

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