What is the average salary for a neonatal nurse

From the moment you become qualified to care for tiny babies, you should be rewarded for it. Numerous other higher-earning careers in related healthcare services require far less work and responsibility than nursing does. With this in mind, you should always know what you can achieve when training to become a neonatal nurse. Thanks to this guide, we’re going to cover various aspects regarding the average

salary for a neonatal nurse.

It is very tough to discuss salaries online. Are you even sure we are talking about the same occupation? When did you graduate with your degree? Where did you graduate? Are you licensed or certificated? How many years of experience do you have? What was your last position’s title? In 2012, PayScale surveyed 250,000 workers and calculated the average salary for a neonatal nurse from data provided.

What is the average salary for a neonatal nurse


Neonatal nurses are an integral part of the hospital system – often doing some of the most difficult, but rewarding work. Being a neonatal nurse is not for everyone, and those who choose to pursue this challenging career path have many factors to consider before they make the investment in their education. One of these factors is salary. Neonatal nurses earn an average of $86,000 per year, but it’s important to note that there are many other factors that go into determining your overall compensation package including: location, cost-of-living adjustments, experience and level of education to name a few.

What’s the average neonatal nurse salary?

The average neonatal nurse salary is $86,000 per year. The median neonatal nurse salary is $66,000 per year. The lowest 10% of neonatal nurses earn less than $52,000 in a given year, while the highest 10% make over $108,000.

Over half of all neonatal nurses are employed by general hospitals, where they earn an average of approximately $70,000 per year. Specialty hospitals that treat patients with rare conditions offer higher salaries than other healthcare employers—in fact, their average paychecks exceed six figures at more than $82K annually.

The highest-paying states for neonatal nurses

The highest-paying states for neonatal nurses are California (average salary: $128,680), Alaska ($125,480), Connecticut ($123,900) and New Jersey ($121,880). The lowest-paying states are Wyoming ($63,470), South Dakota ($68,440), Mississippi ($73,360) and Arkansas ($74,420).

Neonatal Nurses earn the most in the West region of America (average salary: $98,590) compared to other regions such as East North Central with an average annual salary of $91,870 or South Atlantic at $89.660 annually.

According to PayScale data snapshot from December 1st 2018 there is a significant gap between nurses working in different parts of United States with San Francisco Bay Area having one of highest salaries while South Bend Indiana having one of lowest wages in USA

The three best paying cities for neonatal nurses

The three best paying cities for neonatal nurses are:

  • Boston, MA: $118,000
  • San Francisco, CA: $116,000
  • New York City, NY: $110,000

Factors that could impact your earnings as a neonatal nurse

The factors that affect your salary as a neonatal nurse are numerous:

  • Location: Nurses who work in large metropolitan areas may make more than those who work in rural areas. Other factors, like cost of living and inflation, also play a role here.
  • Experience: The more experience you have, the more likely it is that you’ll be paid higher wages for your services. Employers will recognize your dedication to your field and its importance to the patients you serve.
  • Education: Generally speaking, those with advanced degrees earn more than those without them. If this is something that interests you (and why wouldn’t it?), consider pursuing additional training after earning your RN degree or even before starting your career as an RN by enrolling in one of many online programs offered by some great universities such as Duke University School of Nursing; University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Nursing; University at Buffalo School of Nursing; etc…

Neonatal nurses earn an average of $86,000 a year.

Neonatal nurses earn an average of $86,000 a year. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that neonatal nurses earned an annual mean wage of $85,710 in May 2015. This figure includes both registered and licensed practical/vocational nurses but excludes nurse practitioners who were not employed by hospitals or other health care facilities. The median pay among all types of registered nurses was $70,700 per year (or $33.64 per hour).

Nurses who work on neonatal units can expect higher salaries than those working with adults in general due to the more specialized nature of their training and experience requirements as well as the fact that many are required to have bachelor’s degrees which helps them advance into management positions with greater responsibility for patient care outcomes


Neonatal nursing is a rewarding career, but it’s also one of the most demanding jobs in the medical field. The hours can be long and the work emotionally draining. And yet, neonatal nurses are some of the most dedicated professionals in healthcare today. Their average annual salary is $86,000, with an hourly wage of $44.50 per hour. The highest-paying states for this position are California, Texas, and New York; while Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston pay the best salaries to neonatal nurses who live in these cities. There are other factors that may affect your earnings as a neonatal nurse: experience level (with higher earning potential at each step), educational background, and even gender—female nurses tend to earn less than their male counterparts by about $10 per hour on average nationwide

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