What is the average salary at amazon

The average salary at amazon is $48,108 as of 2017 and is categorized as part of Fortune 500. The data has been fetched from ods.com after analyzing the information provided in Glassdoor.

Amazon has a diverse set of average salaries across the board, but they are comparable to other tech companies.

The average salary at Amazon is $115,000 per year. This includes base salary, bonuses, and stock options.

What is the average salary at amazon


Amazon is a technology company that has a massive retail operation, Alexa voice technology, and even an R&D lab and an aerospace division. This means Amazon hires software developers to work in many roles at the company. But what are their salaries? Based on our analysis of Glassdoor salary data, here are the average salaries for some common jobs at Amazon.

Software development engineer

  • A software development engineer (SDE), or simply a developer, is a type of computer programmer who specializes in creating new applications with specific functions.
  • Developers are responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of applications. These can range from web apps to mobile apps and games to enterprise level business systems.
  • According to Glassdoor’s latest report on salaries at Amazon, the average annual salary for a software development engineer is $99K per year. That figure includes employees who have been working at Amazon for five years or less—and it also doesn’t include stock options or other bonuses that employees may receive based on performance or other factors. In contrast, if you remove all employees who have been there five years or less from the dataset used by Glassdoor—that is, if you only use data from workers who have been at Amazon over 10 years—then your average salary will be closer to $128K per year.*

Senior software development engineer

__Senior Software Development Engineer


The average salary for a Senior Software Development Engineer is $125,000. The average salary for a Senior Software Development Engineer in Seattle is $145,000 and the average salary for a Senior Software Development Engineer in Austin is $110,000.

Software development engineer in test (SDET)

Software development engineers in test (SDET) are responsible for testing software products. They find bugs in programs and ensure that they’re fixed, write test plans and scripts, and so on. This role is usually filled by someone who has experience as a software engineer before joining the SDET team.

Generally speaking, though, no matter what department or position you work in at Amazon as an engineer—be it software engineering or anything else—you’ll be expected to be your own boss when it comes to problem-solving and finding solutions to difficult technical issues.

Senior big data software engineer

A big data engineer is a software engineer who specializes in using and managing large amounts of data. They use a variety of tools to collect, store, organize, analyze and report on the data they collect.

The average salary for a big data engineer is $120,000 USD per year (or 896k/year).


  • Designs and implements technical solutions that address specific business needs using cloud technologies or other services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Makes recommendations for performance tuning based on load testing results

Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager is responsible for generating new business, and they’re in charge of growing the company’s revenue. This position entails developing new markets, acquiring new customers and managing existing accounts. They are also responsible for expanding the company’s footprint across many different areas of its business.

User Experience Designer

User experience designers are responsible for creating the overall look and feel of a product. They focus on how people interact with their products, and they make sure that everything works smoothly. For example, they might decide that a button should be green instead of red, or that it should take three seconds to load rather than five seconds.

UX designers are also responsible for managing research projects. They collect information from users about what they like or dislike about certain features in order to improve them later on.

Software Engineer II (SDE2)

For a Software Engineer II (SDE2), the average salary is $122,000. It takes around 5 years to get there, and you will be working on projects like:

  • Design and develop software components that use multiple programming languages
  • Work with developers to create features and solve problems for one or more products
  • Write code to translate business requirements into program code

iOS Development Engineer

iOS Development Engineer

The average iOS Development Engineer salary at Amazon is $120,000. The range of the salary is $85,000 to $150,000.

Product Manager

One of the most important positions at Amazon is the product manager. They are responsible for creating products and services that customers love, and they have one of the most important jobs at Amazon because they’re helping to shape how consumers think about buying online.

If you’re interested in becoming a product manager or if you want to get your foot in the door with this position, here’s what you need to know:

  • Product managers are responsible for coordinating all aspects of development, marketing, and sales related to specific products or services within an organization.
  • According to PayScale’s research on salaries in 2019, median pay is $98k per year among all US-based executives who hold this role full time.

Amazon pays a variety of salaries to software developers depending on your seniority and experience

The average salary of Amazon software developers is a figure that can get more complicated than you think.

Amazon’s pay structure has evolved over time and changed to reflect the needs of its employees. For example, they have a system called Career Choice which allows employees to take reimbursement at any rate up to $15,000 per year for courses related to in-demand fields like data science and machine learning.

To understand the average salary at Amazon, we first need to break down what kind of roles there are within software engineering at the company:


Amazon offers a variety of salaries to software developers depending on their seniority and experience. For example, the company pays entry level SDEs around $105K for an average total package which includes base salary, stock options, and bonuses. Other positions like senior developer engineers command higher salaries because they have more responsibilities

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