What is a good salary for san francisco

Finding a good salary for San Francisco can be tough and confusing. Sometimes it can feel like one day you’re rich and the next day you’re poor. You might even hear rich people bragging about their large salaries but based on my experience, rich people are actually stingy when it comes to money. Or maybe that’s just me..?

There are many factors that influence what is considered a good salary for San Francisco, including the job market, cost of living, and other economic factors.

A good way to start thinking about what a good salary would be for San Francisco is by looking at the median wage in your field and then adding 15-20% to that figure. For example, if you work in finance and have a Master’s degree, your average salary might be $100K annually. If you live in San Francisco, you might want to increase that number by 20% or so—to $120K—and then see how close your potential income falls to that amount. You can also look at data from Glassdoor or Indeed to get more information on salaries in your area.

Another way to gauge whether or not an offer is fair is to compare it with others who are doing similar work in similar areas. This may mean asking friends who work in similar industries how much they make per hour or per year (or both). It will also help if you know exactly what kind of position it is: full-time vs part-time; salaried vs hourly; etc.”

What is a good salary for san francisco


The average annual salary in San Francisco is $73,932. This is greater than the national average of $65,322. This number includes the various expenses that an employee must pay for when working in this city.

$300,000.00 a year

If you’re thinking about moving to San Francisco and want to know what a good salary is, it’s important to know where you stand. The best base is $300,000.00 per year—that’s more than enough for anyone in this city!

If you’re wondering how much money you need to live comfortably in SF, the answer is $300K annually. That said, if your current salary isn’t quite up there yet but still puts you above average for your city or country (or even planet), then don’t worry too much about it!

$250,000.00 a year

$250,000 a year.

That’s the magic number. It’s what you need to be making in order to live comfortably in San Francisco, according to the most recent salary survey conducted by Glassdoor. If your salary falls below that point—if you’re making less than $250K—you may still be able to get by as a single person or couple with no kids, but if you have kids and/or are married or partnered with someone who makes less than $250K, your quality of life might suffer somewhat.

In fact, even if one partner is earning considerably more than the other (which tends not to happen often), it’s still better for both partners’ happiness level if they’re earning around that same amount of money: couples make their big purchases together (houses and cars) so splitting costs means both partners feel like equal contributors; there’s less resentment when one person makes more than another; and having similar incomes also provides some much-needed stability as it makes planning more feasible when there isn’t an extreme income discrepancy between two people living under one roof

$50,000.00 a year

The average salary for San Francisco is $50,000 per year. The median household income in San Francisco is $120,000.

  • government employees in san francisco make an average of $80,000 per year.
  • non-government employees in san francisco make an average of $40,000 per year.
  • teachers in san francisco make an average of $25-30/hr depending on their education and experience level – which translates to about $50k-$60k/year if they work 40 hours a week all year long (though many don’t).
  • engineers in san francisco earn anywhere from 40k-150k+ depending on their level of expertise and experience: entry level software developers can expect somewhere around 60-80K while senior software engineers can easily earn over 150K+ annually; it’s also worth mentioning that while engineering salaries are generally higher here than outside the bay area–there’s still less demand for them compared with other industries such as marketing or sales so those working within these fields may find themselves turning down more lucrative offers elsewhere just because they prefer living here!

$500,000.00 a year

If your salary is $500,000.00 a year, you’re doing pretty well for yourself. You’re enjoying an exceptional salary and are in good company with the rest of us in San Francisco. We have a lot of exceptional salaries here, as well as many other great perks:

  • The Bay Area is home to some of the top companies in tech and software development
  • Productivity rates are high; we work hard and play hard (and sometimes do both at once)
  • There’s easy access to world-class cuisine from all over the globe

$200,000.00 a year

$200,000.00 a year is a good salary for San Francisco. It is enough to live comfortably and support a family on one income, but it’s not enough to buy a house in many neighborhoods without going into debt or living with roommates. It also might not be enough for you to live alone unless you’re willing to sacrifice some luxuries such as cable TV or internet access at home (both are expensive).

However, if you have come from the Midwest or South and have never worked in an expensive city before, then $200K could seem like more than adequate for your needs!

$100,000.00 a year

$100,000 is a good salary for San Francisco.

In fact it’s better than good: it’s excellent. With this kind of income, you can put away money for retirement and save for your kids’ college tuition.

$100,000.00 is a good salary for San Francisco

A good salary is $100,000.00 a year. That’s right: $100K per year will be enough to live in San Francisco and still have some money left over at the end of the month.

For those who are on a tighter budget, there are plenty of options for finding less-expensive housing—if you’re willing to make some sacrifices as far as your living situation goes, that is. For example, if you don’t mind living with roommates or sharing a room (or even sleeping on the floor), it’s possible to find shared housing (aka “roommates”) for around $1,300-$2,000/month; if you’re willing to get creative with your space utilization and live in an RV parked inside someone else’s garage or basement/attic space (like I did when I first moved out here), then that could get down into the $500-$700 range per month without breaking a sweat!

Another option would be renting out part of your apartment building—if there aren’t any other tenants currently using those units—and moving into one yourself so that way all three units can belong to one owner who covers costs by charging rent instead of having just one tenant paying off everything by themselves alone all alone alone lonely lonely alone wandering through empty rooms filled only with memories from past relationships long lost never forgotten never forgotten never


Although the cost of living in San Francisco is high, there are many different jobs that can help you to afford the lifestyle you want. From retail workers at Whole Foods Market, who make an average of $40k per year and enjoy a discount on groceries, to tech workers at Apple Inc., who earn an average of $114k per year and receive benefits like life insurance and disability coverage as well.

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