Wedding planner how to become

Do you want to become a wedding planner? Or just want other tips to make your wedding moment special and memorable? Here are some ways to become the best wedding planner. These tips will surely help you.

If you’re interested in becoming a wedding planner, it’s important to know that there are multiple paths to follow. You can work your way up the ladder at a company where you start out as an assistant and then advance to an event coordinator or even manager. Or, if you want more independence, you can start your own business and operate as a freelancer.

In order to become a wedding planner, you’ll need to have some experience working with clients and managing events. Some people decide they want to become wedding planners after working in other fields such as sales or customer service; others might work as an assistant at a venue before going solo.

In any case, it’s important that you have good communication skills—both written and oral—as well as organizational skills in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the wedding. This means being able to manage budgets and schedules so that all details are accounted for without running over budget or missing deadlines.

Wedding planner how to become

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You’re the type of person who loves putting together events.

Whether you’re a self-starter, love the process of planning an event, or just have a knack for putting together fun parties and events—this is your field. You enjoy the process of putting together an event and working with people to make their dreams come true. This career path is perfect for someone who enjoys the creative process of planning an event, problem solving during stressful times, budgeting money carefully and managing people effectively.

You are a detailed oriented organizer.

As you can see, being a wedding planner requires many skills. You must be organized and detail-oriented, and you need to be able to plan events well in advance of their schedule. In order to be successful as a wedding planner, it is important that you are good at keeping track of details, scheduling appointments and meetings with vendors and clients, communicating effectively with others involved in the planning process (especially if your job involves working with couples), staying informed about new trends in the industry so that you can provide your clients with options for each aspect of their special day (e.g., flowers, cake design), etc.

You have impeccable taste and an eye for design.

  • You have impeccable taste and an eye for design.
  • You know what looks good and can put together a room that’s beautiful, functional and fabulous.
  • Your sense of style is top notch, whether it’s through fashion or home decor.
  • You know how to dress yourself well (and others).

Your friends always ask you to help plan their events.

  • You’re a good listener
  • You have a good memory
  • You are organized
  • You can make good decisions
  • You are good at problem solving

You can keep calm under pressure.

As a wedding planner, you will be in charge of coordinating the most important day of many couples’ lives. This can be an extremely stressful position to be in. After all, your clients are relying on you to make sure everything goes smoothly and they don’t have any reason not to enjoy themselves. However, if you are stressed out about the job, it’s going to affect how well your clients perceive your work—and how much they trust you with their big day.

To keep calm under pressure:

  • Don’t take things personally
  • Don’t take anything too seriously

You have a knack for handling people, especially people in bridal parties or tense parents.

One of the most important skills in this line of work is being able to handle people. You need to be able to calm down stressed-out brides, and you can do it without making them feel like they’re being pushed too hard. They’ll appreciate your ability to handle the stress of planning a wedding, as well as any drama that might come up along the way.

You also have a good sense of humor—and not just in an ironic sense (though that’s part of it). Your humor is generally lighthearted, but you’re also comfortable using sarcasm when needed. This is especially important for dealing with clients who may be grumpy or difficult at times (which happens more often than not).

Finally, one very important skill for wedding planners is empathy: truly understanding other people’s feelings and responding accordingly. Wedding planners deal with all types of clientele—from happy newlyweds to stressed-out moms—so having empathy will help ensure that your clients are getting exactly what they want out of their experience working with you throughout their planning process!

You can put together a beautiful budget and stick to it even when others go over it.

You can put together a beautiful budget and stick to it even when others go over it.

  • You have the skills to build a great budget that you can stick to.
  • You know how to handle unexpected costs and income, both personally and professionally.

You have knowledge about locations and vendors, or the ability to find them easily (e.g., your cousin’s brother’s college roommate is a DJ).

You have knowledge about locations and vendors, or the ability to find them easily (e.g., your cousin’s brother’s college roommate is a DJ).

If you don’t have any connections in the wedding industry, it can be tough to find the right vendors. The best way to be successful as a wedding planner is by having a list of reputable vendors that you can recommend when clients ask for recommendations. To start building this list of potential vendors, join networking groups on Facebook, like [Wedding Planner Network] ( or [The Wedding Planner Group](, and attend conferences and workshops where you will meet other planners who are experts in their field.

You know how to handle unexpected issues with grace and humor.

Your clients will have their own ideas about what they want, and you should be prepared for things to go wrong. No matter how carefully you plan the event, something will come up that wasn’t part of your original plan. When this happens, it’s important to act quickly and decisively—and with grace and humor if possible! If a guest is sick or there’s some other unexpected change in the guest list, handle it with care while staying focused on making sure everyone has a great time at the wedding.

Seeing people happy makes you happy!

You love the satisfaction of seeing people happy. You love the challenge of making people happy. You love the creativity of making people happy. You love the satisfaction of making people happy. You love the reward of making people happy. And you love the thrill of making people happy!

If you hit on at least 6 of these criteria you should consider becoming a wedding planner!

  • You should have a degree in event planning
  • You should have a business license
  • You should have a website
  • You should have a portfolio of past events you’ve planned and executed
  • You should have a business plan, including an estimated marketing budget, cash flow projections, and other financial documents that show the viability of your business idea. This is not something that you can do quickly or cheaply; if it were easy to start and run your own wedding planning business then everyone would be doing it!
  • In addition to being credible on paper (the above) you also need to be credible online – which means building your social media presence as well as setting up accounts for yourself on sites like Facebook and Twitter


Wedding planners are a valued and respected profession. They are people who love working with others, have organizational skills, and know how to make the most out of a budget. If you enjoy planning events, you can become one by earning your bachelor’s degree in marketing or hotel management; add an optional wedding planning certificate if needed. Once certified, start looking for jobs! Remember that every day will be different so there is always something new to do as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

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