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Accounting (BS) (BA) (MS) (MA) (PBC)

Administration & Supervision (ESC)

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (DNP) (GC)

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (DNP)

Advanced Public Health Nursing (MSN)

African American Studies (BA)

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies (GC)

Alternative Energy Technologies (MS) (GC)

Anatomy and Cell Biology (MS) (PhD) (MD/PhD)

Anesthesia (DNAP)

Anthropology (BA) (MA) (PhD)

Anthropology and Urban Sustainability (Dual title) (PhD)

Applied Behavior Analysis (UGC) (MS)

Archival Administration (online) (GC)

Art (BA) (BFA) (MA) (MFA)

Art Education (TC) (MED)

Art History (BA) (MA)

Arts Administration (MA)

Asian Studies (BA)

Astronomy (BA)

Athletic Training (MS)

Audiology (AuD)

Automotive Supply Chain Management (EMS)

Basic Medical Sciences (MS)

Bilingual/Bicultural Education (TC) (BGC)

Biochemistry and Chemical Biology (BS)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MS) (PhD) (MD/PhD)

Biological Sciences (BS) (BA) (MS) (MA) (PhD)

Biological Sciences and Urban Sustainability (PhD)

Biomedical Engineering (BS) (MS) (PhD)

Biomedical Imaging (Dual title) (PhD)

Biomedical Physics (BS)

Business Administration (MBA) (PhD) (MBA/JD) (GC)

Cancer Biology (MS) (PhD) (MD/PhD)

Chemical Engineering (BS) (MS) (PhD)

Chemistry (BS) (BA) (MS) (MA) (PhD)

Child Welfare (GC)

Civil Engineering (BS) (MS) (PhD)

Classics (BA) (MA)

Clinical Laboratory Sciences (BSCLS)

Clinical and Translational Science (BGC)

Communication (MA) (PhD)

Communication Sciences and Disorders (BA) (PhD)

Communication Studies (BA)

Communication and New Media (online) (GC)

Communication and Urban Sustainability (Dual title) (PhD)

Community Health (BS)

Community Health (online) (MS)

Computer Engineering (MS) (PhD)

Computer Science (BS) (MS) (PhD)

Computer Technology (BS)

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Construction Management (BS)

Corporate & Finance Law (LLM)

Counseling (MA)

Counseling Psychology (MS) (PhD)

Criminal Justice (BS) (MS) (MS/JD)

Criminal Justice (online) (MS)

Curriculum and Instruction (ESC)

Dance (BS) (BFA) (MA)

Data Science and Business Analytics (MS)

Design (BFA)

Design and Merchandising (BA) (BS)

Dietetics (MS)

Disabilities (GC)

Dispute Resolution (MADR/JD)

Economic Development (GC)

Economics (BA) (MA) (PhD) (JD/MA)

Educational Evaluation & Research (MED) (PhD) (EdD)

Educational Leadership (MED)

Educational Leadership & Policy Studies (EdD) (PhD)

Educational Psychology (MED)

Educational Studies (PhD)

Electric-drive Vehicle Engineering (MS) (GC)

Electrical Engineering (BS) (MS) (PhD)

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Tech. (BS)

Electromechanical Engineering Tech. (BS)

Elementary Education (BA) (BS) (TC) (MAT)

Elementary Mathematics Specialist: Advanced (GC)

Elementary Mathematics Specialist: Introductory (GC)

Employment & Labor Relations (BA) (MAELR)

Engineering Management (MS)

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Engineering Technology (MS)

English (BA) (MA) (PhD)

English as a Second Language (BGC)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UGC) (GC)

Environmental Science (BS) (MA)

Environmental and Sustainability Engineering (MS)

Exercise and Sport Science (BS) (MS)

Family Nurse Practitioner (DNP)

Film (BA)

Finance (BS) (BA) (MS)

Forensic Investigation (PBCFI)

Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies (BA)

Genetic Counseling (MS)

Geology (BS) (BA) (MS) (MA)

German (BA) (MA) (PhD)

Gerontology (GC)

Gerontology (Dual title) (PhD)

Global Studies (BA)

Global Supply Chain Management (BS) (BA)

Health Care Ethics (online) (GC)

Health Communication (GC)

Health Science (BHS)

Health and Physical Education Teaching (BS) (MS)

Untitled | Wayne state, Student, Wayne

History (BA) (MAPH) (MLIS/MA) (MAPH/MLIS) (MA) (PhD) (JD/MA)

Immunology and Microbiology (MS) (PhD) (MD/PhD)

Industrial Engineering (BS) (MS) (PhD)

Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MA)

Infant Mental Health (Dual title) (MSW) (PhD) (DNP)

Information Management (online) (MS) (GC)

Information Technology (BS)

Injury Biomechanics (BGC)

Journalism (BA)

Kinesiology (PhD)

Labor and Employment Law (LLM)

Law (MSL) (JD)

Learning Design & Technology (PhD)

Learning Design & Technology (online) (MED)

Library and Information Science (MLIS/MA) (MLIS) (SC) (GC)

Library and Information Science (online) (MLIS) (SC) (GC)

Linguistics (BA) (MA)

Management (BS) (BA)

Management Information Systems (BA) (BS)

Manufacturing Engineering (MS)

Marketing (BS) (BA)

Materials Science and Engineering (MS) (PhD)

Mathematical Economics (BA)

Mathematical Statistics (BS) (MA)

Mathematics (BS) (BA) (MS) (MA) (PhD)

Mathematics, Actuarial (BA)

Mathematics, Applied (MA)

Mechanical Engineering (BS) (MS) (PhD)

Mechanical Engineering Tech. (BS)

Media Arts & Studies (BA)

Medical Physics (MS) (DMP) (PhD) (GC)

Medical Research (MS)

Medicine (MD)

Mobility (GC)

Modern Languages (PhD)

Molecular Biotechnology (MS)

Molecular Genetics and Genomics (MS) (MD/PhD) (PhD)

Mortuary Science (BS)

Music (BMUS) (BA) (TC) (MA) (MMUS)

Near Eastern Languages (BA) (MA)

Near Eastern Studies (BA)

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (MSN) (DNP)

Neuroscience (BS)

Nonprofit Management (GC)

Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP)

Nursing (BSN) (PhD)

Nursing Education (GC)

Nursing Practice (DNP)

Nutrition & Food Science (BS) (BA) (MA/MPH) (MA) (MS) (PhD)

Occupational Therapy (MOT)

Pathologists’ Assistant (MSPA)

Pathology (PhD) (MD/PhD)

Peace and Conflict Studies (Co-Major)

Peace and Security Studies (GC)

Pediatric Anesthesia (GC)

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Primary Care (MSN) (DNP) (GC)

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Acute Care (MSN) (DNP) (GC)

Pharmaceutical Sciences (MS) (PhD) (PharmD/PhD)

Pharmacology (MS) (PhD) (MD/PhD)

Pharmacy (PharmD)

Philosophy (BA) (MA) (PhD)

Physical Therapy (DPT)

Physician Assistant Studies (MSPAS)

Physics (BS) (BA) (MS) (MA) (PhD)

Physiology (MS) (MD/PhD) (PhD)

Political Science (BA) (MA) (PhD) (JD/MA)

Polymer Engineering (GC)

Program Evaluation (online) (MA)

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (MSN) (DNP) (GC)

Psychology (BA) (BS) (MA) (PhD)

Public Administration (MPA)

Public Affairs (BPA)

Public Health (BS) (MPH) (MA-NFS/MPH) (MSW/MPH) (MD/MPH) (BGC)

Public Library Services to Child & Young Adults (GC)

Public Relations (BA)

Radiation Therapy Technology (BSRT)

Radiologic Technology (BSRDLT)

Reading (ESC)

Risk and Crisis Communication (online) (GC)

Robotics (MS)

Romance Languages (BA) (MA)

School and Community Psychology (MA)

Secondary Education (BA) (BS) (TC) (MAT)

Slavic Studies (BA)

Social Welfare Research and Evaluation (GC)

Social Work (BSW) (MSW) (MSW/MPH) (PhD)

Social Work (online) (BSW)

Social Work and Anthropology (PhD)

Sociology (BA) (MA) (PhD)

Special Education (BS) (BA) (TC)

Speech Language Pathology (MA)

Sport Management (BS)

Sports Administration (online) (MA)

Sustainable Engineering (GC)

Systems Engineering (BGC)

Taxation (LLM)

Teaching and Learning (MED)

Theatre (BA) (BFA) (MFA)

Theatre and Dance (MA)

Theatre and Dance (online) (MA)

Translational Neuroscience Program (PhD)

United States Law (LLM)

Urban Planning (MUP)

Urban Studies (BA)

Urban Sustainability (Dual title) (PhD)

Welding and Metallurgical Engineering Technology (BS)

World History (BGC)

Online learning
Warriors are in this together
As you transition to online learning for the remainder of the semester — in addition to the changes that the COVID-19 health concern has brought to your social, family and professional routines — it may feel a bit overwhelming. But Warriors are resilient. Our faculty and students are facing these challenges together, and we have no doubt you’ll be able to navigate these changes successfully. Following are several tips to help you adapt to this new style of learning and finish this semester Warrior Strong.

  1. Take care of yourself
    Your health and well-being are our greatest concerns. Make sure you continue to eat healthy and get regular sleep. Take time to rest, call friends and family, and, when possible, exercise. Contact your physician or the Campus Health Center (313-577-5041) if you experience fever, dry cough or shortness of breath.
  2. Keep organized
    Review your syllabi and instructions from professors. Keep track of changes to due dates and submission and testing guidelines. Contact your professor to understand what online tools will be necessary for lectures, discussions and projects. Remember to stay focused — while multitasking often sounds like a great idea, switching tasks has proven harmful to retention and leaves students more prone to mistakes. When studying or viewing video lectures, close distracting windows and programs.
  3. Explore – and learn to love – new tools
    While online learning tools such as discussion boards and video lectures may initially pose challenges, many may find that they actually better suit their learning styles. Familiarize yourself with these tools and their features, interact with your professors and classes via instant message and discussion boards, collaborate with team members through video technology, and seek online productivity tools that keep you organized. You may find effective new ways of studying.
  4. Establish a routine
    Learning from home without your traditional school routines can lead to unstructured time and a temptation to procrastinate. To stay successful in your studies, it’s essential to set — and stick to — a routine that allows you time to engage your professors and classmates and finish your work. Use a diary or planner to create a daily schedule that works well for you. Discover what settings you best work and study in. Plan for moments of deep-focused work instead of multitasking, and take 15- to 20-minute breaks between tasks. Remember to also schedule time for exercise and rest.
  5. Remain connected
    Even though we can’t meet face to face, interaction with our classmates, family and friends is essential both to your well-being and your academic success. Keep in touch with your fellow students via email, phone or social media. Make plans to continue meeting online with your study group or project teams. And don’t forget to reach out to your professors or to other Wayne State programs if you need support.

Stay healthy, and don’t forget to visit Wayne State’s coronavirus webpage for the most up-to-date campus information.

Campus conditions and requirements as of December 21, 2021
Faculty, staff and students are required to complete the Campus Daily Screener each day before coming to campus.
Visitors are required to complete the Guest Daily Screener each day before coming to campus. Nonvaccinated visitors are not permitted on campus.
Masks, fully covering nose and mouth, are required indoors for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.
All non-academic-related gatherings and student organization events on campus are cancelled for the remainder of the semester, including those that have previously been approved.
All meetings should be held remotely where possible.
All university-sponsored or affiliated events, whether held on or off campus, must follow the campus mask/vaccine policy.
These requirements will be regularly updated to be consistent with current science and recommendations.

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