university of genova computer science

Are you young and passionate about technology and wish to enhance your job opportunities? Then you have to add University of Genova to your list. This university has a special place in my heart thanks to its exciting and challenging program “Computer Science”. Check out the university of genova computer science guide.

Absolutely, there are so many computer science academic programs and degrees you can choose from to pursue. From a computer science degree at a university, to college degree programs. Another great aspect of college is the opportunity to create lots of friends in the same field of study as you. You can make some of the best networking connections while attending tech school or classes. Also, it may be helpful to take courses in math or physics since core classes like those will be necessary in your quest for a computer science degree.

Computer Science is a vast subject, and there are many different paths you can take to learn about it. It is common for students to enter university not truly knowing what they want to study. University for me was different, I already knew I wanted to study Computer Science, but in this post I’ll explain how you can use university to help make the decision on whether or not Computer Science is a good subject to study.

university of genova computer science

The plan of study is the set of all the exams you must take in order to graduate.

Your plan includes training activities, including:

  • lessons
  • laboratories
  • other activities
  • internships

The sum of the compulsory and optional activities constitutes your plan of study.

Manifesto – Current year degree programme 

Check the current year degree programme for this course.

The codes of teachings to be included in your plan of study can be found in the Manifesto.

Degree programme table 

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Fill in the plan of study

Access the online service

If you are registered and have paid taxes, you can submit your plan of study.

Access the online service with your credentials and complete the plan.

From Friday, October 1 until Friday, November 5, 2021, you will be able to access the procedure for the online compilation of the plan of study on the Portale Studenti.

N.B. If you have any problems with the compilation, please send an email to

If you need more information, please read the webpage Piano di Studio – Study Plan.

Programme overview


Our Master of Science is organized in two tracks:

  • Data Science & Engineering, centered on the management, analysis, and visualization of massive amounts of digital data for artificial intelligence, visual computing, data intensive computing, or business analytics
  • Software Security & Engineering, devoted to the development of high-quality, innovative software systems through state of the art technologies, security assessment, hardening techniques, and standardized processes

Learning by doing

The program blends traditional classes with:

  • labs activities and projects development, possibly in collaboration with the industry
  • internship in the industry or in a research lab
  • seminars and short courses on selected topics

Career perspectives

Depending on the plan of study, graduates qualify as senior data scientist, business intelligence analyst, AI engineer, information security officer, technical leader, project manager in the industry or in research centers, or pursue their studies toward a PhD.

Freshers 2021/22

Anno       Switch year              2021/22              2020/21              2019/20              2018/19            Degree typeMaster degreeDuration and credits2Years120CFUClassLM-18Computer scienceAdmissionFree accessLocationGenova
Teaching languageEnglishTeaching modeLecturesTaxes and feesFrom 0 to 3000 euros per year. Find out if you are entitled to scholarships and exemptionsInternational partnershipsStudent exchangeHead of programmeAlessandro VerriContactsTo learn more about the Course visit the dedicated section

What you will learn

  • vision, speech, and nlpdigital signal & image processing
  • computer graphics & augmented realitygeometric modeling, computer games, and data visualization
  • machine learningstatistical foundation, efficient algorithms, deep learning
  • large scale computingcluster and high performance computing
  • Data Intensive Computingbuilt around Internet of Things, advanced data management, and multi-agent systems
  • business analyticsbased on data warehousing and advanced data management
  • cloud computingstorage and programming techniques for large-scale applications
  • mobile developmenttechnologies and programming for mobile devices
  • software engineeringconcepts, methods, and technologies for developing high-quality software
  • distributed systemsfrom distributed computing to blockchain
  • testingchecking functional and security quality
  • software securityanalyze, fix and prevent security problems in software system


University of Genova

Did you know that…

  • several lecturers are leading scientists in their field
  • multi-disciplinary and team work is encouraged
  • seminars and short-courses on hot topics are organized year-round 
  • work side-by-side with faculty and staff is common practice
  • students come from all over the world
  • a vast job market will be easily accessible


Data science and engineering

The know-how and competence required to effectively manage and analyse data are pivotal in the development of technologies able to support the decision making process, and to improve quality of life by producing smarter systems or delivering better services.

You will learn to

  • model, process, and extract knowledge from data,
  • deal with heterogeneous, complex, and noisy data, and
  • interact with domain experts and understand their problems and demands

by focusing on artificial intelligence, visual computing, data intensive computing, or business analytics technologies.

Software security and engineering

Digital technologies underlie all aspects of our life: from the ubiquitous apps everybody uses many times a day, to the less obvious software embedded into appliances, vehicles, and critical systems. Unsecure, poorly performing, badly designed software has become a threat to smooth management, safety, and security of our society. High-quality software needs to be carefully produced and maintained, through professional processes and cutting edge technologies.

You will learn

  • security assessment of software systems and hardening techniques,
  • development of secure-by-design software,
  • high-quality methodologies for software development,
  • cutting-edge technologies, and
  • software project management.

Head of programme

Alessandro Verri

Welcome to the Master of Science Program in Computer Science @UniGe. Whether your ambition is to become an expert in Data Science and Engineering, or in Software Security and Engineering, you are going experience our friendly and inclusive atmosphere and share our enthusiasm for learning. Our community – students, faculty, teaching assistants, and staff – strives for blending educational and research programs.

Alessandro Verri
Head of Programme

Where to find us

Valletta Puggia
Via Dodecaneso, 35
16146 Genova GE

Success stories

Alessandra Staglianò

I studied Computer Science at the University of Genova and now I work in London as a Data Scientist.

Alessandra Staglianò
data scientist @ASI Data Science, London UK

 As a Data Science consultant, my day to day job consists in manipulating and analysing large datasets in order to help my clients improving their decision making.For instance, I build Machine Learning models to predict whether a person is going to be a high value customer for a business, or to analyse tweets to understand the hot topics influencers in some areas are talking about. During my time at UniGe, I have been studying Computer Vision and Machine Learning, and that is the reason why today I am doing this job. All the various courses I have been studying during my undergrad were useful to build solid foundations: I am thinking to Maths and Programming in particular, but in general everything was useful. Even if I am not a DB admin, I find very useful to know SQL, for example. I have nothing but good memories about those years. Not only the subjects and the courses were very interesting, the environment was extremely friendly. 

Luigi Bozzo

I graduated from the University Of Genoa with a degree in Computer Science. My passion for software engineering brought me working for the prestigious Ferrari F1 Racing Team. After a few years I then moved to London and enjoyed the agile swing of ThoughtWorks. Recently, I have landed in Google UK where I have the privilege of working with some of  the brightest minds in a dynamic and exciting environment.

Luigi Bozzo
Technical product expert @Google, UK

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