Software Engineer Salary In Mexico

Mexico is a great place to work and live, especially for those who are bilingual and have tech skills. According to’s latest report, Mexico ranks as the fourth most popular country in which to study coding/computer science as a major. The Mexican government has also made it easier for foreigners to find jobs in their country through its National Digital Migration Plan (detailed below).

The software engineer salary in Mexico is quite competitive and reasonable. Popular cities providing the highest software engineer salaries include Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey and Puebla. Factors that determine regular software engineer salaries are their degree, experience and employer’s location.

The software engineer salary in Mexico is a competitive one, with a $64K average and $36K median. Software engineering is one of the highest-paying jobs in Mexico, at an average annual salary of $64,000. The average salary for software engineers in Mexico is $36,200 per year.

Software Engineer Salary In Mexico Overview

Software engineers in Mexico can expect to make an average of $7,500 USD per month. The cost of living in Mexico is much lower than that of the United States, so this salary is quite generous.

Mexican programmers often work on projects for companies based in the U.S., so they have exposure to high-quality technologies and tools that are not available in their home country. As a result, they often have higher salaries than those earned by their peers who work at home.

The average salary for software engineers in Guadalajara is $5,700 USD per month. However, this figure can vary widely depending on factors such as experience level and job title held within an organization or company where you’re working with other employees who may be doing similar work but not necessarily programming related tasks like yours which requires additional skills such as Java programming language knowledge for example so if you’re fluent with Java then you’ll definitely get paid more than your colleagues who don’t speak it fluently yet still do similar work but less than what I would say

How much does a UX/UI Designer make?

A user interface (UI) designer ensures the visual communication of each page of a user’s path. A user experience designer (UX) focuses on how something works and how people interact with it.

UX designer needs to know how to run, facilitate and analyze research and data, and UI designers should know the composition and graphic design and have a unique ability for palettes, typography, and branding to make the interface shine and have its own identity.

Salaries for UI/UX designers can reach up to 130K dollars yearly in the United States ($ 62K at best) while in the city of Guadalajara, the average salary stays below 40K dollars per year (3K per month).

How much does a Software Engineer make?

A software engineer yea is a topic of much interest to company owners and startups. This role encompasses computer professionals who use knowledge of engineering principles and programming languages to create software products, develop computer games, and run network control systems.

Due to its broad scope of work, salaries in the US are around $145K with compensation of up to 22K. The position as a Software Engineer in Guadalajara receives an annual salary of $43K, which is even lower than the national average in Mexico.

Average salary of a Software Engineer in Mexico

The average salary of a software Engineer in Mexico is $12,120 dollars annually. 

Average salary of a Software Engineer in Mexico by role

The Mobile developers are the best paid in Mexico with an annual salary of $14,882 dollars. The next best paid programmers are Back End Developers with $12,743 dollars. 

Average salary of a Software Engineer in Mexico by Programming Languages

The best paid programming language is Ruby with an annual salary of $21,347 dollars. In second Places is Swift, the mobile programming language for iOS, with a salary of $16,200. In third place is Kotlin, the language programming for android, with a salary of $16,104.

Average salary of a Software Engineer in Mexico by state 

The state of Mexico with the highest salary for software engineers is Nuevo León ($14,423). The second place is Mexico City ($13,936), and in third place is Estado de México ($13,072). This is no surprise, as all this states have the biggest technological industries in Mexico.

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