Social worker salary with a bachelor degree per hour

Social worker salary with a bachelor degree per hour Social workers core responsibility is to help others. It could have individuals, groups and communities. They alter the life of others positively. As a social worker you are dealing with people from all walks of life. But how much do social workers make?

Social workers are very important in our society especially in these times where the need of their services is at an all-time high. The issue is with how much a social worker makes working full time versus how much he or she needs to cover the cost of living. But what can be done if becoming a social worker is your dream and you want to pursue it? In this article, we will do a quick comparison of social worker salary with a bachelor degree per hour.

Social work is a profession that requires an advanced degree. But what Social Work pay with a bachelor degree? What are the starting salaries for social workers with a bachelor degree?

Social worker salary is usually not that high, unless you are going into management or admin duties, which social service is all about. If however you get to work with people and helping them socially, this is a very rewarding job. Some choose to work in social service work because they want to help people while others want to make good money in doing so.

Social worker salary with a bachelor degree per hour

Social workers with a bachelor degree per hour: the table below presents data from the salary surveys conducted by in 2012 and early 2013. In the first column, you can see the average Social worker salary per hour with a bachelor degree in social work ($31.46) and with a Master’s degree ($33.22) for full-time work only (including bonuses and other incentives). The second column summarizes the findings for someone with a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree at a social service agency or at an individual or family services agency. You can find documents similar to this one for all careers on our website.

Social workers generally set their own schedules, so a salary per hour can vary. Apart from that, social worker salaries with bachelor degrees can be approximately $28.15 an hour and the median salary for a bachelor degree holder is $54,465 per year. However nursing and case management jobs are the only ones where entry-level social workers may start at more than $30 .

All candidates with a bachelor degree can expect to earn $20.54 per hour. This is the average hourly wage of social workers without any experience. If a candidate has some prior work experience under their belt, they can expect to make $24.67 per hour on average. Candidates with a lot of experience also have the potential to make some good money as an experienced worker can make $32.87 per hour on average.

The average social worker salary for most positions is $40,000. This number can vary widely depending on the work setting and work experience. Many social workers are paid hourly. An average social worker salary for an individual with a bachelor’s degree is $23 per hour. Some people have the misconception that a master’s degree in social work will allow them to earn significantly more than a person with a bachelor’s. In reality, someone with a master’s degree can earn between 15% and 25% more than a social worker with only a bachelor’s degree.

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