pa programs in hawaii

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pa programs in hawaii

Best Accredited PA Schools in Hawaii in 2022 | Cost, Schools, Requirements

Living in Hawaii, and looking to pursue a medical science career near you that allows you to work in health care settings, interact closely with doctors, nurses, and other health care providers? Then a career in physician assistant is what you may need to consider.

In this article, you will discover all there is to this profession as well as the best PA Schools in Hawaii where you can acquire your training.

Part of the job description of a physician assistant is to provide certain kinds of medicare to patients that don’t require the attention of the doctor.

These services may include performing physical examinations, ordering tests, diagnosing injuries and illnesses, administering treatment, prescribing medicine, and monitoring the progress of patients’ recuperation.

Physician Assistants are not nurses but they work side by side medical doctors in the discharge of their duties. So if you think becoming a physician assistant is the same as a being a nurse, the two are not the same. Nurses are also a different component of standard healthcare team.

So in this article you’ll really learn all that you deserve to know concerning this career

Meanwhile, take a look at some of the things you’ll find in this article in the table of contents below.

Who is A Physician Assistant?

I already explained this in my opening words. But nevertheless, I’m going to add more flesh to what I already told you.

I first told you a physician assistant or PA as some may choose to call it is a member of a medical team that usually works with doctors, surgeons, nurses, public health professionals, medical laboratory scientists, and other healthcare experts. This could either be in a health care setting or population-based outreach.

They are neither doctors nor nurses. Yea, sometimes people may make the mistakes of calling them doctors, Just know they are not. A PA provides primary care to patients when there is a need and is usually supervised by a licensed physician.

Usually, a physician assistant gets his/her title from the area of medicine he/she is specialized in. A typical example is this: If Lisa is an assistant to Rob who is an orthopedic surgeon, then Lisa is an orthopedic physician assistant.

I just hope this is clear enough to help you understand exactly who a physician assistant is.

What are the duties of A Physician Assistant?

Part of what a Physician Assistant does is the recording of medical histories and physical examinations of patients. This is on a general note. However, duties of a Physician Assistant are described according to what specialty they want to focus on or what specialty their supervising physician is focused on.

For instance, a physician Assistant who has under the supervision of an orthopedic surgeon will definitely have the task of conducting bone surgeries even when the supervising surgeon is not around.

In the same vein, a physician assistant working under a pediatrician will have the responsibility of carrying out what duties the supervising pediatrician does whether he is around or not. These are dependent on the premise that the assistant physician has been properly trained by the mentor.

However, on a general note, Physician Assistants perform the following functions.

  • Physician Assistants order for tests in order to ascertain the nature and extent of illnesses and injuries of patients.
  • They also prescribe medications and help develop therapeutic plans for the remedy medical problems. 
  • Physician Assistants may also take the responsibility of stitching wounds and setting bones. This is if the have this training.
  • Physician Assistants Administer immunizations in healthcare centers.
  • Another important role physician assistants play is following up the patients through the course of their treatment to ensure strict adherence to treatment plans and recommended regimen.

What Requirements do I need for PA School?

If you must practice as a physician assistant you must have to meet a certain number of requirements. That is what I want to show you in this section.

Usually, after your bachelor’s program, you will require a minimum of a master’s degree at the entry-level into this career. And it must be from an accredited institution ( In short, you are looking for a total of six years of intensive training to become a treating physician.

Most employers would not only require that you complete a master’s degree program, but they would also require that you also have at least one year of medical experience.

There are usually five steps to becoming a Physician Assistant:

  • Complete your bachelor’s degree (a science or health course is usually best);
  • Gain experience in a healthcare setting( You could do this as a volunteer)
  • Register for healthcare programs approved by ARC-PA;
  • Complete a PA program at the master level of 2 to 3 years;
  • Pass the PANCE license exam.

How long does it take to complete a PA program?

It takes approximately 8 years of training to become a certified physician assistant. The 8 years are spent in learning various skills that are required to fully become a PA.

Firstly, one must earn a bachelor’s degree, which takes roughly four years to complete. This means that you must have also completed your high school education with relatively good grades.

The bachelor’s degree which you must have could be in any course at all provided it is related to the medical profession.

Acquiring a bachelor’s degree alone does not qualify you to become a Physician Assistant. You’ll need to get a health training which will further widen your knowledge in health care. The health care training could be in the area of paramedics or any other medical-related course. Usually, this training takes about three years to complete.

After you have completed the health care training, the next thing will be to acquire a masters degree. The masters program does not take so much time to complete. On average, it will cost you like two years to complete a masters degree program which leads to a career as a Physician Assistant.

One more thing will be left for you to do after your master’s degree. That is sitting for the Accreditation test. Only those who graduate from the ARC-PA program (the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant) can qualify to write this test.

One can attempt this test up to 6 times in a span of 6 years after which he will need to wait for some time before trying again.

In addition, a person who has completed all the rigors and has been licensed to practice as a physician assistant will still need to take council exams periodically to maintain their licensure.

What schools offer Physician Assistant Programs?

There are only 2 notable schools in the whole of Hawaii that offers Physician Assistant programs. So, if you live in Hawaii and you are looking to enroll in PA school soon, here is a list of PA schools where you can pursue PA programs in Hawaii.

Take your time and surf through the schools. You can also visit the schools’ official websites using the links provided.

List of Best PA Schools in Hawaii

  • University of Hawai’i Manoa
  • University of Hawai’i Kapi’olani Community College

Let us look at the schools more closely.

#1. University of Hawai’i Manoa

The MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program at the University of Hawai’i is a budding PA program that seeks to provide the option to complete the Masters of Clinical Health Services degree in Hawaii at the Kailua-Kona campus.

#2. University of Hawai’i Kapi’olani Community College

University of Hawai’i Kapi’olani Community College provides one of the best PA schools in Hawaii.

The Medical Assisting curriculum is designed to prepare students to assist physicians in private medical offices and clinics and hospital outpatient clinics.

They assist with patient care as well as with routine office laboratory and diagnostic tests (clinical medical assisting).

In addition, students are prepared to perform administrative medical office and business practices and procedures (administrative medical assisting).

Frequently Asked Questions on Best PA programs in Hawaii

How much does a PA make in Hawaii?

The average salary for a Physician Assistant in Hawaii is between $77,000-$120,000. 

What is the job outlook of Physician Assistants in Hawaii?

According to a report by the BLS, the employment of physician assistants is expected to grow by 31 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. As the demand for healthcare services grows, physician assistants will be needed more to provide care to patients.

How much does a Hawaii medical license cost?

The Hawaii Medical Commission charges a non-refundable application processing fee of $510.

What is the average GPA for PA school applicants?

The lowest GPA to be considered for into pa schools in Virginia is 2.8 on a 4.0 scale.


Pursuing a career as a physician assistant is a very demanding but lucrative one. You’ll get to spend so much time in school completing your training. It takes about 6 years without healthcare training while it takes 9 years plus with healthcare training.

But is it really worth all the stress? I think it is worth all the stress and even more! An average salary of $100,509 isn’t just huge but promising that more will come. Additionally, you’ll get to work with the specialists in your chosen specialty.

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