How To Study For Servsafe Exam

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How To Study For Servsafe Exam

  • After you register for a local ServSafe course, you will probably receive study materials from your testing agency or an individual. Read these materials and take notes while doing so before you attend your training sessions. This will help you get the most out of the instruction.
  • You may answer the questions on a ServSafe exam in any order and you may go back to previous questions to answer them or change your answer. Furthermore, you will be given a chance to check over your answers on the entire test before you either turn in your test booklet or submit your exam online.
  • Answer every single question on the exams, as there is no penalty for guessing.
  • If you are taking a paper version of a ServSafe exam, be sure to fill in the answer bubbles completely. Do not simply mark them with an “X” or a “/” mark. Also, be very careful to fill in the bubble that corresponds to your answer choice, especially if the bubbles are to the side of the lettered choices on the answer sheet.
  • Even if your state or locality does not require course completion before taking this exam, it is highly recommended that you take time to study thoroughly for these tests. They have recently been revamped and cover much more material than older versions of the tests. Questions can be very specific and require you to know terms that may not be familiar to you, such as the names of specific bacteria and the exact temperatures needed to maintain food safety.

How much time is allowed?

The online course requires eight to 10 hours for the Manager test, four hours for the Alcohol Safety test, 90 minutes to two hours for the Food Handler test, and 90 minutes for the Allergen test. It is recommended that any course be completed in one-hour sessions and that the total length for the longer courses not exceed three weeks. It is important to leave at least two days between the completion of the course and the exam day to allow study time. Times allotted for the exams are: Manager, two hours (timed); Alcohol, two hours (untimed); and Food Handler, about 90 minutes (untimed).

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