how to become santa in bitlife

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how to become santa in bitlife

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This week sees a new challenge show up in mobile life sim BitLife, and this one is very comedically dark. The classic film makes a comeback in a big way. Players will have to be the worst mall Santa ever. That, of course, means that players have to take a job as a Mall Santa. It’s not at all glorious, but it can sure be hilarious. Here’s how to live out that fantasy anyway. It’s something you need to do for the new Bad Santa Challenge, so let’s get it done.

How to become Santa in BitLife

Here are the steps to undertake to get this done:

  • Age to 50 years old
  • Open the Occupations menu
  • Select Part-Time Jobs
  • Look for the Mall Santa option
  • Apply for the job

You need to be 50 years old to get the job to show up, which means you should just live your life up until that point. You could probably go for a good education if you’re trying to make a serious go if this run. If you don’t care, just rush through life and get the challenge done. It’s much better to focus on the criminal aspects if you’re just trying to rush for the challenge completion.READ MORE  Roblox Spray Paint Codes (February 2022)

The trouble is, this is entirely based on luck. You have to get very lucky to have the option come up. Sometimes it’s listed right away, other times you have to put some effort into it. Keep checking after restarting the app, or aging up, and eventually you will get what you want. Jobs randomly show up on the list, so just keep at it.

Once you have the job you’re after, live your best life in BitLife.

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