How To Become Focused Sims 4

How To Become Focused Sims 4

Becoming focused is a process, and there are many ways to achieve this goal. Here are some tips on how to be more focused:

-Set aside time for focused work. For example, if you have an hour break between classes or at work, use that time to study or write instead of chatting with friends or browsing social media.

-Use your phone’s Do Not Disturb feature when you need to focus on something important. This will keep notifications from popping up on your screen and distracting you from the task at hand.

-Don’t eat or drink anything during the times when you want to be focused on something else! It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to process food after eating it and starts working again after digesting food, so avoid eating while working if possible (unless it’s a quick snack).

How To Become Focused Sims 4

Sims, just like us, experience different emotions. Focused is arguably the most useful emotion as it boosts Sim’s overall productivity rather than offering more social interactions. Focused boosts the speed of building skills like Programming or Logic. So let’s find out how to get Focused in Sims 4.

Benefits of Focused

As we already mentioned, Focused focuses (nice) on building skills. Those can be simple skills like Video Gaming or career-related skills and progression. These are the skills Focused mood will boost:

  • Programming
  • Viedo Gaming
  • Logic
  • Handiness
  • Fishing
  • Gardening

And these are the careers Focused mood will help:

  • Astronaut
  • Tech Guru
  • Criminal
  • Secret Agent
  • Business

Apart from all that, Focused will assist kids and teenagers when they go to school to study and do their homework.

Activities to Get “Focused” Emotion

Sim with a focused moodlet

First and foremost, your Sim needs to be Happy to get the Focused emotion. Ways to get happy can depend on your Sim and is a whole different emotion to discuss here. So we will leave that to you. My Sim has a Lone Wolf trait that makes him happy whenever he is alone. And since most of the skills can be built at home it’s as easy as locking the door to get into the mood for work.

To actually get focused there are many activities to do. Some of them are available only in expansion packs so we grouped them accordingly for an easy read. There are most likely more activities than listed but these are the general ones to get you started.

Becoming Focused (Base Game)

  • Study an Element (+2 for 4 Hours)
  • Study a Fossil (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Use a Telescope (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Play Chess (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • View Focused Art (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Browse Simpedia (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Study a Book (+1 for 2 Hours)
  • Be Mentored while Playing Chess (+2 for duration)
  • Research Gardening on Computer (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Play Video Games (+1 for 2 Hours)
  • Focused Potion (+100 for 3 Hours)
  • Upgrade Objects (+2 for 3 Hours)
  • Drink Pitch Black Tea (+2 for 4 Hours)
  • Be Mentored When Practicing Handiness (+2 for Duration)

Get Together

  • Beat an Arcade Level (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Focused Club Vibe (+1 to +3 while the Meeting is Active)

Outdoor Retreat

  • Hiking (+2 for 6 Hours)
  • Drink Clear Mind Distillation (+1 for 4-6 Hours)
  • Share Astronomy Knowledge (+1 for 6 Hours)

Spa Day

  • Lavender Aromatherapy Massage (+2 for 12 Hours)
  • Mind Concentrating Yoga (+2 for 4 Hours)
  • Mind Concentrating Yoga Class at Spa (+2 for 12 Hours)
  • Take a Bath with Citrus Soaks (+2 for 8 Hours)
  • Listen to New Age Music (+1 for 2 Hours)
  • View Aquarium (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Practice Yoga (+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Burn Saffron Incense (+2 for 12 Hours)
  • Discuss Cognitive Focusing Techniques (+1 for 4 Hours)

Situations with Random Chance of Getting Focused

There are also situations that have a random chance of getting Focused controlled by the game. Be aware that sometimes you can get other moodlets like Embarrassing or Tense instead.

  • Researching Stocks (Computer Interaction – Business Career; Investor Branch) (+1 for 2 hours)
  • Filling Out Reports (Computer Interaction – Business Career) (+1 for 4 hours)
  • Hacking Mainframe (Computer Interaction) (+1 for 8 hours)
  • Personal Mascot (Tech Guru L7 Gamer Branch Chance Card Work Opp) (+1 for 8 hours)
  • In The Zone (Tech Guru L10 Gamer Branch Chance Card Work Opp) (+1 for 8 hours)
  • Battling with Void Critters (Children – Kids Room Stuff Pack) (+1 for 2 hours)
  • Productive School Day (Children/Teens) (+1 for 8 hours)
  • Experimenting on the Chemistry Lab (Children) (+1 for 4 hours)
  • Completing Homework (Random School Event. Children-Teens) (+1 for 8 hours)
  • Playing Cards (+1 for 4 hours)
  • Carving a Pumpkin (Spooky Day) (+1 for 4 hours)
  • Brainstorm on Invention Constructor (Get to Work) (+1 for 3 Hours)
  • Use Chemical Analyzer (Get to Work)(+1 for 4 Hours)
  • Get Abducted by Aliens (Get to Work)(+2 for 2 Hours)
  • Have a Scientific Breakthrough (Get to Work) (+2 for 4 Hours)
  • Browsing Intelligence Database (Secret Agent) (+1 for 2 days)
  • Various Outcomes from Rocket Ship Space Exploration (+2 for 4 hours)
  • Future Cube – Ask About Scientific Mysteries (+2 for 6 hours)

A Sim with Focused emotion can progress to being Very Focused. The very version of any emotion upgrades the effect of the regular one. To enter a Very Focused state your Sim will need to have a mixture of +8 emotions with at least some of them being focused. If some of them are focused there will be a certain chance of getting into a very focused state. However, if all of +8 emotions are focused, very focused is guaranteed.

Focused Traits

Sims 4 character customization

When creating your Sim you can choose the Genius trait that is perfect for increasing the amount of time your Sim will be in the Focused mood. The Genius trait makes Sims randomly become Focused for a few hours. With that, it will become even easier to advance to the Very Focused mood.

Focused Aura Items and Decorations

When decorating a room you can add specific items that will make sure that your Sim stays in the right mood. Decorations generate aura within the room they are placed. The aura of an item is going to work for 8 squares around the object as long as it’s in the same room. In this case, it’s best to build an office or a study room for your Sim to work on their skills.

  • Masterpiece Pumpkins
  • Elements
  • Mathematical Diagrams (Masterpiece)
  • Reward Lamps (Into the Future and University)
  • Telescope prints
  • Microscope Prints
  • Space prints
  • Saffron Incense +1 for duration (Spa Day)
  • Clay in the Grid and Geometric shapes
  • Emotion Paintings From Completing Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration

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