how to become a trainer for service dogs

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how to become a trainer for service dogs

How To Become A Service Dog Trainer - Puppy in a service dog jacket that is way to big for him.
How To Become A Service Dog Trainer

If you are an animal lover and also find fulfillment in helping others, you may have considered becoming a service dog trainer. That is, training dogs that work to assist disabled individuals in their daily life. But there is so much more to it than that.

As well as training the animals themselves, you need to have a deep understanding of disability and how it works, and you need to train the human too! The dog and the human form a team that needs to know how to work together.

Moreover, it is not just a case of training a dog, handing them over, and you are done. You are then committing to a 10-year relationship with the pair as you constantly assess whether the dog is still able to perform the required tasks and provide new training as disabilities develop.

If that sounds like the kind of challenge you would like to take on, in today’s article, we will take you through exactly what is involved in being a service dog trainer, the skills you must acquire, and where and how you can start working as a service dog trainer once you are ready.

how much does it cost to become a dog trainer

The average pet dog owner will spend upwards of $500 training their dog. With an estimated 8.2 million dogs in Canada and an estimated 41% of households having a dog, there is a large amount of money to be made within the professional dog training industry. 

Depending on your location and experience, certified professional pet dog trainers charge between $100 – $165 per spot in a group obedience class. To start, you could charge between $50 – $100 per hour for private one-on-one coaching. So let’s take a look … 

Let’s say that in an average week, you host three one-hour group classes that are six weeks in length, and they each have six students enrolled. And you also have six private sessions per week. The total number of hours you will work is 9 hours per week, plus prep and administration time.

Your group class price per student might be, for example, $130. Three classes of 6 students are 18 students, each paying $130. That comes out to $2340 for the 6-week class or $390 per week. It is common for the price per student to be up to $165 for a set of 6 classes.

For your six private sessions per week, when you start, again depending on your location, you could charge $45 per hour. That is $270 per week.

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