how to become a singer on bitlife

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How to become a famous singer in BitLife

When you create a new character, you need to take vocal lessons until you have mastered the skill. You will unlock this option at a young age. You can take vocal lessons by navigating to the Mind & Body tab under Activities, then scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the screen until you find the voice tab. If your character is a child, these lessons will be free, but you must get permission from your parents to take them. They will likely say yes, but if they do decline, you will have to wait until your character is an adult.

If you are trying to complete the Dangerous Woman Challenge, not taking voice lessons as a child and waiting until you are an adult will make it much harder to complete the tasks before you are age 30. Additionally, adult voice lessons cost money, so you will need to have some savings before taking them.

Taking voice lessons will help you greatly with being accepted for an audition in either a band or as a solo artist. Once you have your voice skill maxed, go to the occupation tab and select special careers. You will not unlock this until your character is 18 years old, so you have plenty of time to practice beforehand. Within the special careers tab, find the musician tab. You will be prompted to either find a band or become a solo artist. Either option works, but you will likely make more money if you become a solo artist. Choose Singer as your career type and request an audition. If you are accepted, you will successfully become a singer.

You will now have a popularity meter under looks. Under activities, you will now find a “fame” category where you can increase your popularity. Your most common method will be doing TV commercials and photoshoots. However, you will gain the option to go on talk shows and writing books as you become more famous.

Once you become a famous singer before reaching age 30, you will complete the second task of the Dangerous Woman Challenge in BitLife! For more information about a previous BitLife challenge.

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