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7 Steps to Become a Salesforce Developer


Salesforce development is a fast-growing IT job with high potential to earn excellent payscale and recognition in the industry. It also allows an individual to test and exhibit their skills and thus promises good job satisfaction as well. As per some reports, the average annual package of Salesforce developers is around 0.5 million and when you work with top recruiters it isn’t uncommon to earn an annual package of 1 million. If you are also interested in becoming a distinguished salesforce developer then this guide will help you in finding the ideal way to achieve your ambitions. You will get a quick introduction about the profession, the required skills and best practices to identify, and the opportunities.

Who is a Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce Developers manage and optimize the technical aspect of an enterprise’s Salesforce instance to help the organization achieve its specific business goals through custom development in Salesforce. The Salesforce developers generally employ three key technologies, such as:

Apex: The proprietary programming language of Salesforce that share good similarities with Java

Visualforce: A mark-up language used for building custom Salesforce pages. It resembles HTML.

Lightning Component Framework: A competent framework for User Interface development. It shares similarities with Angular JS/React.

With the help of these tools, the salesforce developers can build custom applications and processes with Salesforce, optimize visual layouts for delivering the most relevant experience to the users. Seamlessly integrate external platforms. They also troubleshoot diverse technical issues of varying complexities and execute other salesforce-related technical tasks.

How to Become a Salesforce Developer?

7 Steps to Become a Salesforce Developer

1. Earn Relevant Salesforce Certifications:

Make sure that you have a solid knowledge of Salesforce Admin. It includes both theoretical knowledge and the right way to implement it in hectic real-life situations. For that, consider investing sufficient time and attention to clear your concepts while also gaining the ability to effectively use them in your professional life. Here are the 3 different certifications that you need to pass.

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified App Builder

2. Get Platform Developer I (PD I) Certification

To efficiently patch the possible gaps in Salesforce development experience and gaining knowledge on more aspects consider passing PD I certification. It is primarily concentrated on Apex, APIs, and Visualforce. For the developers, there are 2 types of certification- Platform Developer 1 and Platform Developer 2. At S2 Labs we offer Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Training in which we cover the following topics:

  • Learning Apex basics
  • OOPS concepts
  • SOQL
  • SOSL
  • Apex DML
  • Database Methods
  • Apex Triggers
  • Apex Testing
  • Batch Apex
  • Visualforce
  • APIs & Integrations
  • Deployment Process

There are many Types of Salesforce Certifications for developers, which further gives you an option to have advanced certificates as well, thus helping your Career in Salesforce to grow rapidly.

3. Integrate Salesforce in Your Daily Routine to Manage the Tasks

While the Salesforce Developer Training sessions and certificates make you qualified, it is the practice that makes you perfect. So, if you want to build your distinguished identity as a highly competent Salesforce developer then start using it for your tasks. In technical terminology, integrate Salesforce into your daily routine. It will give you a direct idea of personalizing the salesforce for your specific needs and meet your preferences.

Some practical examples of using Salesforce in your daily life include tracking the job application with every application acting as an opportunity to be closed, each prospective company represents an Account and contacts refer to the company people with whom you are interacting.

During your interaction with Salesforce try using as many features as possible to widen the scope of your practical knowledge. It will allow you to identify the most relevant features of Salesforce to be used for delivering an enhanced customer experience and gain an edge in the industry.

4. Join Salesforce StackExchange:

Along with joining Salesforce Certification Course you should also try to form questions and get answers through experts. One of the easiest sources for getting expert answers to your salesforce queries is Salesforce StackExchange. Along with asking your specific queries, you can also search for similar queries to further widen your scope of knowledge on that particular aspect. The platform is populated with several highly valuable queries and detailed answers that can directly help you to improve your professional capabilities.

The platform also has a scoring system based on your content/queries. Don’t stress yourself if some answers seem too complex for you to digest. Concentrate on relatively simpler explanations matching your level of learning and understanding capability. With time you will build the expertise.

5. Become a Member of a Local Salesforce Developer Community Group

A good Salesforce Developer Training Course will help you crack the exams and gain professional skills but you also need to make the right connections in the industry. Salesforce Trailblazer Community is a valuable group of Salesforce professionals who openly share the knowledge to build connections and help each other grow. You can start attending your Trailblazer community group to make friends with Salesforce professionals and experts. You can find a variety of people related to the Salesforce community- new learners, professionals, experts, trainers, and even recruiters. The group meet-ups will help you enhance your knowledge, seek and share the latest industry information, make new friends in the industry and even get a nice job with a good pay scale.

Be social, introduce yourself to other members, talk about their experience with Salesforce, their professional achievements, what certificates they have, and workshops they attended. Try gathering directly useful information as well like how to get a decent salesforce job, how to ace the interview and specific Salesforce knowledge resources that can add more value to your knowledge or simplify the learning process.

6. Find a Mentor to Overcome Technical Bottlenecks

Non-programmers without keen coding knowledge can find it challenging to scale the initial journey in the Salesforce industry. They may feel lost midway through the process. Understanding coding concepts would be an uphill task for them. Lots of these so-called difficulties and bottlenecks happen due to the mindset. Instead of getting overwhelmed by a whole lot of things, try concentrating your full energy on completing smaller portions and gradually moving ahead to the more difficult level.

 Also on average, it takes several months before you get some grip over Salesforce. So, treat this time as a probation period to practically experiment with different aspects of Salesforce in real-world applications. Eventually, you will get comfortable with different components of the Salesforce ecosystem like LWXs, Apex, etc. Especially if you are not a coding professional you can find a technical mentor who can do the hand holding, explain to you the coding mistakes, advanced and professional coding practices, code debugging, etc.

Besides there are many good training providers like S2Labs that offer salesforce developer training online to help you gain distinct programming/development skills and build on your strengths? You can also check out Salesforce Hulk video instructions available on YouTube that can be used as a quick reference and learning stepwise instructions. If you prefer direct human experience instead of virtual mentoring then you can join trusted Salesforce Training Institutes like S2 Labs that offer Instructor-led Salesforce Training or take our Salesforce Development Premium Course in which the training is personally imparted by Shrey Sharma, an expert salesforce trainer with an impressive profile history and professional experience. So, along with theory, you can also expect to learn the practical aspects as well as real-life troubleshooting of various issues.

7. Identify your Problem Areas and Work on Them

Many people might feel a bit down after constantly trying to ace salesforce interviews. The key is to learn from your attempts and pick up the valuable titbits before you move on to your next interview. The objective is to identify the gaps and accordingly optimize your interview performance. By now, if you have built the Salesforce track record of your job search then you can use it to monitor your performance, top interview questions, and other helpful metrics.

Unlike other interviews, coding interviews are objective which allows you to identify the specific areas of improvement and use Google, Trailhead, or other relevant platforms to build strengths and improve your performance in the next interview.

Key Skills Required To Be an Efficient Salesforce Developer

To become a highly efficient Salesforce developer you need to achieve and develop the below-mentioned skills:

Salesforce Developer Skills

1. Programming Skills:

To become a successful salesforce developer you need to have a good understanding of MVC designing and be comfortable with coding and development tasks. Other related elements like Bootstrap, jQuery, etc. Also, play a role in the Salesforce project environment. Likewise, other types of technical knowledge are also required. Here’s the list:

Concepts related to Fundamental object-oriented programming 

Primary knowledge of C# and JavaScript

MVC style of designing

Data management and modeling

Fundamentals of Visualforce and Apex 

Lightning Framework

Developer Console

SQL, Web Services, and Salesforce Object Query Language

Bootstrap, JQuery, and LWC

Want to Know How to Start Your Career in Salesforce? Check here.

2. Analytical Skills:

You would need to logically understand the customer requirements and analyze them deeply. So detailed analytical capabilities and a keen ability to translate it into relevant design/code is another quality that you must have to start your Salesforce career and build a long-term career in salesforce.

3. Communication Skills: 

Salesforce projects require teamwork. So you need exceptional team skills. Seamless collaboration with people and an ability to orchestrate your efforts with other members of the team are also important. You should be able to put across your point by translating the technical concepts into jargon-free general terms. Likewise, keeping your discussions to the point without missing out on any important piece of information is another skill that distinguishes you as a competent salesforce developer. 

4. Problem Solving Skills:

Just like any other digital product, Salesforce is not free from errors or bugs. For that, you need exceptional problems solving capabilities and practical debugging knowledge. It will allow you to overcome the challenges quickly and maintain the flow of the process. 

5. Logical Skills:

Logical review of a situation and innovating sustainable practical solutions is a foundational skill for any Salesforce developer. A Salesforce developer should be able to reason in a logical way to arrive at a practically viable solution.


High-quality training plays a key role in the making of a salesforce developer. Committed Salesforce Training Institutes like S2 Labs offer reliable Salesforce Developer Training for beginners and advanced users to make you industry-ready. It equips you with the excellent professional skills to claim your place in the fast-growing Salesforce ecosystem that expects to see a demand of 3.3 million new jobs by the end of the next year. With, Instructor-led Training, it offers 360-degree training experience to help you enjoy a distinguished position in the Salesforce development ecosystem. Its salesforce developer training with real-time projects allows you to evaluate your practical skills. The training is strategically built to assist you in achieving Salesforce certifications by passing the exams while also learning the practical skills to deliver excellent performance and enjoy a rewarding career. 

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