how to become a clairvoyant



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Some people use the term “clairvoyant” as if it were synonymous with “psychic,” but really clairvoyance is just one of the four clairs a psychic uses.

Clairvoyant messages, which arrive as an image or scene in my mind, usually come as a metaphor. If the client is overwhelmed I might see them drowning or carrying some large bundle on their back.

If I see an image of the continental plates shifting or the ground shaking beneath someone’s feet, it means the client is experiencing such dramatic life changes that nothing feels stable.

If a client is looking for a new job or business partnership, I might see them fishing, with lots of little fish swimming by their line. This might mean the client should wait for the “big fish,” or the really plum offer.

If I see a weathervane whipping this way and that in the wind, it might mean that the client’s lover is changeable or unpredictable. These are just examples—the images are usually different for every client, which makes my job fun!

How to develop clairvoyance:

Be on the lookout for images that pop into your mind out of the blue—they may be intuitive messages. My clairaudience was once my strongest psychic ability early on, and clairvoyance only came along years later. So be patient: Your intuition can grow dramatically over time.



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Clairsentient messages come through as a feeling, and clairsentience is the most common of the four clairs.

Gut instincts, being able to read the emotions of others, or sensing the collective energy of a room all fall under this umbrella.

Before I get on the phone with a client I can usually get a feeling for their energy: bubbly, serious, outgoing, highly intellectual, nurturing. Whenever I give a client a message and I get chills all over, I know the message is important for the client to hear.

If someone has physical ailments, I will often feel them briefly before or during the call in my own body (my knee will ache if the client just had surgery there, or a sensation will run through my tummy if digestion is an issue for the client). My throat will often feel tight briefly during a session if the client’s throat chakra, which is how we express ourselves and our emotions, is closed off.

How to develop clairsentience:

Whenever you get a strong intuitive feeling about something, write it down in a journal. Over the next weeks or months, you will realize how many clairsentient messages you get from your intuition. Beginning to recognize these messages will help you pick up on more of them.

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