how to become a barber in texas

The best way to become a barber is to enroll in your local cosmetology and barber school. Most offers hair styling and cutting classes, as well as other related training like massage, skin care, customer service, human anatomy and more. Many places offer flexible schedules so you can work full-time or part-time at that same location to make ends meet.

how to become a barber in texas

Barbers usually get the first job of the day. They must know how to operate a clipper and scissors, which is one of the tools they use in their job. Barbers also have to be good listeners, because they have to listen to what their customer says as well as observe them.

What Does a Barber Do?

Barbers provide hair care services, usually for male clients. They also offer scalp treatments and hot shaving services. Barbers must be licensed to work in any state and have at least a high school diploma or vocational training from a state-licensed barber school.View Schools

Career Duties

Barbers trim, shampoo, style, and cut hair for mostly male clients. Skin and nail care services are also available in their barbershops. In addition, licensed barbers can color, bleach, and highlight their client’s hair. Barbers specialize in hot facial shaving and scalp treatments. Most self-employed barbers typically determine their own work hours, which generally fall on weekends, holidays, and evenings. This career field requires standing for long periods of time, and working with harsh chemicals found in hair care products.

Important Facts About This Occupation

Similar OccupationsHairdresser, hairstylist, cosmetologist
Work EnvironmentBarbershop, salon, spa, hotel or resort
Key SkillsHaircutting, men’s grooming, applying scalp treatments, good communication, managerial and business expertise
ProgramsFull- or part-time training programs are available

Educational Requirements

Individuals interested in the field should complete a vocational or community college program in barbering. Students in a barbering program can earn a certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree. These programs usually last between 9 and 12 months, and include instruction in hairstyling, skin care, and personal appearance services. Barbers must have a license to practice in all states, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS,

In order to obtain a license, individuals must hold a high school diploma, graduate from a state-licensed barbering school, and be at least 16 years old. The licensing exam consists of a written test, and a practice demonstration of their acquired barbering skills.

If you have an interest in barbering, be sure to follow the steps above. In order to become a barber, you must become licensed, and the easiest way to do that is by becoming an apprentice. Being a barber has so many great benefits. First of all, they can make decent money while doing something they enjoy. Second of all, they get to meet new people on a daily basis and earn their trust by giving them a well tailored haircut or shave every time. If you want to become a barber and make new friends along the way too, then this article is helpful for you.

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