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highest paying contract jobs

Six High-Paying Contract Jobs

Six High-Paying Contract Jobs

High-Paying Contract Jobs

The bad news: In this sluggish economy many companies are still reluctant to hire full-time employees (FTEs). The good news: Many of those same companies are actively recruiting independent contractors. And while contract jobs are temporary, an independent contractor is often first in line when a full-time position opens up.   

The best news, at least if benefits aren’t important to you: Many contract jobs pay better — some more than 20 percent better — than full-time jobs. Granted, salary depends on your level of experience, specialty field, and where you’re located. For example, a PACU registered nurse salary in New York City is 6% higher than the national median; a physical therapist salary in Galveston, Texas, is 2% lower than the national median; and a web developer in Salem, Oregon, is 26% higher than the national median.

Online salary database PayScale crunched some numbers and found six jobs where the freelance rate is significantly higher than the full-time salary.

Registered Nurse

Median annual FTE pay: $54,800
Median annual contractor income: $67,100
Increase over full-time pay: +22.4 percent
Typical degree: Associate’s degree in nursing

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) projects 711,900 new nursing jobs will be added between 2010 and 2020, the highest numerical increase of all occupations. That puts potential employees — and contractors — in a strong position to bargain salary or hourly pay.

Database Administrator

Median annual FTE pay: $64,100
Median annual contractor income: $77,300
Increase over full-time pay: +20.6 percent
Typical degree: Bachelor’s in computer science

Database administrator jobs can be found in government, banking, data processing, healthcare and especially the computer industry. An MBA is an advantage in landing the highest-paying contract jobs.

Physical Therapist

Median annual FTE salary: $68,000
Median annual contractor income: $80,700
Increase over full-time pay: +18.7 percent
Typical degree: Master’s in physical therapy

Like many healthcare professionals, physical therapists are expected to be in high demand through 2020, according to the BLS. The growing number of elderly adults needing physical therapy will drive much of that increase.

Systems Administrator

Median annual FTE salary: $51,000
Median annual contractor income: $58,300
Increase over full-time pay: +14.3 percent
Typical degree: Bachelor’s in computer science

According to the BLS, system administrator jobs are forecasted to grow 28 percent between 2010 and 2020, faster than the average compared with other occupations.

Web Developer

Median annual FTE salary: $52,600
Median annual contractor income: $59,700
Increase over full-time pay: 13.5 percent
Typical degree: Bachelor’s in computer science

Although competition for these jobs has increased, demand is strong. The BLS classifies Web developers with network systems and data communications analysts, which it listed as one of the 30 fastest-growing occupations through 2018.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Median annual FTE salary: $37,100
Median annual contractor income: $40,900
Increase over full-time pay: +10.2 percent
Typical degree: High school, vocational school

Unlike the other jobs here, only a small percentage of heavy equipment operators are self-employed, according to the BLS. Jobs can be found in highway, bridge and railroad construction, as well as civil engineering and local government projects.

Before you start searching for high-paying contractor jobs, remember that as a contractor, you’ll be paying self-employment taxes. On the other hand, you’ll be able to write off business-related expenses, so be sure to save every receipt.

All salary information is from PayScale. The median annual pay is based on an average 50-week work year for workers with five years of experience. Job projections are from the BLS and the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

13 High-Paying Contract Jobs (With Salaries)

A contract job is when an employer hires a professional for a predetermined amount of time so they can complete a project for their business. Contract jobs can be beneficial for employees because they can often earn a higher rate of pay, gain new skills and may have less competition when applying for positions. Learning more about contract jobs in various industries can help you determine if pursuing this type of career path is right for you. In this article, we discuss 13 high-paying contract jobs you may want to consider when seeking employment.

13 high-paying contract jobs

Many factors contribute to a job being considered high paying. For example, your geographic location and the cost of living can affect what people consider high paying. In the field of contract work, here are 13 high-paying contract jobs with an annual yearly income of $60,000 or more. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Renovation contractor

National average salary: $66,875 per year

Primary duties: A renovation contractor is a specialized builder property owners employ when they’re looking to remodel or renovate their homes or commercial buildings. Some daily duties include speaking with clients to determine their requirements, collaborating with other professionals to establish a timeline of when they can complete their work, instructing workers to perform tasks such as plumbing, electrical work or installing windows and assisting with some of the work as needed. Other responsibilities include creating cost estimates, acquiring materials needed for labor, preparing project timelines to show to clients and maintaining work logs of activities as they progress.

2. Financial consultant

National average salary: $67,623 per year

Primary duties: A financial consultant provides their clients with advice regarding retirement, investments, taxes and more so they can achieve their financial goals. They have many responsibilities, such as monitoring the fluctuating economic conditions, researching investment opportunities for their clients and developing long-term and short-term plans that coincide with their monetary goals. Other duties include traveling to meet with clients, analyzing how potential career changes or life changes could alter a client’s plans and adjusting them accordingly and seeking new clients through marketing methods such as emailing, cold calling and other advertisement strategies.

3. Senior marketing specialist

National average salary: $67,843 per year

Primary duties: A senior marketing specialist is in charge of the company’s marketing strategies and campaigns to help the company meet its sales objectives. Some of their responsibilities include working with outside agencies to implement ad campaigns, tracking the effectiveness of ongoing traditional and digital advertisements and conducting research to determine what advertising trends are popular with their target audience. In addition, they also write, proofread and edit creative and technical content across different mediums and collaborate with other internal departments to develop new branding ideas and promotional materials.

4. Web developer

National average salary: $68,578 per year

Primary duties: A web developer creates and maintains websites for companies or individuals. Some of their specific responsibilities include designing website interfaces using codes such as JavaScript or HTML, testing websites to ensure products are working correctly, correcting malfunctions or making changes to functionality according to user feedback and evaluating their code to make sure it follows industry standards and works on all mediums. Other duties consist of staying current on changes or updates to web applications or programming practices and collaborating with stakeholders to prioritize needs and discuss the overall effectiveness of the website’s functions for their business needs.

5. Business consultant

National average salary: $72,091 per year

Primary duties: Business consultants are advisers who help companies meet their goals in a particular business area. Many business consultants specialize in an area such as sales, finance or engineering and provide suggestions regarding their specialty. Some of their duties include meeting with executives to discuss their business needs, assessing the business’ current processes to determine areas they can improve and creating and presenting their recommendations based on their findings. After they’ve discussed their findings, business consultants develop plans to make improvements, manage business projects, offer guidance and suggestions when needed and track and analyze the effectiveness of their efforts.

6. Systems administrator

National average salary: $73,258 per year

Primary duties: A systems administrator’s main role is to set up and maintain a company’s computer system so that it runs securely and smoothly. Some of their day-to-day tasks include configuring the network computer system, monitoring the system’s performance and diagnosing and fixing software, hardware and system issues as they arise. Other duties include backing up and storing data regularly, researching and suggesting new strategies to improve the current network system and providing technical support when needed.

7. Registered nurse

National average salary: $79,668 per year

Primary duties: A registered nurse (RN) works in a health care setting with patients to monitor their vitals, administer medications and consult with other health care physicians regarding patient care. Some of their responsibilities include recording and maintaining accurate patient charts, monitoring and taking note of any changes in symptoms and planning, implementing and evaluating patient care plans by working with other health care members. In addition, they offer health care education and counseling to patients, provide them with emotional support, perform diagnostic tests and operate some medical equipment, depending on their specialty.

8. Mobile app developer

National average salary: $80,567 per year

Primary duties: A mobile app developer uses code to create mobile apps that are visually pleasing and easy for users to operate. Some of their responsibilities include developing application program interfaces (APIs) to support mobile functionality, working closely with stakeholders and other app developers to ensure the usability of the applications they’re making and writing unit tests to assess whether there are any malfunctions in the program. Other duties consist of staying up to date with the newest trends and technologies and finding ways to adapt existing web applications for use as mobile apps.

9. Physical therapist

National average salary: $82,399 per year

Primary duties: A physical therapist treats patients with health conditions that limit their capacity to do normal activities, such as walking, eating or getting dressed. Some responsibilities of physical therapists include having patient consults to determine their conditions and symptoms, developing a course of treatment, showing patients how to use therapeutic exercises and helping them use equipment such as wheelchairs or walkers. Other duties consist of maintaining updated paperwork for patients, including progress and goals and communicating with patients and their families about whether they recommend additional therapy from in-home care.

10. Structural engineer

National average salary: $84,862 per year

Primary duties: Structural engineers design structures that can endure pressures caused by environmental conditions and human use. Many structural engineers design infrastructure projects such as bridges, parking garages or culverts. In addition to infrastructure, some choose to design buildings like houses, condos, townhomes and commercial buildings. Their duties include making calculations about loads, pressures and stresses, choosing construction materials based on their level of strength to withstand stresses and providing technical advice for safe designs. They also collaborate with other professionals such as engineers and architects, obtain building regulations approval, inspect contractor work and use computer design for simulation purposes.

11. Database administrator

National average salary: $88,165 per year

Primary duties: A database administrator is responsible for the continued operation and maintenance of a company’s database. Their main role is to keep the database backed up in case it loses information. Some of their primary duties include monitoring the system’s performance so they can identify potential problems, protecting the database against threats and designing a company’s database with the front-end and back-end users in mind. Other responsibilities consist of suggesting improvements for protection or maintenance, conferring with other IT personnel and responding promptly to errors reported by database users.

12. Senior sales consultant

National average salary: $90,312 per year

Primary duties: A senior sales consultant leads the operation of sales and oversees the activities of the sales team. Some of their responsibilities include assisting new sales reps by answering technical questions and providing general support as needed, delivering sales presentations to current customers, preparing sales reports for the department and developing new strategies to achieve sales goals. Other typical duties consist of finding potential sales leads through cold calls and emails, researching competitor products and pricing and comparing their customers’ satisfaction to yours, consistently expanding industry knowledge by attending professional development workshops and resolving customer complaints as they arise.

13. Corporate lawyer

National average salary: $138,655 per year

Primary duties: Corporate lawyers work in commercial law to ensure a company’s operations comply with corporate regulations. Some of their primary duties include evaluating new business partnerships, preparing legal documents for court proceedings and representing their companies during those proceedings. They also protect companies against potential legal risks and negotiate deals between companies and vendors.

The 25 Largest Sports Contracts of All Tim

Watching sports, rooting for teams, and celebrating successful players are wildly cherished pastimes around the world. As with other industries, that passion equals profit. In fact, the sports industry is now estimated to be worth more than $500 billion! Whether it’s football, soccer, basketball, or baseball, playing a sport for a major team and achieving stardom can be massively lucrative. Of course, the sport plays a significant factor in how much professional sports players are paid. The largest soccer contract of all time is worth $673,919,105 for Lionel Messi, and this is also the largest contract in sports history. Nearly $200 million less, the largest football contract of all time is worth $503,000,000 for Patrick Mahomes. In third place is the largest baseball contract of all time, which is a 12-year contract for Mike Trout paying $426,500,000. The largest basketball contract of all time does not even make the top ten, clocking in at $228,000,830 for Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks.

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The 25 Largest Sports Contracts of All Time Transcript

Based on Average Pay per Year

Name, Organization, SportAverage per YearAverage per GameContract LengthContract Total
Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona, Soccer$168,479,776$3,743,9954 years (2017-21)$673,919,105
Damien Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers, Basketball$49,000,000$597,5604 years (2021-25)$196,000,000
Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks, Basketball$45,640,166$556,5875 years (2021-26)$228,200,830
Paul George, Los Angeles Clippers, Basketball$44,066,367$537,3944 years (2021-25)$176,265,468
John Wall, Washington Wizards → Houston Rockets, Basketball$42,793,708$521,8744 years (2019-23)$171,174,820
Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs, Football$41,916,667$2,619,79112 years (2020-31)$503,000,000
Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder → Washington Wizards, Basketball$41,358,814$504,3755 years (2018-23)$206,794,070
Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors → Brooklyn Nets, Basketball$41,063,925$500,7994 years (2019-23)$164,255,700
Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz, Basketball$41,000,000$500,0005 years (2021-26)$205,000,000
Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors, Basketball$40,231,758$490,6315 years (2017-22)$201,158,790
Chris Paul, Houston Rockets → Phoenix Suns, Basketball$39,932,648$486,9834 years (2018-22)$159,730,592
Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans, Football$39,000,000$2,437,5006 years (2020-25)$177,500,000
LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers, Basketball$38,328,212$467,4174 years (2018-22)$153,312,846
James Harden, Houston Rockets → Brooklyn Nets, Basketball$38,000,000$463,4146 years (2017-23)$228,000,000
Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors, Basketball$37,980,720$463,1795 years (2019-24)$189,903,600
Gerrit Cole, New York Yankees, Baseball$36,000,000$222,2229 years (2020-28)$324,000,000
Tobias Harris, Philadelphia 76ers, Basketball$36,000,000$429,0245 years (2019-24)$180,000,000
Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels, Baseball$35,541,667$219,39312 years (2019-30)$426,500,000
Khris Middleton, Milwaukee Bucks, Basketball$35,500,000$432,9265 years (2019-24)$177,500,000
Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers, Basketball$35,448,672$432,3015 years (2020-25)$177,243,360
Jimmy Butler, Philadelphia 76ers → Miami Heat, Basketball$35,197,650$429,2394 years (2019-23)$140,790,600
Kemba Walker, Charlotte Hornets → Boston Celtics, Basketball$35,197,650$429,2394 years (2019-23)$140,790,600
Anthony Rendon, Los Angeles Angels, Baseball$35,000,000$216,0497 years (2020-26)$245,000,000
Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals, Baseball$35,000,000$216,0497 years (2020-26)$245,000,000
Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks, Football$35,000,000$2,187,5007 years (2020-26)$140,000,000

Top 10 Players Who Get Paid the Most per Game

Name, Organization, SportAverage per Game
Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona, Soccer$3,743,995
Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs, Football$2,619,791
Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans, Football$2,437,500
Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks, Football$2,187,500
Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers, Football$1,718,750
Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts, Football$1,449,218
Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons, Football$1,282,051
Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears, Football$1,215,517
Damien Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers, Basketball$597,560
Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks, Basketball$556,587

The Top 10 Biggest Contracts of All Time

  1. Lionel Messi — $673,919,105
  2. Patrick Mahomes — $503,000,000
  3. Mike Trout — $426,500,000
  4. Mookie Betts (Los Angeles Dodgers – baseball) — $365,000,000
  5. Fernando Tatís Jr. (San Diego Padres – baseball) — $340,000,000
  6. Bryce Harper (Philadelphia Phillies – baseball) — $330,000,000
  7. Giancarlo Stanton (Miami Marlins → New York Yankees – baseball) — $325,000,000
  8. Gerrit Cole (New York Yankees – baseball) — $324,000,000
  9. Manny Machado (San Diego Padres – baseball) — $300,000,000
  10. Alex Rodriguez (New York Yankees – baseball) — $275,000,000

Here are the top ten largest sports contracts of all time:

  1. Lionel Messi: $673,919,105 for a four-year soccer contract with FC Barcelona
  2. Patrick Mahomes: $503,000,000 for a 12-year football contract with the Kansas City Chiefs
  3. Mike Trout: $426,500,000 for a 12-year baseball contract with the Los Angeles Angels
  4. Mookie Betts: $365,000,000 for a 12-year baseball contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers
  5. Fernando Tatís Jr.: $340,000,000 for a 14-year baseball contract with the San Diego Padres
  6. Bryce Harper: $330,000,000 for a 13-year baseball contract with the Philadelphia Phillies
  7. Giancarlo Stanton: $325,000,000 for a 13-year baseball contract with the Miami Marlins
  8. Gerrit Cole: $324,000,000 for a nine-year baseball contract with the New York Yankees
  9. Manny Machado: $300,000,000 for a ten-year baseball contract with the San Diego Padres
  10. Alex Rodriguez: $275,000,000 for a ten-year baseball contract with the New York Yankees

Here are the top ten sports players who get paid the most per game:

  1. Lionel Messi (soccer): $33,181,818 per game
  2. Patrick Mahomes (football): $2,619,791 per game
  3. Dak Prescott (football): $2,500,000 per game
  4. Deshaun Watson (football): $2,437,500 per game
  5. Russell Wilson (football): $2,187,500 per game
  6. Jimmy Garoppolo (football): $1,718,750 per game
  7. Andrew Luck (football): $1,449,218 per game
  8. Trent Williams (football): $1,438,125 per game
  9. Matt Ryan (football): $1,282,051 per game
  10. Khalil Mack (football) $1,215,517 per game

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