free training programs in the bronx

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free training programs in the bronx

The BronxWorks Workforce Development Department prepares people that are unemployed, looking for their first job, or need help improving their careers. We have targeted programs for young adults, NYCHA residents, non-custodial fathers, HPD Section 8 voucher holders, older adults, and community residents. We provide comprehensive job-readiness instruction, sector-based trainings, job referrals with trusted employment partners, one-on-one financial counseling, financial workshops, and wraparound services, which include access to benefits and educational opportunities.

Our comprehensive set of workforce development services is bundled in several programs to meet a variety of community member needs.

Explore our services:

  • Jobs-PlusJobs-Plus provides a support system to people to be productive and successful in a competitive workforce.
  • HERO DadsThe Healthy, Empowered, Resilient, and Open (HERO) Dads program is designed to strengthen positive father-child engagement.
  • Family Self-Sufficiency ProgramThe Family Self-Sufficiency Program is a voluntary five-year job training, job placement, and education program that provides financial rewards to Housing, Preservation & Development (HPD) Section 8 voucher participants.
  • Community Services ProgramsThe BronxWorks Workforce Development Department offers a multitude of services to many NYCHA residents across the Bronx.
  • Youth Workforce ProgramsBronxWorks Workforce Development is proud to offer a number of different job-readiness and training programs focused on youth, including High School-Equivalency (HSE) classes.
  • Tax & Financial Assistance ServicesBronxWorks provides multiple programs designed to assist everyone with things like tax preparation, student loan repayment, reducing debt, and more.
  • Services for EmployersWorkforce Development is ready to offer employers a variety of services free of charge. Whether short-term or long-term, we will meet your business needs with skilled workers and our team will assure quality and ongoing support.

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