esthetician schools in maryland

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esthetician schools in maryland

In brief to become a skin care specialist in Maryland a minimum of 600 hours of training is required as well as passing MD board exams and paying the licensing fee. Maryland offers two accredited pathways for licensure – via school and via apprenticeship. Just so you know, the metro areas in Maryland have the largest job growth for skin care specialists in our country! Enter your ZIP below to see where you can train nearby to become a licensed MD esthetician.
The Maryland Board of Cosmetology requires that you successfully follow an accredited formal coursework program and clinical training at a state-approved esthetician college. Alternatively you may enroll in an apprenticeship program. Each provides an opportunity to learn basic and cutting-edge science of skin health. Esthetic training, especially learning to apply make-up, is an art form you learn in preparation for a successful career in this field.

The esthetics curriculum consists of several components. You’ll learn about dermatology, chemistry, and sanitation procedures. You are introduced to the business aspects of your career and Maryland’s laws and regulations regarding licensure and client safety guidelines. The formal schooling route and the apprenticeship teach you how to do facials, masks, hair removal procedures, and how to apply makeup.

The Licensing Procedure For Estheticians in Maryland
After successful completion of your training, you begin the licensure process. The Maryland Board requires that you pass two exams. One exam is written and the other is a practical exam. The practical exam requires you to demonstrate procedures you learned. In order to have an idea of what to expect, download and read the Candidate Information Bulletin. It states what you need to do step-by-step — beginning with registration — and outlines the exams. The PSI testing company oversee the practice exam.

After passing the tests, you’re ready to apply for your license. Submit the Online Esthetician Original License Application (here) and licensing fee. The license is valid for two years before renewal.

Some Maryland Esthetician Schools

NameAddressCostOther Programs
Chesapeake School of Esthetics1507 Ritchie Highway #105, Arnold, 21012Tuition $9200
Enrollment Fee $600
Total $9800
Make Up Artistry
Von Lee International School309 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville,21208UnknownMake Up Artistry
Cortiva Institute Baltimore Campus517 Progress Drive Suite A-J, Linthicum Heights, 21090UnknownMassage Therapy
Dermal Science International Aesthetics Academy11301 Sunset Hills Road A-5, Reston, 20190$10,369Make Up, Massage, Nail Technician
Aveda Institute Maryland3639, 227 Archer Street, Bel Air, 21014Tuition: $9,950
Kit Fee (includes books & supplies): $2,150
Application Fee: $25
Enrollment Fee: $125
Tech Fee: $300
Hair Expressions, A Paul Mitchell Partner School12450 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, 20852Tuition: $10,000.00
Registration Fee: $100.00
Books/DVD’s: $250.00
Student Kit: $350.00
Drop Fee: $100.00
Barbering, Cosmetology

The Fila Academy – Glen Burnie

Fortis Institute – Woodlawn

Fortis Institute – Baltimore

Maryland Board of Cosmetologists

Aesthetics Institute of Cosmetology – Gaithersburg

To become a licensed professional in the science of skincare and hair, you need formal esthetician training in one of the best Esthetician Schools.

Fortunately, many schools of esthetics across the country take this increasing field seriously. These schools’ faculties consist of professionals who have been in the field for many years. Furthermore, a school of esthetics provides students with technical skills and scientific knowledge. They as well provide real-time experience in using trade technology.

In this copy, you’ll find out what an Esthetician means and the requirement needed to become an esthetician. You’ll also discover the schools of esthetics around and the average cost.

Table of Contents
Who Is An Esthetician?
Estheticians offer a variety of beauty services to improve the appearance of their clients. This includes improving the quality of the skin (including treatment of skin disorders), hair removal, permanent makeup, and facial massage.

Esthetics is a relatively new profession that has grown tremendously over the last decade. However, Some types of estheticians, such as medical estheticians, offer highly specialized procedures. And such requires detailed training to perform safely and effectively.

Medical estheticians can assist people with severe skin disorders, burns, other trauma, and pre-and post-surgery that affect skin health. Thus, Individuals who wish to become licensed estheticians must attend the school of esthetics to undergo Esthetician training.

What Is The Difference Between Esthetician And Aesthetician?
Sometimes they are interchangeable, but there may be a technical difference. In general, esthetics focuses on cosmetic remedies while aestheticians’ roles are more of specialists. Due to this disparity, the aesthetic titles may also include medical doctors, clinics, or paramedics.

How To Become An Esthetician
Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can become an esthetician.

Coming of Age
Check Your State’s Requirements
Find an Accredited School
Choose Your Specialty
Take the Exam
Search for Employment
Continue Learning

1. Age

To enroll in an Esthetician training program, you must be 16 years of age and above. You must also have a high school diploma or equivalent of the GED.

2. Check Your State’s Requirements

All states (except Connecticut) require that an esthetician be licensed and have completed a state-approved cosmetology or esthetician training program.

However, the required esthetician school training time and the learning time are very different. In Florida, for example, you only need 250 hours of Esthetician training in school and no apprenticeship.

In contrast, California Esthetician classes training require 600 hours and 3,200 hours of apprenticeship. Therefore, you should first check the requirements of the state in which you plan to hold your license.

3. Find an Accredited School

When looking for an esthetician training school, always make sure it is part of a state-approved and accredited School of esthetics or cosmetology program.

One of the best accreditation bodies is the National Accreditation Commission for the Arts and Sciences of Cosmetology (NACCAS).

The certification program can take up to 6 months. However, it can take up to 2 years or more to earn an associate’s degree in esthetics.

Nevertheless, You may be able to complete your apprenticeship at the same time as your school studies, or it can be done after graduation.

4. Choose Your Specialty

You may want to be a standard esthetician, or you may want to be a more professional esthetician working in a clinic.

When enrolling in a school of esthetics, make sure you take the appropriate courses needed to pursue the type of employment you are looking for.

Thus, we recommend that you choose a specific school of esthetics that offers a particular program tailored to your area of ​​expertise.

In the school of esthetics, you will learn about cosmetology, hair removal and waxing, safety and sterilization, human physiology, cosmetic techniques, and the skin, the largest organ in the body.

5. Take the Exam

Therefore, After completing the required Esthetician training and learning time in the state, the final step is to take the state board exam.

This exam includes both the written and practical parts. This implies that you will need to show your skills directly to the proctor.

Medical estheticians must take and pass a special paramedical esthetician examination.

6. Search for Employment

After you have fulfilled all the requirements to become an Esthetician, you can start applying for a job. Luckily, Some schools offer employment programs.

When approaching future employers with a polished resume, always focus on your technical background and the professional training you have received.

After gaining more work experience and gaining satisfied clients, some beauticians choose to go out on their own. However, If you decide to start your own business, you may find that additional business management training may be helpful.

7. Continue Learning

In some states, estheticians are required to take continuing education courses to keep up with the latest technology and techniques. This is to refresh their memory of what they already know.

It is therefore important to follow all state guidelines to avoid losing your license which may prevent you from continuing to work until you get your license back.

To succeed in the online school of esthetics, you need to have certain electronic gadgets. see the 15 Best Tech Gadgets For every College student should own

How Long Is Esthetician School?
If you are a full-time student, the school of esthetics can last 4 to 6 months. For part-time, it can take 9 to 12 months.

It all depends on the time you have to focus on it and the program you choose. Either way, it’s a pretty big commitment.

Some states require up to 750 hours of training, but on average you can expect to spend about 600 hours on an esthetician school online course in 6 months. You can look up specific training time requirements based on state board licensing requirements.

Esthetician School Cost
The cost of the school of esthetics varies widely. Esthetician training Programs to become a medical esthetician are more expensive than basic esthetician training.

Tuition fees at community colleges are more affordable than at private schools. Tuition fees range from $4,000 for a 6-month training course to $ 20,000 for a master esthetician training.

Master esthetician training can often cost twice as much as basic esthetician training. However, Financial assistance may be available for esthetician training courses.

Medical Esthetician School Cost
Medical esthetician school costs vary by program but typically cost between $ 3,000 and $ 10,000. In some cases, as mentioned above, you can choose a course that can be specialized in a particular area. However, if you need more training in a particular area like micro-needling, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels, the cost depends on the program and who is offering it.

List Of Accredited Online Esthetician Courses

The online courses offered at the School of Esthetics are different. Some are focused on beauty, while others are focused on skincare. Therefore, it is imperative for anyone wishing to become an Esthetician to decide what they want to focus on. Here are some of the courses offered by Esthetician school online.

Color theory.
Human anatomy
Beauty Therapy and Makeup
A foundation in skincare
Hair removal
Cosmetic chemistry.

Top 20 Esthetician Schools in 2022

Here are 20 of the best schools of Esthetics for aspiring estheticians. Each offers a comprehensive program that covers a wide range of topics so that graduates are well prepared for licensure exams. These schools of esthetics offer esthetician certification or license online and In-School.

Penn Foster High School
West Tennessee Business College
West Georgia Technical College
Victory’s Academy of Cosmetology
Westside Tech
W Academy of Salon and Spa
Aveda Institute
Empire Beauty Schools
Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics
Ogle School
Mirage Spa Education
University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts
Wiregrass Georgia Technical College
Universal Career School
Paul Mitchell Schools
University of Spa
Victory’s Academy
Xenon Academy
Marinello School of Beauty
Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

1. West Tennessee Business College

West Tennessee Business College is an institution that is devoted to offering top-notch and very relevant career education for its students. It was founded in 1888. It is one of the best esthetician schools online.

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2. W Academy of Salon and Spa

W Academy of Salon and Spa is a school of athletics and cosmetology located at 520 San Ramon Valley Blvd, Danville, California, United States. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 16 undergraduate students. The school offers courses in Cosmetology / Cosmetologist, General Cosmetology and Wellness · Aesthetician / Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist.

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3. West Georgia Technical College

West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) is another esthetician school online situated in Waco, Georgia. It was established in 1966. WGTC integrated with West Central Technical College and became the second-largest technical college in Georgia. The school also offers courses in Esthetician.

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4. Westside Tech

Westside Tech is also an esthetician school online that is specifically for students who want to become estheticians. The school is a technical college located in Winter Garden, FL. It was established in 1933.

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5. Penn Foster High school

Penn Foster High school is yet another esthetician school online that offers numerous online esthetician classes.

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6. Victory Academy of Cosmetology

You can have a career as an Esthetician at Victory Academy of Cosmetology. It is one of the Esthetician online schools. The school’s goal is to train learners in the field of cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, massage, and as coaches for the workforce of today.

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7. Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School is the largest Esthetics school in the United States giving online esthetician courses. It was established in 1946. This esthetician school online has a pack of cosmetology programs formulated to provide hands-on training to the students.

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8. Universal Career School

Universal Career School is an esthetician School Online situated in the United States. It was formed in 1999. This esthetician online school gives programs such as Cosmetology, Barber, Full Specialist, Skin Care, Nursing and Home Health Aide, AS, Patient Care Technician, and Nail Technology.

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9. Paul Mitchell Schools

Paul Mitchell Schools is one of the most explored schools of Esthetics offering esthetician training online. This online cosmetology school provides a variety of programs including skincare, hairstyling, beauty, and nail courses.

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10. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is an esthetician online school. It is known as a public community college in Valdosta, Georgia. it was founded in 2010. However, The highest degree offered by the school is an associate degree. This online esthetician school offers programs, degrees, and certificates in 18 different fields.

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11. University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts

University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts (USCA) is an institution that is located at 2913 W White Oaks Dr, Springfield, IL, United States. it was established in 1978. It is another esthetician school online that offers accredited programs in cosmetology, esthiology, nail technology, teaching, and massage therapy.

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12. Mirage Spa Education

Mirage Spa Education is an online esthetician school situated at British Columbia. it was esteblished in 2005. Notably, This school If esthetics is the first online beauty school in Canada.

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13. Aveda Institute

Aveda Institute’s typical Cosmetology program includes hair cutting, makeup application, color, texture services, nail care, business development, retail knowledge, and the concept of getting and keeping clients. The institute cultivates the skills of students.

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14. Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics

Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics is one of the best online Esthetician schools. it is situated at 300 Wildwood Ave, Woburn, MA, United States. It was founded in the year 1979. This school is a dominating skincare & esthetician training school specializing in skincare, spa therapy, make-up artistry, waxing, and advanced esthetics.

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15. The Ogle School

The Ogle School is one of the best esthetician online schools located at 17174 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX, United States. it was established in the year 1973. Interestingly, Ogle school offers day and evening classes and qualifications in cosmetology, including hair, skin, and nails.

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16. Xenon Academy

Xenon Academy is devoted to helping students to attain their career goals. The academy provides the perfect harmony between education and experience. Also, the academy offers the opportunities to receive professional acquaintance.

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17. Marinello Schools of Beauty

Marinello Schools of Beauty is a privately owned, for-profit Esthetician school. The school offers training in cutting, color, texture, styling, skin, nails under the tutelage of world-famous stylists and educators.

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18. Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

Established in 1974, the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers gives training in Cosmetology Arts and related beauty, health, and wellness career fields. The school of esthetics provides the most current and detailed career training in Cosmetology, Skin Care, and Nail Technology education.

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Esthetician School Florida
The demand for Estheticians in Florida is increasing. So now might be the perfect time to start your Esthetician career.

Florida does not use the term “esthetician” for these professionals. Instead, they use Facial Specialist and Full Specialist. In addition, they do not license in these areas. They offer registration.

Academy of Cosmetology – Merritt Island
Aveda Institute – Miami
Beauty Schools of America – Miami
Boca Beauty Academy – Boca Raton
Cozmo Beauty School – Bonita Springs

Esthetician School Online Maryland
Taking an esthetician school online course means that students can enroll in an online school of esthetics. This is to continue their education and achieve their long-term goals without spending the time required for a traditional four-year degree.

Below, you’ll find top five schools of Esthetics in Maryland that offer full esthetics programs.

Aesthetics Institute of Cosmetology – Gaithersburg
Chesapeake School of Esthetics – Arnold
Dermal Science International Aesthetics & Nail Academy – Reston, Virginia
Hair Expressions – Rockville
Von Lee International School of Aesthetics – Pikesville

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