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It’s 2021, and people are obsessed with beauty and fashion. As a result, for many people, skin-care has become a very important part of their lives. The world is full of products, techniques and therapies based on skin-care. No wonder that the profession of esthetician has gained so much popularity across the US and Arizona is no different.

Arizona is home to some of the biggest beauty institutes in the US and is full of fashion-oriented people. By mixing creative with highly-advanced techniques, esthetician schools have fully established themselves in Arizona. Here is a list of some of the best esthetician schools in Arizona.

The overall estimated annual cost, including the tuition fees for the esthetician program at Southwest, is around $39,773. Moreover, Southwest is renowned for on-campus student life facilities and its programs are usually 2-4 years long. Southwest Institute offers online programs as well. It is one of the best esthetician schools in Arizona right now.

2. The Studio Academy of Beauty

The Studio Academy of Beauty

Located in Chandler, The Studio Academy of Beauty is famous for its academic brilliance in the state of Arizona. Along with a stunning job placement rate of 80 percent, the Studio Academy also has an amazing on-time graduation rate of 90 percent. The esthetician program length at the Studio Academy is usually 2 years and has an annual net cost of $15,727. The Studio Academy’s most popular majors are cosmetology, esthetician and skin care.

3. Penrose Academy

Penrose Academy

With an incredible job placement rate of 96 percent, Penrose Academy stands out as one of the best esthetician schools in the state of Arizona. Located in one of Arizona’s best cities, Scottsdale, Penrose is a hub for local and international students.

The most popular major in Penrose is esthetician and skin care, followed by cosmetology. The program length is around 2 years and the annual net cost is $19,622. Along with providing students with scholarship opportunities, Penrose is also involved in various community work across the state.

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4. Gateway Community College

Gateway Community College provides one of the most affordably efficient esthetician programs in Arizona. Located in the city of Phoenix, Gateway’s esthetician program has a net annual cost of $9,500. Its program length is 2-years long and, it has an excellent student performance rating. Some of the most popular majors at Gateway are cosmetology, esthetician and skin care, nursing and massage therapy.

5. Avalon School of Cosmetology

Avalon School of Cosmetology is one of the most well-known cosmetology schools in Arizona. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Avalon provides one of the best esthetician programs in the city. The annual net cost for this program is around $16,500 and, it is 2 years long.

Avalon is a National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences accredited school that has a job placement rate of 80 percent. The most popular majors in Avalon include cosmetology, esthetician and skin care and salon management. Avalon Alumni usually go on to earn very impressive starting salaries.

6. Turning Point Beauty College

Turning Point Beauty College is a private esthetician college located in Casa Grande, Arizona. Currently, this small institution has less than 200 undergraduate students enrolled in its programs. The program lengths at Turning Point are 2 years long.

The most popular programs presented at Turning Point include esthetician and skin care, as well as, nail technician. Furthermore, the annual net cost at Turning Point is around $8,800. Based on affordability and quality of education, Turning Point Beauty College is one of the best esthetician schools in Arizona.

7. Aveda Institute

Aveda Institute is one of the most well-known cosmetology-based schools in the world. Currently, it has branches all across the US, including one in Phoenix. Its Phoenix branch is famed for its esthetician and skin care program. This is a 2-year program with an annual net cost of $14,816.

Along with esthetician and skin care, other popular majors at Aveda are cosmetology and salon management. Influenced by the Indian art of ‘Ayurveda’, Aveda has adopted several organic methods of skin care. Aveda Institute is famed for its organic beauty products.

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8. Tucson College of Beauty

Tucson College of Beauty is a local cosmetology-based private school located in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson has a stunning 8:1 student to teacher ratio, which is one of the best student to teacher ratios on the list. Tucson operates in partnership with world-famous cosmetology institute Paul Mitchell School.

Additionally, this partnership enables its students to get academic instructions from world-class professionals from Paul Mitchell School. Moreover, Tucson College has an amazing job placement rate of 87 percent, making it one of the esthetician schools in Arizona. In Tucson College, the program length is 2 years long and the annual net cost is $17,264.

9. All Beauty College

Located in Fort Mohave, Arizona, All Beauty College is a relatively new institution in Arizona. Currently, it has less than 50 students enrolled across all its branches in Arizona. They provide some amazing cosmetology and esthetician programs at a very affordable cost.

It has a high student performance with 75 percent of its students coming back for sophomore year. All Beauty College’s popular programs include cosmetology, esthetician and skin care. The program lengths are 2 years long.

10. Pure Aesthetics

Pure Aesthetics is an esthetician school based in Tucson, Arizona. The most popular majors in Pure Aesthetics are Esthetician and skin care. Along with its 2-year program length, Pure Aesthetics also offers great program options. The annual net cost of Pure Aesthetics is around $11,000. Being a pure esthetician-based school, Pure Aesthetics provides some distinctive advantages to its students.

The skin-care industry is one of the most rapidly advancing industries in the US right now. Additionally, the United States is also home to some of the biggest cosmetic brands in the world. So, it is no surprise that education based on cosmetology has gained so much popularity in the US over the years.

Arizona is one of the largest states in the US with a population of over 7 million and a stable economy, making it a prominent figure in America’s beauty industry. The beauty schools mentioned above provide the best esthetician programs in Arizona, in terms of quality of education and the value of their degrees.

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