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Animal grooming involves caring for the appearance and hygiene of pets. Read on to determine if a career as a dog or animal groomer is right for you, and what type of training you might need to obtain such a job.

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Best Dog Grooming Class Online Free or Paid | 2021 -

dog grooming school nj

Best Online Dog Grooming Schools

  • Best Overall: QC Pet Studies.
  • Most Affordable: Master Groomers Academy.
  • Best for Beginners: Holly and Hugo.
  • Best for Job Placement: Paragon.
  • Best for Continuing Education: Animal Behavior College.
  • Best Money-Back Guarantee: Penn Foster.

Dog Groomer: Salary and Career Facts

Lean about the customer service and grooming responsibilities of a dog groomer. Find out what type of training you’ll need to enter the field, information about voluntary certifications and how much you can earn in hourly wages or salary.View Schools

What Is a Dog Groomer?

As a dog groomer, it will be your responsibility to improve and maintain a dog’s appearance. You’ll perform a variety of grooming tasks, such as hair brushing, hair cutting, nail cutting, bathing and styling. Depending on the breed, you’ll need to master different grooming techniques; for example, a variety of shears, scissors and electric trimmers may be employed for different styles, hair types or hair lengths. It is essential that you’re comfortable working closely with dogs.

You’ll also need to have strong customer service skills, because a significant component of your job includes working with dog owners. This includes identifying their goals for their dogs, learning about their dogs’ temperaments and gathering data on the dogs’ well-being. Particularly with high-end clientele, you may perform house calls in order to provide better service to owners with demanding schedules. You may work in your own dog grooming shop, a pet salon, kennel, shelter, pet store or veterinary office. Below is important information on how to become a dog groomer.

Degree RequiredHigh school or GED
Key DutiesPet grooming and animal care
Job Growth (2020-2030)34%* (all nonfarm animal caretakers)
Median Salary (2020)$26,080* (‘all nonfarm animal caretakers)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Learn professional Dog Grooming in this free online diploma course

What Can I Expect as a Salary?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, dog groomers and other nonfarm animal caretakers earned a median hourly wage of $12.54 in May 2020 ( The median annual salary at that time was $26,080. Other workers included in this group were those caring for circus animals, zoo animals and pets, such as cats, mice and fish.

As of 2020, you could find the best paying dog groomer jobs in District of Columbia, followed by the Hawaii, California, Washington, and Alaska. The metropolitan area of San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA, had the highest hourly mean wage, which was $19.89. The highest concentration of these types of jobs among all workers in a state could be found in Colorado, followed by Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, and New Hampshire.

What Types of Training Programs are Available?

You can train as a dog groomer via a few different methods. In many cases, you can learn dog grooming by working as an apprentice under a veteran groomer. If you follow this track, you may begin by observing, then slowly assuming responsibilities while being closely supervised.

As an alternative, you can attend a dog grooming school. These schools are plentiful, and you may be able to find a school that has been licensed by its state. State licensing ensures that a school will train you in accordance with any applicable laws or regulations. Dog grooming training programs vary in length from two weeks to several months. Most programs will train you in grooming skills, tool usage, sanitation and advanced grooming design.

What Are My Certification Options?

You won’t need certification to work as a dog groomer, but it can be helpful in obtaining a job or advancing professionally. Several organizations offer certification, including the National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc. (NDGAA) and International Professional Groomers, Inc. (IPG). Becoming certified typically requires you to pass an exam or series of exams, which may include both written and practical components. You may need to pass exams covering grooming techniques used with different breeds or types of breeds, such as sporting and non-sporting dogs. Through the NDGAA, you can earn the National Certified Master Groomer title, while IPG offers the International Model of Pet Grooming Distinction and the International Certified Master Groomer titles.

What Are Some Related Alternative Careers?

Some alternative careers that also require a high school diploma or equivalent are veterinary assistants and laboratory animal caretakers, as well as farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers. Veterinary assistants and laboratory animal caretakers provide basic care for animals in clinics or labs. This may include cleaning cages, feeding animals or exercising them. Farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers coordinate and oversee the daily activities of their farming establishment. They may manage the production of things like crops or dairy products.

Shaw Academy

Dog Grooming Class Overview

  • Dog grooming overview
  • Equipment use and dog handling
  • Health assessments, common health issues and dog nutrition.
  • Basic grooming and style grooming according to specific breeds
  • Set-up and running of their own dog grooming salon

Dog Grooming Course Content


Diploma in Dog Grooming


  1. So, You Like Dogs?”In your first lesson you need to understand why it is important to have a dog groomed by a professional and we will have a look at the pros and cons of being a dog groomer. The educator will introduce you to the different dog breeds from around the world and add some fun fact throughout the lesson. We will discuss different dog breeds and their health issues. You will also learn the basics of a dog’s anatomy with some freaky facts which I am sure you have never heard of.”
  2. Let’s Dig Into It”During this lesson we will discover the 7 different canine groups that breeds are divided into and assist in determining which type of dog breed will suite your personality best. We will also cover and discuss the most common of illnesses and diseases that you may be faced with at times . The subject of dog nutrition and how to ensure that your dog gets the proper nutrition it needs, forms a very important part of this lecture. “
  3. Equip Yourself”In this lesson, you will learn the important facts when it comes to caring for a dog, and one of those factors is dog grooming. We will discuss how to create a safe working/grooming environment and because you are working with a live animal it is important to take measures to protect yourself as a groomer. You will be introduced to the variety of equipment needed to groom as well as the maintenance thereof. “
  4. Doggy Body LanguageYou will be able to identify behavioural signs of aggression, fear, anxiety, as well as the correct method of approach. This lesson will enable you to read a dog’s body language and my videos will be informative on how to handle and groom temperamental and disabled (blind and deaf) dogs.
  5. Let Me Take a Look at That”In lesson 5 “Let me take a look at that” you will learn how to conduct a full pre-grooming inspection by checking the dog’s appearance, body language, coat condition and overall health. I will teach you various techniques for example on how to remove certain matters from a dog’s coat. We shall discuss wide-ranging factors that affect the coat condition and the grooming process. “
  6. Hair, Hair, EVERYWHEREYou will learn about the different types of dog coats from curly to smooth, wire to silky and everything in between as well as the difference between a hair coat and fur coat. I will demonstrate how to deshed a dog and how to remove the undercoat from a double coated dog. Even dogs get tangled hair, but not too worry I will teach you a method to de-tangle the knots easily and painlessly.
  7. Rub-a-dub-dub in the Tub”During this lesson, you will be educated on the correct methods and techniques on how to brush and bath your dog to maintain your dog’s skin and coat as well as for best hygiene practices. Demonstration videos will be used in this lesson to guide and inform you on what exactly to do. You will be taught how to brush the teeth, which takes place during the bathing process and discover tools and products needed for these processes.”
  8. Blowing You Away”You will be educated in various drying methods and techniques to turn your fur baby into a little fluff ball and which equipment to use to achieve that. Accidents do happen and that is why you should always be prepared for any situation. During this lesson, we will discuss how to react in emergency conditions and what steps to follow. “

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