Dentist Salary In Nyc

In New York City, the average dentist salary is $260,000 a year. This number is based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that was published in March of 2018.

The average dentist salary in New York City is higher than the national average by about $70,000 a year, which means that if you’re looking for a high-paying job in the field of dentistry, you’ll probably have an easier time finding one here than anywhere else in the country.

The average dentist salary in New York City is $200,000. The median annual wage for dentists was $176,750 in May 2015, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Dentists in New York City make an average of $217,000 per year. The lowest-paid 10 percent earned less than $98,880, while the highest-paid 10 percent made more than $305,770.

The average dentist salary in New York City is $233,000. Dentists typically earn more than other health care practitioners, but the cost of living in New York City is also higher than most other parts of the country.

The median annual wage for dentists working in New York City was $233,000. The lowest-paid 10% earned less than $134,490, while the highest-paid 10% earned more than $310,500.

Dentist Salary In Nyc

Dentist salary in New York, NY
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The average salary for a dentist is $211,374 per year in New York, NY. 171 salaries reported, updated at July 28, 2022.

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Top companies for Dentists in New York, NY

58 reviews
7 salaries reported
per year
Rewards Dental
20 reviews
15 salaries reported
per year

American Dental Solutions
50 reviews
6 salaries reported
per year

DDS Dentures + Implant Solutions
76 reviews
39 salaries reported
per year
Southern Oak Dental, LLC
16 reviews
5 salaries reported
per year
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Highest paying cities for Dentists near New York, NY
New York, NY
$211,374 per year
171 salaries reported
Manhattan, NY
$205,676 per year
16 salaries reported
Brooklyn, NY
$190,571 per year
102 salaries reported
Bronx, NY
$182,597 per year
62 salaries reported
Flushing, NY
$179,826 per year
25 salaries reported
Staten Island, NY
$179,633 per year
10 salaries reported
Syracuse, NY
$176,538 per year
24 salaries reported
Rochester, NY
$174,961 per year
19 salaries reported
Bay Shore, NY
$169,996 per year
12 salaries reported
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Green card sponsorship
Health insurance
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Loan assistance
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Professional development assistance
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Tuition reimbursement
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Visa sponsorship
Vision insurance

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