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crna programs in colorado

How Hard is CRNA School | Passing Nurse Anesthetist School

Many students wonder “How hard is CRNA school?” and if they are good enough to get through it. One of the hardest schools to get into is nursing school. Many potential nurses work hard to get into nursing school so that they can practice as nurses. Some choose to advance their education by applying for admission into CRNA school. Graduate level nursing programs are much more demanding and difficult for nursing students. It takes a tremendous amount of focus and dedication to become Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists.

Overview of CRNA School

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The CRNA program lasts approximately 24 to 36 months. The program is usually broken up into classroom instruction and clinical experiences. Some programs start the students in their clinical experiences within a few months of the start of the program. During this time, students have the opportunity to put their book knowledge to work during their clinical experiences.

The first half of the program consists of instruction in advanced nursing content. Students learn advanced pathophysiology, pharmacology, physiology, and anatomy. They also learn about principles and concepts of nursing courses and anesthesia. During this portion of the CRNA schooling, students may also participate in simulation experience and intensive lab sessions where they learn nursing and anesthesia skills.

The final stretch of the program consists of full-time clinical experiences that allow students to synthesize the knowledge that they learn in their coursework into clinical practice.

How Hard is CRNA School?

CRNA school is extremely difficult, but for those who are determined to become CRNAs, it can be done. The CRNA program is very intensive, as it’s a graduate level program. Students have a tremendous amount of information to remember in CRNA school. In some cases, students may have to apply the knowledge learned in a course that day to clinical experiences later on during the same day. The structures of programs vary by college or university so students will have to check with their respective CRNA programs to determine the requirements.

The programs move very fasts so students have to study for many hours to absorb the information they need for CRNA school. Students have to find a way to balance their coursework, studying, and clinical experiences so that they do well in CRNA school. Students will have to create a plan, evaluate the plan, and implement a plan based on established guidelines and sound practices.

Why is CRNA School Hard?

CRNA school is so hard because of the massive amount of information that students have to retain. They may be expected to read several hundred pages of information each week that contains information they need to know for their lectures and clinical experiences.

Students usually start with one of two days of clinical experiences and advance to 5 days per week, working 50 to 60 hours per week. Many of these programs require that students complete their clinical experiences in conjunction with coursework so some students may attend school for half of the day and clinical experiences the other half of the day.

Students are also expected to maintain very high grades in CRNA school. In many programs, students who make grades lower than a B will not pass the class. Making a B- may be considered failing in some CRNA programs.

In additions to all of the difficulty that students experience from their coursework and clinical experiences, CRNA school students must also balance their personal lives and find time for their families and friends in the midst of their schooling.

How Many Hours Do I need to Study in CNRA School?

The amount of time students need to student during CNRA school all depends on each students. Some students retain information rather quickly and many only need to study a few hours per day. Other students may need to student for 2 to 4 hours per day to understand the information. Yet other students may have to study for 6 to 8 hours per day to understand the content.

The biggest determining factor in how much study time that students need is where they are in their program. It may be easier to study for a massive number of hours when students are only taking courses. Once clinical experiences begin, it may become more difficult to find time to study. Some students must use their sleep time to study when they are taking courses and clinical experiences together.

Tips on How to Pass Nurse Anesthetist School

Study during every free moment.

  • Find a study groups with people who have specific CRNA school strengths.
  • Ask many questions during courses and clinical experiences.
  • Strive to make A’s in all classes.
  • Take breaks to participate in enjoyable things.
  • Create a study plan at the beginning of the program.
  • Collaborate with professors often.
  • Take the CRNA program seriously.
  • Use supplemental material to help understand content.

CRNA school is one of the most difficult schools to get into and complete. Students must dedicate a tremendous amount of time to studying concepts and principles of their programs if they want to become Certified Registered Nurses Anesthetists.

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