Cna Salary In Mississippi

The average CNA salary in Mississippi is $25,000. This is slightly above the national average of $24,000 per year. The average hourly wage for a certified nursing assistant is $12.33.

The cost of living in Mississippi is about 6% lower than the national average, so this can help increase pay for CNA’s in the state.

The highest paying metropolitan area for CNAs in Mississippi is Jackson, where the average annual salary is $31,000. The lowest paying metro area for CNAs in Mississippi is Hattiesburg, where the average annual salary is $21,000.

The highest paying counties for CNAs in Mississippi are Coahoma County ($27,000), Bolivar County ($24,000), Humphreys County ($23,000), and George County ($22,500).

The lowest paying counties for CNAs in Mississippi are George County ($22,500), Noxubee County ($21,500), Humphreys County ($2300), and Tunica County ($2100).

Cna Salary In Mississippi

Nursing Assistant salary in Mississippi

Average base salary

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$12.43Per hourPer dayPer weekPer monthPer year


below national average


$3,812per year

Non-cash benefit


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The average salary for a nursing assistant is $12.43 per hour in Mississippi and $3,812 overtime per year.1.4k salaries reported, updated at July 28, 2022.

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Salaries by years of experience in Mississippi

Years of experiencePer hour
Less than 1 year$11.93
1 to 2 years$12.05
3 to 5 years$12.69
6 to 9 years$13.02
More than 10 years$14.34

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Top companies for Nursing Assistants in Mississippi

  1. Aperion Care3.0737 reviews13 salaries reported$24.09per hour
  2. ShiftKey3.7254 reviews59 salaries reported$23.56per hour
  3. Dedicated Nursing Associates, Inc.3.4274 reviews123 salaries reported$22.69per hour
  4. Nurseio4.020 reviews21 salaries reported$22.36per hour
  5. Select Specialty Hospital3.21664 reviews13 salaries reported$21.18per hour
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Highest paying cities for Nursing Assistants in Mississippi

  1. Gulfport, MS$16.06 per hour31 salaries reported
  2. Ridgeland, MS$14.23 per hour6 salaries reported
  3. Jackson, MS$13.39 per hour58 salaries reported
  1. Greenwood, MS$12.90 per hour45 salaries reported
  2. Vicksburg, MS$12.74 per hour56 salaries reported
  3. Corinth, MS$12.18 per hour99 salaries reported
  1. Tupelo, MS$12.09 per hour15 salaries reported
  2. Hattiesburg, MS$11.78 per hour61 salaries reported
  3. Meridian, MS$11.13 per hour8 salaries reported

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