Career After Phd In Human Resource Management

Career after PhD in Human Resource Management

After getting a PhD in HRM, you can work in a variety of roles. Some positions require an advanced degree and experience, while others are open to candidates with less education and training.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the study of how organizations hire and manage employees. The field encompasses a wide range of topics, including employee relations and management, job evaluation, compensation systems, training programs, employee benefits, labor law, workplace safety and health issues, organizational development and more.

HRM professionals help employers make business decisions that affect their employees’ performance and productivity. They also advise managers on how to deal with problems such as discrimination or harassment claims from workers who feel mistreated by their superiors or coworkers. As such, HRM experts must be familiar with employment laws that govern hiring practices in different countries around the world (e.g., United States vs France).

Career After Phd In Human Resource Management


HR professionals help organisations achieve strategic objectives by combining scientific and technical knowledge with an understanding of the business context. HR professionals are in high demand, so it’s a good time to pursue this career path. A PhD can help you to be recognized as an expert in your field and get hired for the top jobs with organizations around the world.

Human Resource Management is a branch of management studies that combines scientific and technical knowledge within the context of business organisations to achieve strategic objectives. The demand for HR professionals is gradually growing.

Human Resource Management is a branch of management studies that combines scientific and technical knowledge within the context of business organisations to achieve strategic objectives. The demand for HR professionals is gradually growing, as organizations are becoming more competitive to retain talented employees in order to achieve their goals.

HR professionals need to have excellent communication skills, analytical abilities and be capable of handling pressure since they will be required to work on projects with tight deadlines.

HR professionals can work in the following sectors:

  • BPOs: Business Process Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular career option for fresh graduates.
  • KPOs: Knowledge Process Outsourcing is another growing sector that HR professionals can vie for.
  • Banking: Banking has always been attractive to young people who wish to pursue a stable and lucrative career. People with an HR background have a great chance of entering the banking industry as there are many openings available in this field.
  • IT Sector: Information technology has become one of the most sought-after fields in today’s world, especially since it offers ample opportunities in terms of jobs and growth prospects. If you have completed your PhD degree in Human Resource Management, then this sector could be an ideal place for you as well! You will not only get access to some really exciting job opportunities but also earn handsomely too!
  • Consultancy Firms: Consulting firms are always on the lookout for new talent with diverse experiences and perspectives, which makes them a great option for HR professionals looking to start their own business ventures after completing their studies at top universities like Harvard Business School or London Business School (LBS). Consulting firms usually offer flexible working hours which allows employees plenty of time off from work so they can spend more quality time with family members or travel around foreign lands while still making sure they get paid regularly every month no matter where they go or what they do during those vacations; hence why this sector is considered very attractive by many professionals across different industries nowadays.”

1. BPOs

  • BPOs

BPOs are the fastest growing industry in India and they are expected to create more than 500,000 jobs by 2020. These companies provide a wide range of services including customer service, data entry, software development and testing etc., to various sectors such as banking, insurance or manufacturing. Most BPOs are concentrated in Gurgaon (National Capital Region) but there are also many other cities like Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala), Bangalore (Karnataka), Chennai (Tamil Nadu) that have a good number of these companies too.

BPOs offer an excellent opportunity for someone with a Human Resource Management degree because they require workers who can handle complex projects related to human resource management effectively. In addition to this knowledge base about HRM practices and procedures, BPO employees need good communication skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills so that they can work with teams from various cultures around the world without any problems or misunderstandings arising between them at any point during project implementation stages.”

2. KPOs

KPOs, also known as business process outsourcing companies, are knowledge process outsourcing companies that provide services to a variety of sectors such as media, technology, telecommunications and healthcare. KPOs help organisations to improve their business processes by providing high-quality services.

KPOs act as strategic partners in the growth of their clients’ businesses by offering innovative solutions in key areas such as strategy development and execution; operations management; customer relationship management; human capital development; product development and marketing support.

3. Banking

Banking is a sector that is growing at a rapid pace, and it offers a variety of roles for HR professionals. The banking industry can be divided into three sectors: retail banking, merchant banking and investment banking.

In retail banking, you work as an HR professional in a bank that offers personal or business loans and savings accounts. You will also have to create an employee policy for employees working in the bank.

In merchant banking, you can work as an HR professional for companies that provide financial services like insurance products or mutual funds by partnering with banks or directly with customers via telephone or internet platforms. In this sector of the business world, there is always high demand for people who have knowledge about human resources because they handle hiring/firing decisions related to employees who work directly with customers on daily basis (for example customer service representatives).

The third sector within the field of finance where your skills can be put to use is investment banking (IB), which includes advising companies on how best they should raise capital through initial public offerings (IPOs) etc., advising firms on mergers & acquisitions (M&As), providing advice on bankruptcy proceedings etc..

4. IT Sector

The IT sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country. The sector has been growing at a rate of 15% to 20% per year, and it is expected to grow at a rate of 10% to 15% per year till 2025. It is also one of the largest employers in the country, with over 3 lakh employees.

The demand for IT professionals across various domains such as mobile app development and design; web designing/development; digital marketing; software testing etc., continues to grow steadily every year. There are multiple opportunities available across different verticals like application development, testing services, infrastructure management etc., depending on your skillset.

5. Consultancy Firms – HR Consulting, Market Research & Analytics, Financial Advisory, Legal Advisory, etc

As a consultant, your role is to assist companies in meeting their business objectives. Some of the areas that consulting firms focus on include: HR Consulting, Market Research & Analytics, Financial Advisory and Legal Advisory. If you choose to work with a consulting firm then you must possess excellent analytical and communication skills as well as experience in the field of Human Resource Management (HR).

The following are some examples of different types of consulting firms:

  • Functional Consultants – These consultants specialize in specific areas such as Marketing or Finance
  • Industry Consultants – These consultants help organizations improve their operations within specific industries like Banking or Insurance
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) / ITES/ IT Enabled Services (ITES)- This type of consulting firm provides support services such as software development or data processing using information technology tools

6. Accounting Firms – Audit & Assurance, Taxation, Risk Advisory, Corporate Finance Advisory etc

If you are a graduate with a Ph.D. in the field of human resource management, you may be interested in working as an accountant at an accounting firm. The services of these companies include audit and assurance; taxation; risk advisory; corporate finance advisory and so on.

7. Corporate Hospitals

A corporate hospital is a healthcare facility that is owned and operated by an individual or organization that does not provide medical services to patients. The hospitals offer various courses, ranging from bachelor’s degree to graduate degrees, in different specializations such as management studies, business administration and marketing. The university also offers a post doctoral course for professionals who wish to pursue their higher education in the field of human resource management.

Some of the well-known corporate hospitals include:

8. Retail Sector- Consumer Durables, Food Processing industries, Apparel etc

If you are a graduate in HR and looking for a career in the retail sector, then this could be the right place. The retail industry is growing rapidly in India and retailers are looking to hire human resource professionals to manage their HR departments. You can start your career with an entry level position like an Assistant Manager or a Supervisor at one of the leading companies in this industry. You will gain valuable experience while working on various projects related to recruitment processes, employee benefits and compensation etc., which will help you excel as a professional later on!

9. First Generation Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a great way to start a career. Entrepreneurship is also good for the economy as it creates jobs and revenue. In addition, it helps in creating innovations that improve lives. If you are passionate about using your skills to make a difference in the world, then this option might be perfect for you. It’s possible to achieve financial freedom through starting your own business or working for someone else’s company who has created something of value and seeing how far they can take it forward with your support along the way.

If you have the right kind of mindset, entrepreneurship may be one of the best choices available out there because it gives people like us an opportunity to build a scalable business model from scratch without having any experience beforehand – just by having faith in ourselves!

10. Tourism & Travel Industries

There is a growing demand for tourism professionals in the world. This is because, the tourism industry is growing at a rapid pace around the globe. In India too, it is one of the fastest growing industries with an average annual growth rate of 10% over the last few years. The United States and United Kingdom have also been experiencing some very good growth rates in this sector as well.

This means you will have plenty of opportunities to work with both domestic and international companies offering travel-related services such as hotel management or tour guide training programs to students from other countries who want to learn more about Indian culture during their stay here at home!

11. Hotels and Resorts

If you’re looking for a career where you can make an impact, then consider the hotel and resort industry. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with projections showing that it will continue to grow at a rate of 3-4% annually over the next five years.

This is also an industry that prides itself on providing excellent customer service. So if you are passionate about helping others and making them feel welcome (and comfortable), then this is probably the right career choice for you.

12. Government Organisations- Public Administration or PSUs

  • Government Organisations- Public Administration or PSUs

If you are looking for career opportunities with a government organisation, then the best option is to work for the government of India. There are several departments under the Ministry of Personnel and Training (MoP&T) in which HR professionals can work. These include:

  • Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DARPG)
  • Department Of Personnel And Training (DoPT)
  • Department Of Personnel Management (DoPM)

The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI), National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Election Commission Of India etc. can also be considered as possible employers if you prefer working with a government department that deals with administrative matters and legal matters rather than business operations or customer relations services.

13. Educational Institutes- Universities and Colleges

Educational Institutes- Universities and Colleges

Today, there are a lot of educational institutes that offer HR courses. It is also possible to study Human Resources or related courses in a university or college level. But it should be noted that the coursework will not be equivalent to a doctoral degree program in terms of its scope and depth. However, if you wish to get trained on specific skills like management accounting and finance or operations research then there are many universities which offer these programs as part of their curriculum.


There is no dearth of opportunities for HR professionals with a PhD in Human Resource Management. One can go to do a research or become an academician. The professional HR course will help one in understanding the various aspects of human resource management and its application in different industries and also make them understand their role as an HR professional. The course will also teach you how to deal with problems and challenges that one might face at work, thus providing you with the necessary skills to be a successful manager.

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