Bircham International University Testimonials

“I have been so impressed with the professionalism and high quality of education that I have received from Bircham International University. Not only have I learned a lot about the business world, but I’ve also learned how to work with others, how to handle stress and pressure, and how to manage my time effectively.”

-Aimee V., student at Bircham International University

Bircham International University Testimonials


Testimony from J. Stephen Hall in the United States.

“BIU is a great platform for people who want to learn without being bogged down by academic bureaucracy. I liked the fact that I could spend my time learning and not worrying about administrative tasks, like writing assignments and waiting for review.

BIU is also great for anyone who doesn’t want to waste their time in classes where they’ll never use the information again.”

“I would recommend Bircham International University because it allows students from all over the world to gain knowledge from experts in their fields, with no restrictive schedules or requirements.”

“I would change nothing about Bircham International University—it has been an amazing experience!”

Testimony from Ruzanna “Ruzi” Hovhannisyan in Armenia.

Ruzi Hovhannisyan is a student at BIU’s Los Angeles campus, studying a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Ruzi is from Armenia and she studied a Bachelor’s degree at our Armenia campus. She chose to study abroad because she wanted to experience something new, meet new people and build her leadership skills. The most exciting part for Ruzi was the opportunity to learn English in an immersive environment with other international students from around the world. It helped her more than she could imagine! Ruzi says: “I am very happy that I chose Bircham International University!”

Testimony from Rune Madsen in Denmark.

We would like to share the Testimonial of Rune Madsen, a student from Denmark. He studied International Business and Marketing at Bircham International University and is happy with his experience at BIU.

“I am very satisfied with my time at Bircham International University as it was an enriching experience both academically and socially. I can highly recommend BIU to all who are interested in studying abroad in Malaysia or other countries around Asia, as the staff is very helpful and friendly towards students from other countries such as myself who are not familiar with local culture or language but feel right at home there due to their hospitality.”

Rune Madsen has now completed his studies at Bircham International University Malaysia (BIUM) and will soon start looking for a job where he hopes that future employers will recognize that he has achieved something special by earning his degree overseas through an international program instead of just getting one locally without any experience working outside of Denmark before starting university; something most Danish students don’t get because they usually stay near home until they’re 30 years old (or older).

Testimony from Flavio De Marco in Italy.

I am Flavio De Marco from Italy, I have been a student of Bircham International University for five years. I have to say that BIU is the best university I have ever seen. The teachers are so kind and helpful, and they always try to make us learn better. They always want us to improve our English skills and we can see that they like their job because they are always smiling when we come in class.

One thing that helped me the most was the part where they taught us how to work well with other people, like in an office or even at home with your family members; this could be very useful if you want to work abroad or just stay in your country but you need good communication skills with others as well as being able to understand them when they talk about something important which might sound confusing on your first time hearing it (for example: “We need 5 more people for this project!”). Another thing which has helped me was learning about different cultures from different countries around the world; this made me feel like there aren’t any borders between humans since we share so many things together (family values), but also so many differences depending on where each person lives his/her life – sometimes it feels weird because someone’s idea about religion might not match yours perfectly; however, thanks God there’s no war anymore so we can still have fun together regardless of who’s side we’re standing on!

Testimony from Mohamed Hassan Ladan Al-Bashir in Sudan.

BIU is a good school, a good place to study and meet people. It has also helped me to find a job as well as being my home in Sudan. I would like to thank BIU because it has helped me so much in my life.

Some of the many BIU Students

If you are looking for a great place to study and make new friends, then Bircham International University is the right choice for you. BIU offers a wide range of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as master’s programs in business. The university has an excellent reputation for providing quality education with international standards through its innovative curriculum design and state-of-the art facilities.

BIU is also known for its friendly environment where students from all over the world come together to share their cultures. It provides students with opportunities to explore different cultures while they are able to interact with each other at social events held by the university regularly. There are also many extracurricular activities that allow students to get involved in sports competitions; host cultural festivals; participate in competitions such as debating or quiz events; write articles for student publications such as “The Bircham Times”; perform plays etc.,


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