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Medicine is a calling that only a few can heed, largely because of the cost of medical school. As such, many students are setting their sights on studying medicine in countries such as Turkey. According to estimates, tuition in private Turkish medical schools range from $15,000 to $25,000.

This is a far cry compared to countries such as the United States, where annual tuition ranges from about $35,000 to $58,000.

What are the requirements for studying Medicine in Turkey?

Requirements depend on the school. Some offer free tuition to those who have aced the International Student Exam (YÖS) and TOEFL IBT or IELTS exam. A high GPA and GRE are also needed to gain admission to state medical schools.

Private medical schools, on the other hand, usually do not require applicants to undergo an International Student Exam.

They, however, need to have a high GPA (80% or above), GRE, and TOEFL IBT/IELTS scores. Because they have more slots for international students, admission rates are higher in Private universities.

Applying to medical schools in Turkey can be a tough process, so we’ve provided a guide on How to Study in Turkey for International Students. This guide will give you a general overview of the application process, so check it out!

How Much does it Cost to Study in Turkish Medical Schools?

As mentioned in the introduction, it costs anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 a year to study in private medical schools. In addition, you will need to pay for living costs such as rent, food, and transportation costs. This cost will be high for many international students, but there are ways that you can study for free.

How long does it take to study in Medical Schools in Turkey?

Compared to the US where medical school takes 4 years, you will need 6 years to study medicine in Turkey. The first and second years consist of basic science education, while the third year of schooling deals with pathologies and diseases.

The fourth and fifth years are focused on clinical internships, while sixth-year students take on the duty of a regular doctor. Though they are called interns, these physicians receive compensation for their hospital duties.

Top Medical Schools in Turkey

1. Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine

Located in Ankara, Hacettepe University is the top-ranked Turkish university in terms of academic performance. With its high international standards, it ranks 4th out of all the global universities in Turkey.

As such, its Faculty of Medicine scores high in US News’ parameters for Clinical Medicine. It ranks 5th in clinical medicine international collaboration, which makes it a perfect school for foreign students.

Established in 1954, this medical school in Turkey offers two programs. The regular MD program takes the usual 6 years. Qualified applicants, on the other hand, may opt for a joint MD-Ph.D. program. Here, students can take doctorate studies after two years in medical school.

MD-Ph.D. candidates can specialize in different fields, including Biochemistry, Biophysics, Medical Biology, and Pharmacology, to name a few. Due to the intensive nature of the study, the MD-Ph.D. courses take a total of 8 years to complete.

2. Istanbul University Medical School

Istanbul University is a prominent state institution based in the Turkish capital of Istanbul. Established in 1827 (though it has been operating since the 15th century), the Istanbul University Medical Faculty holds the distinction as Turkey’s first-ever medical school.

This medical school in Turkey accepts an average of 310 students for its Turkish medicine track, while only 60 applicants can enroll in the English medical program. These tracks are taught in parallel at the Capa Campus, where the Istanbul Medical Facility hospital is located.

As per US News indicators, its Surgery program ranks 7th when it comes to international collaboration. This is evidenced by the school’s many overseas partnerships, including the M8 Partnership, which is in conjunction with 25 medical schools worldwide. It also offers the Erasmus Programme, where students can study at select universities in Europe.

3. Ankara University School of Medicine

Established in 1946, the Ankara University School of Medicine is famous for being Turkey’s first medical school. Students typically complete their medical education at the Sihhiye campus and their clinicals at the Ibni Saha Hospital.

Ankara University offers both Turkish and English medicine tracks. The latter differs from the former in the sense that it is more supportive of the research culture. Because of this, US News has ranked Ankara University number 27 in terms of regional research reputation.

Ankara University also offers several international programs for its medical students, including that of the Erasmus and Mevlana Programmes.

Ankara University offers scholarships based on certain criteria. Qualified students can also apply for part-time work to pay for their tuition fees and accommodations, to name a few.

4. Ege University Faculty of Medicine

We look at our next candidate in the top medical school in Turkey, which is Ege University Faculty of Medicine. This institution offers an outcome-based education program, which is deemed to be student-centric and community-oriented.

The school was founded in 1955 and was housed in the old campus until it was moved to Bornova in 1971.

Instructions are grouped according to three departments, namely Basic Medical Science, Clinical Medical Science, and Surgical Medical Science.

Presently, Ege University is hailed as one of the best global universities in Asia. According to US News, it ranks number 16 among the different institutions in Turkey. Its Clinical Medicine capacity is considered one of the best in the region, and as such, it is ranked 11th in terms of international collaboration.

5. Marmara University Medical School

Based in Istanbul, Marmara University is one of the well-known state institutions in Turkey. It is also one of the oldest, as it was established back in 1883. However, it had to undergo several name changes before the university was finally settled as Marmara.

Marmara University has 14 campuses spread throughout the Asian and European sides of Turkey.

Like most medical schools in the country, Marmara University offers MD tracks in both Turkish and English.

In terms of health and life sciences, it ranks highly in industry income and research citations according to the World University Rankings. The school is also known for its clinical medicine research, which is ranked 65 in the region.

6. Dokuz Eylül University School of Medicine

Dokuz Eylül University is a relatively young institution, having been founded only in 1982. Although this is the case, this Izmir-based school is well-known for its 17 faculties, including the famous School of Medicine.

The medical school is based in the İnciraltı campus, together with other faculties delving in the health sciences. Apart from producing notable alumni, the school became the first faculty to make use of the problem-based learning method in 1997.

Medical students get to enjoy the optimal clinical experience at Dokuz Eylül University Hospital, which is considered one of the best medical centers in Turkey. It also has a world-class research and development facility, where students can explore pressing medical issues, such as cancer biology, molecular biology of genetic disorders, and new-age cellular treatments.

7. Koc University School of Medicine

One of the best medical schools in Turkey, Koc University School of Medicine was established in 2008. The Medical School is situated in the Topkapi campus, alongside the University Hospital and research centers.

Admission at Koc University is quite selective, as only 60 students were accepted for AY 2019-2020. Compared to other schools, the curriculum is only taught in English. However, bedside teaching – especially during the 4th year – is delivered in the Turkish language.

As one of the top institutions in Turkey, Koc University holds the distinction of being one of the best global universities in Asia. With its student-friendly environment, US News has recognized Koc University in the field of clinical medicine, especially in terms of international collaboration.

8. Gazi University School of Medicine

Gazi University is a public institution located in the city of Ankara. Founded in 1979, the School of Medicine started with only 7 professors and 100 students. Now, the school has grown as one of the finest medical schools in the country, with its 929 academicians and 2775 students.

Medical students are firstly taught with Basic Medical Sciences, which include Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry, to name a few. They then progress to Clinical Medical Sciences, before they head onto the Surgical Medical Sciences. Students are also encouraged to perform research, and this has greatly helped boost the school’s regional research reputation, making it one of Turkey’s best medical schools.

Students usually spend their clinical internships at the same-named Gazi University hospital, which was founded in 1986. It is one of the best medical centers in the country, having been the first public hospital to be awarded the ISO Quality Assurance Mark.

9. Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine

Located in the Antalya province, Akdeniz University is a well-respected educational institution in the Western Mediterranean region of Turkey. Its educational program, developed by Harden, is known to be student-centered as it puts much focus on problem solving and integration.

The Faculty of Medicine, previously a part of Ankara University up until 1981, utilizes various training methods. They include classroom or amphitheater lessons, laboratory applications, skill training, community education, and clinic practice.

Akdeniz University medical students undergo their clinical rotation in the campus hospital, which has a bed capacity of 775. Here, medical students help look after an average of 40,000 inpatient clients – and 800,000 outpatient customers.

10. Erciyes University Medical School

We end our list of best medical schools in Turkey with Erciyes University Medical School. Founded in 1978, Erciyes University is nestled in the central Anatolian city of Kayseri. The medical school dedicates the first three years for integrated courses. This includes compulsory courses including History, Turkish language, and other foreign languages.

Years 4-6 focus on medical clerkships in Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, and General Surgery. With this intensive educational program, the university has managed to produce respected leaders not only in hospitals but in community centers as well.

As one of the best global universities in Turkey, the school is known for its clinical medicine prowess. As such, Erciyes University continues to be a leader in medical research in the region.

best medical universities in turkey for international students

Study Medicine in Turkey: An alternative to think about. For many students, studying Medicine is remains a dream. For most of students it is impossible to study Medicine in their own home-country because of very high requirements or tuition fees. Studying Medicine in Turkey is an often chosen destination for International students who want to realize their dream of becoming a doctor.

In Turkey, Medicine can be studied in English or Turkish. At our outstanding universities located in Istanbul, Ankara or İzmir – students have lots of options.

    No entry examination
    15.000$ – 27.500$ per year
    6 Years
    Turkish or English
    İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir
    Not needed
    In 3-5 Days
    Applying through us
    98.9% Admission Rate

Looking for a Medical School in Turkey?
Global Academia is here to help with your application. To get started today, take the first step and arrange your free consultation. Make your application the best it can be by using our Application Form


General Medicine: 6-year-program
Entry Requirements: For state universities – YÖS Exam
For foundation Universities: 

The standard period of studying is 6 years.
(Except for the year of preparation)

First and second year:
As in other countries, the first two years are filled with basic science.

Third year:
From the 3rdyear you get a theoretical and practical introduction to the diseases.

4thand 5thyear consist of clinical internships

The last year of the medical studies is spent as a future practicing physician in the university hospital. You take on the duties of a regular doctor. Students I the 6thyear are called as ‘interns’. This is the preliminary stage of the assistant medical education in Turkey. Turkish citizens are rewarded by the university with a modest monthly salary for their medical work.


Studying Medicine in Turkey –  Entry Requirements

In order to study Medicine in Turkey you must have a high school diploma. You can enter Medical schools in Turkey directly from high school. There are different requirements depending on your educational background (your high school diploma type)

To not get rejected, please choose your medical school wisely with us. To make it easier for you to get accepted at Medicine in Turkey we recommend you to talk to one of our consultants.

Here are some common admission criteria / requirements for Medicine degrees offered by Turkish Universities.

  • High School Diploma (Min average of 70%)
  • Good marks in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Valid Passport

If you do not meet the criteria of 70% average on your high school diploma, please contact our consultants.

Best Universities to study Medicine in English in Turkey

Below you can find all universities offering Medicine in Turkey in English. To apply to the universities mentioned below, please fill out the application form.

UniversityCityLanguageYearly Fees
(before discount)
Yearly fees
After our discount!

To get admission with our discount / scholarship please fill out the Application Form below!

All Universities offering Medicine in Turkey

  • Acibadem University
  • Altinbas University
  • Atilim University
  • Başkent University
  • Beykent University
  • Biruni University
  • Haliç University
  • İstanbul Atlas University
  • İstanbul Aydin University
  • İstanbul Medipol University
  • İstanbul Okan University
  • İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University
  • İstinye University
  • KTO Karatay University
  • Lokman Hekim University
  • Maltepe University
  • Üsküdar University
  • Yeditepe University
  • Yüksek İhtisas University

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