Average teacher salary in wyoming

The average salary for a teacher in Wyoming is $44,760. This is the second highest among all states in the United States of America. But the figure actually varies a lot with respect to the qualification and experience of the teacher. In this article we analyze data from Glassdoor to find out about average salaries for teachers in different cities of Wyoming.

The average teacher’s salary in Wyoming is $53,020. In all but two or three states, Idaho and South Dakota throw out the high end of the scale, with the median salary for teachers coming in at just over $51,000. The District of Columbia has a considerably higher average: $81,600.

Average teacher salary in wyoming

The average teacher salary in Wyoming according to http://www.goingtoawarmplace.com/teachers-salaries-in-wyoming.html is $48,159. Not including finances for retirement or health care, you’re looking at about $43,916.00 for five months of work, before taxes are taken out of your check. And it gets worse if you have a spouse working as well!

The average teacher salary in Wyoming is $76,898, which means that the majority of teachers in the state make somewhere around this amount of money. More specific information on teacher salaries can be found below.

In 2018, the average elementary school teacher salary in Wyoming was $47,371. The average intermediate school teacher and high school teacher salary was $57,417.

Of the four states for which we found data on estimated 2016 teacher salaries, Connecticut pays its teachers the most. The other three are New York, California and New Jersey.

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