Average salary in us by state

This graph shows the average salary of a web developer in each state. The figure is calculated by using the cost of living index. For example, Washington has the highest average salary because it’s the most expensive state to live in.

The graphic illustrates the average salary per state, using Upwork’s data. It includes design, development, and marketing roles. In this post I will break down each part of the graphic and provide a link to the original data.

If you plan to move from the next state, it will be useful to know in advance about the average income. Using this site you can find out the expected cost of living in any given state. The information is presented in a convenient table for easy comparison of different states. Here you can see the average income, taxes and other expenses, which will help in planning a move.

If you want to earn a higher income, consider some of the best paying states. This can be very helpful if you are in the business of money lending. Just bear in mind that this report only focused on the highest paying jobs for each state, not all the jobs available in each location. The salaries only include the median salaries for a selected job category and no other forms of compensation like commissions, bonuses, etc…

So let’s say you’re an aspiring designer trying to find the best place to live in the United States. If that’s the case, you’re in luck! Because I’ve done all of the research for you, and here are some highlights for your consideration:

Average salary in us by state

The states with the lowest salaries tend to be in the Southeast, with South Carolina’s average salary coming in much lower than most other states on this list. The top three highest-paying states are all on the West coast, with Alaska coming in at the top spot.

With employment prospects and average salaries varying from state to state, this list is a helpful way of getting a better idea of what you should be making in your state if you want to make the most out of your salary. The best idea however would be to base your salary off the city or town you live in, if you can, as you probably spend more of your time there than in the state itself.

Where do you want to live? If you’re thinking of a career in design, its worth considering where in the US the salaries are highest—and which areas have the amount of jobs that you’re looking for. It’ll go a long way towards helping you figure out where you need to be.

The best state: Vermont at $32,310 . Second best: Oregon at $31,930 . The District of Columbia is third with $30,020 .

Overall, the data shows that the highest-paid UX designers can make well over $120,000 a year across both the United States and Canada. That said, they’re likely to do so in California, which has an average salary of $126,000. As in many other states, salaries tend to be lower near rural areas. Also as in many other states, salaries also tend to decrease as you move farther away from metropolitan areas such as San Francisco or New York City.

Like any career, being a graphic designer means that you likely need some specific skills. The good news is that there are plenty of resources out there to help you get those skills, many of which are completely free. As usual, patience, practice and perseverance will reward you in the end.

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