apprenticeship programs in indiana

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apprenticeship programs in indiana

Apprenticeship Programs in Indiana

There are many different apprenticeship training programs within the state of Indiana.  The programs will make it possible for men and women to train for a career while receiving an income.  Individuals will be provided with the related classroom studies that they need for an apprenticeship.  Generally, the individuals will not need to pay for this training as long as they are meeting all requirements for their apprenticeship.

 The Indiana University Apprenticeship Program

 This program is referred to as the IUAP.  The program is intended to train individuals to work as skilled craftsman. There are training programs to prepare apprentices for many different trades including:  plumbers, elevator mechanics, electricians and carpenters.  Other training programs are offered as well.  These programs will last for four years with individuals receiving on the job training.  Those who complete the program will then be employed by the Indiana University.  All training is paid for by the Indiana University.  Applications are available at the Human Resources office of the university.  This is located on 300 E. Seventh Street in Bloomington Indiana.

Central Indiana IEC

 There is an apprenticeship program through the Independent Electrical Contractors of Central Indiana.  This program prepares individuals to work in electrical careers.  The training program lasts for four years.  Individuals will be completing on the job training and also coursework for credits.  This program makes it possible for individuals to earn an income while training to work as electricians.  They can apply through the Central Indiana IEC office in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Indiana Union Construction Industry

The Indiana Union for the construction industry has an excellent apprenticeship program.  Apprentices through the union will receive at least 1700 hours of training on the job each year.  They will receive up to 2000 hours of on the job hours.  They will also need to complete 216 hours or more of classes for every year of the program.  This is a paid to train program where individuals receive wages during their work hours.  Those who complete a program can also then apply training to an Associate’s Degree.

Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program

 There are various apprenticeship programs for individuals who want to work as boilermakers.  Apprentices will receive classroom instruction in addition to the hours they spend training on the job.  Those who are accepted as apprentices will be paid for the hours they spend on the job with the training.  One of the locations where individuals can apply for the apprenticeship programs is at the Local 374 Training Center.  This is located in Dale, Indiana.


 There are many companies sponsoring electrical apprenticeships in Indiana.  Individuals can learn to work in various areas of the electrical trade. One of the programs is through the IBEW National Electrical Contractors Association and the Michigan City NECA.  This apprenticeship is available in Northern Indiana.  The programs are 3 to 5 years in length for those who participate.

Linemen apprenticeships can also be found when individuals find sponsoring electrical company providers.  Individuals can also learn to work with electrical telecommunication devices and complete programs in this area.

Operating Engineers

 Individuals can receive hands on job training and classroom instruction to enter into operating engineer careers.  Operating engineers learn to work with heavy equipment and to maintain that equipment.  The International Union of Operating Engineers provides works in cooperation with employers to provide the hands on training and classroom training that individuals need to complete an operating engineer apprenticeship.  The program will last for several years and will provide intensive hands on and classroom training.

Workforce Development Center

 Individuals can contact their local workforce development center if they are looking to apply for an apprenticeship program.  There are at least 1000 different opportunities in this state for apprentices in a range of career areas.  The workforce center can help individuals to identify programs for which they might qualify.  They can provide details on sponsoring unions and companies in the person’s areas so that they can locate options for which they can submit an application.

Training Center Reviews:

Indiana University – A beautiful environment and scenery which you can look at when stressed from studying, free resources available for students to use and an opportunity to meet new people from across the globe.

Gives students a homely feeling, the college is huge but its easy to get around. There also lots of classrooms with few students making it easier to gain assistance from professors (who are simply amazing) and have an engaging learning environment.

General review: Most training centers have a decent pay, nice people willing to help and it is a wonderful place to start a career.

Salary Information – Apprenticeship in Indiana

The apprentice salaries in Indiana will differ from occupation to occupation. An Electrician’s salary will vary widely from a Carpenter’s salary simply because they are two completely different occupations. Salaries may also differ depending on other important factors such as city, education, experience, certification and additional skills.

The average salary of an Electrician in Indiana ranges between $40,000 and $70,000 per year depending on the actual Electrician position you are looking for.

The average salary of an Operating Engineer in Indiana ranges between $51,000 and $61,000 per year.

Apprenticeship Program FAQs:

What are the requirements to become an apprentice? You must be registered in an approved program and be 17 years or older to qualify as an apprentice.

How many times can you take a test? You can take the test 7 times within a two-year period. To reschedule an exam, you will have to contact ICC – the exam administrator.

Are benefits provided for apprentices? Yes. Building trades apprentices may receive benefits such as health and retirement.

Do apprentices have to join the union? Union-sponsored apprenticeship programs generally do require their apprentices to join the union.

What qualifications are needed? Basic admission requirements to an apprenticeship program usually include:

  • 18 years of age
  • High school or G.E.D diploma
  • An admissions test administered by the apprenticeship program
  • American citizenship
  • Physical ability to perform the work
  • Interview
  • Signing an apprenticeship agreement
  • Strong background in math, English and Science
  • Blueprint reading and mechanical drawing.

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