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Government Jobs After BSc Physics [Job Opporhunities].

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Government Jobs After BSc Physics.


Government Jobs after bsc Physics.

This article is all about the answering question of what are the government jobs after BSc physics.

BSc physics govt jobs are the most attractive career opportunities we have for students.

We do have multiple private-sector jobs too for the BSc physical course students. But candidates who are clearly looking for government sector jobs can apply for these mentioned below career opportunities

In India jobs after BSc physics comes in both ways on a permanent basis and temporarily. But what are the BSc physics scope in government sector.

For government jobs after BSc physics, you have to clear the central government exams and state government exams.

After clear the exam, jobs for BSc physics fresher will be easier rather than not cleared any government conducted exam.

The public sector is one of the good options after BSc physics jobs and salary.

In public sectors jobs for BSc graduates, you can apply for teaching jobs or Laboratory technician’s jobs, etc.

Many other government departments also hire physics graduates for jobs like financial services and the banking sector.

So after completing your degree in bachelor, you have to prepare for government exam for government jobs after BSc physics.

List of Government Jobs after BSc Physics.

BSc physics job opportunities give you multiple options in the career field. Few high paying jobs after BSc physics are mentioned below in govt sector.

  • Staff Selection Commission.
  • Union Public Service Commission.
  • Public Sector bank.
  • Indian Forest Service.
  • Indian Defense Service.
  • State PCS.

Other departments and centers for, jobs for physics graduates in India under the government sector.

  • Physical Research Laboratory.
  • Defense Research & Development Organization.
  • Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.
  • Indian Space Research Organization.
  • Saha Institute of Nuclear physics.

Top Government Companies for Bsc physics Jobs.

  • Central for Good Governance (CGG).
  • National Institute of Oceanography (NIO).
  • Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Central Government Jobs after B.Sc. Physics.

BSc physics job vacancy always comes in central government on yearly basis. A career in government sector gives extra advantages and authority.

The government department always comes with the scope after BSc through conducted UPSC exams and SSC exams.

Read about UPSC Prepration and eligibility.

For BSc physics job opportunities students need to prepare hard along with study planning. So that you can crack the government exam once.

  • Tax Assistant.
  • Grade III and Complier Exam.
  • Statistical Investigator.
  • Combined higher Secondary.
  • Combined graduate Level Exam.
  • Etc.

Public Sector Banking Jobs after B.Sc Physics.

Another career after BSc physics is the Public Sector banking Sector. Yes, you can apply for banking posts such as Clerks and Probationary officer.

If you have completed your bachelor of science in physics with 60% or above, then you can approach for the PO exam and job.

Government jobs after BSc physics are possible in bank lines like SBI or IBPS PO.

Railway Jobs after bsc physics.

RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) also provides career options after BSc physics. It comes with the conducted exams for which you have to prepare wisely.

And if you clear the RRB exam then your BSc scope in India could continue as a railways post.

Area of Recruitment for B.Sc Physics.

  • Teaching.
  • Scientist.
  • Laboratory.
  • ISRO (Research Center).
  • DRDO (Research Centre).
  • VSSC (Research Centre).
  • SSPL (Research Centre.
  • Space Engineering.

after bsc physics jobs near lagos

Searching For The Best Physics Jobs In Nigeria

By Olakunle|

Written on 13 February 2020|

7 minutes to read


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  • Do I Have To Work In A Physics-Related Field As A Physics Graduate In Nigeria?
  • What Can Increase My Likelihood Of Being Successful When Applying For Physics Graduate Jobs
  • Earning Your Physics Degree Is Just The First Phase

If you’re contemplating earning a physics degree at university, or you are a physics undergraduate and you are thinking of life after graduation, it’s quite normal for you to dwell on the kind of jobs in physics you can do with your degree after graduation.

While studying physics, there are valuable skills you’ll learn that shall help you excel at various kinds of jobs. Some of these skills include:

  • Arithmetic skills;
  • Report writing skills; and
  • Research

It might feel burdensome choosing a specific job or career you want to pursue after university. Not to worry, this article lists the kind of jobs physics graduates can do and how they can get the best out of their jobs.The best Physics tutors available5 (20 reviews)Reuben₦5000/h1st lesson free!5 (12 reviews)Abdulwasiu₦1500/h1st lesson free!5 (13 reviews)Abdulbasit₦2500/h1st lesson free!5 (6 reviews)Moradeyo₦3000/h1st lesson free!5 (9 reviews)Temitayo₦5000/h1st lesson free!5 (10 reviews)Lakunle₦3000/h1st lesson free!5 (10 reviews)Ademola₦5000/h1st lesson free!5 (4 reviews)Thankgod chidi₦3500/h1st lesson free!5 (20 reviews)Reuben₦5000/h1st lesson free!5 (12 reviews)Abdulwasiu₦1500/h1st lesson free!5 (13 reviews)Abdulbasit₦2500/h1st lesson free!5 (6 reviews)Moradeyo₦3000/h1st lesson free!5 (9 reviews)Temitayo₦5000/h1st lesson free!5 (10 reviews)Lakunle₦3000/h1st lesson free!5 (10 reviews)Ademola₦5000/h1st lesson free!5 (4 reviews)Thankgod chidi₦3500/h1st lesson free!Let’s go

Honestly, you don’t have to. As a physics degree holder, you’re not limited to only one sector or field. Your degree empowers you to delve into different industries due to its versatility. However, if you’re keen on physics degree jobs, you can as well pursue such.

Some of the numerous industries a physics graduate can work in include:

  • Government;
  • Petroleum and gas;
  • Science;
  • Engineering;
  • Business and finance;
  • Technology;
  • Construction;
  • Health, and a host of others.

As regards specific job roles, some jobs in physics a physics graduate can apply for include:

  • Physicist;
  • Research personnel;

Even better, a physics graduate isn’t limited to the jobs listed above. You can also apply for the following:

  • Data analyst;
  • IT consultant;
  • Lab technician;
  • Design engineer

Also, jobs that require numerical proficiency will suit a physics graduate perfectly.

Unfortunately, there are one or more jobs that are intentionally or unintentionally overlooked by physics graduates with Bachelor of Science honours. One of these jobs includes a physics teacher.

Right now, some states in Nigeria lack inadequate teaching professionals in different subjects, including physics and maths. For example, the Ministry of Education in Lagos states admits that the state requires the services of qualified personnel that can teach core science subjects such as physics and maths in secondary schools.

In order to alleviate the problem, it is common for state and federal government to set up bursaries for brilliant students who are interested in studying science courses like physics and maths. Ultimately, some of these students will end up being graduates and become teachers afterwards.

If you ever considered teaching as a career or you’re confident that you possess the necessary skills needed to excel as a teacher, you should really pursue teaching as a career after completing your physics studies at university.

You should understand that the jobs highlighted above are examples of the various forms of jobs you’ll come across. Therefore, it is essential that you’re willing to listen to opinions when applying for jobs. Also, you should consider your career goals and ensure they align with the positions you’re applying for.

In addition, you should your options in fields that you find interesting and apply for only jobs that you want to base your career on.

You can start taking Physics class online.

Some Physics Graduates Don’t Start Working Immediately

It’s also important to consider the fact that some physics graduates will not secure a job immediately after graduating from university.

People have different intentions. Some people may decide to engage in work-study activities immediately, some take the opportunity to volunteer and engage in charitable acts, while some other people just decide to vacation away by taking a year off travelling and touring new places.

Some people visit and tour new places after graduation. Photo credit: Petri Oeschger/Getty Images.

In addition, some people might decide to pursue postgraduate studies immediately upon the completion of their undergraduate studies because they feel it’s the right option to opt for.

It means that they’ll pursue a masters degree in physics or other similar courses offered by a university’s department of physics. Some of these courses include:

  • Theoretical physics;
  • Quantum mechanics;
  • Biophysics;
  • Statistics mechanics;
  • Atomic and molecular physics;
  • Thermodynamics;
  • Quantum computing;
  • Geophysics; and
  • Condensed matter physics.

However, physics graduates aren’t limited to studying these courses at postgraduate level. As a physics graduate, you can opt for postgraduate study in a field not related to physics. It might include business and finance, humanities or management.

If your career dream aligns with academics and you see yourself furthering your education to PhD level, or you’re quite interested in physics and it’ll interest you to further your knowledge of physics in an academic institution, then you should consider picking up a postgraduate form.

If you have chosen the academic path and would like to know more or you seek professional advice, you can approach your school’s counselling unit or career advisers. The trained professionals will definitely furnish you with necessary information as regards admission and the criteria for being admitted.

Also, you can explore the option of having a career discussion with your physics and maths teacher since they have garnered adequate knowledge and experience to know what works and what doesn’t. 

What Can Increase My Likelihood Of Being Successful When Applying For Physics Graduate Jobs

Everyone has come to realize that for you to secure your desired physics graduate jobs; you have to stand out among your competition.

It is true that physics graduates have certain skills embedded in them and employers always look out for these skills when considering people for employment. However, those skills aren’t the only way to ensure your application stands out from others.

What Are The Skills Employers Consider Valuable?

There is no sole right answer when considering the qualities employers look out for in potential employees. However, there’s a rule of thumb that there are multidisciplinary skills that attract the attention of employers and physics graduates have learnt these skills during the course of their study.

These skills include:

  • Communication;
  • Research;
  • Data analysis;
  • Problem-solving; and
  • IT skills (programming preferably).

For example, if you’re applying for a data analyst job, your potential employer will most likely focus on your arithmetic and data processing skills proficiency. It’s because your role as a data analyst will require you working on data and numbers.

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